By Improving My Interpersonal Skills Education Essay

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New Beginnings course has enhanced my interpersonal skills by meeting new people and making new friends on this course. By improving my interpersonal skills it has made me more confident, by speaking in front of a group of people which was required to do. This will help me in my further studies when I meet different people from different backgrounds and communicate effectively to learn more. My excellent listening skills were proven during my time in college where I was involved in a lot of discussions in my class and taking on board others opinions. In order to succeed in my chosen degree, this skill will help me keep focused during my future classes and allow me to understand information better. I am constantly improving my reading skills by reading different books and articles online. During college I was in charge of my own learning by reading text books to complete my assignments. I am able to scan and skim read text at a fast rate to find the information I need. My reading skill is an essential skill that will always be required in my further studies as it helps me be an independent learner. My organisational skills keep my social, work and academic life well balanced. I am able to create timetables and prioritise my tasks effectively to meet deadlines. In my further studies at University I will be able to organise my time between the study of different modules which I will have. Amongst these skills that I have mentioned I also have outstanding team working skills which have been proven during the team activities on residential.

During my time in college I have studied BTEC Health and Social Care at two different levels; Level 2 Social Health and Development and Level 3 Health and Social Care. These 3 years have given me time to gain skills and knowledge from experiences around formal workplaces and also teaching and learning environments. During my first year at college I was studying at the best of my ability but soon I realised I was slacking due to the influence around me. I was studying with my friends and became very unfocused and distracted. This was my main weakness as I couldn't work around my friends and this was a big wake up call for me to do well for my Level 3 Health and Social Care course. This helped me assemble and value the importance of learning and realise my ambition of becoming a nursery nurse. While I was studying at college most of assignments were required to be submitted electronically through different methods such as email or our college virtual environment. We were given different software to create our assignments on such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Through constant use of these software's I have become an advanced user in creating word and presentation document. In general I have become computer literate and a confident computer user.

Knowledge is a wide range of information for your own use and that you know from your own mind as you learn and have the ability to do something as you have knowledge. As I have matured I have gained knowledge in different areas of my life. Not only academically but also through my own life experiences.

In my Level 3 Health and Social Care course it involved a lot of independent learning where we had to work from textbooks. This helped me develop my reading skills more as I wasn't reading any book for the duration of college. I was given textbooks which were about my Health and Social care and related information. It was very essential I had read the book to understand what I was learning about.

For my Level 2 and Level 3 courses in college I had to complete work experience in my environments related to my course to understand exactly what I was studying. For my first year at college I had to undertake many tasks and important duties which helped me understand working with children which was the main aim of my course and how diverse it is to how I thought it would be. I gained many skills from my experience that I took along to my other experiences. In order for me to understand what I was studying in Society Health and Development and Health and Social Care it was very imperative that I experienced it for myself and gain new skills and knowledge so I could feedback into my assignments. These experiences in schools were to be completed on our own as well as with other peers. It was a significant help to my assignments as we had group discussions and different views about the experiences and we could exchange notes on what we had experienced and learnt. I also completed work experience that helped me work independently as it was a challenge to gain experience and review into my own assignment about my skills and understanding of the knowledge gained. My experiences helped me to study as I myself practiced in an environment where after my degree I want to become a successful qualified nursery nurse as I myself experienced it instead of revising and studying about the professional sectors. In my assignments I was handed several questions to answer related to work experience in the schools I completed, before I began my placement I struggled to answer the questions due to the reason that I didn't have the experience or knowledge to answer it, but after my placement had ended I was able to answer the questions by reflecting on my practice as I had gained the knowledge and understanding.

To manage my time during my studies I developed a schedule chart that helped me plan to develop my time between studying and work. This helped me to get into a routine where I managed my time wisely for my studying and also give myself time for my social life. During my Level 3 course I planned out a weekly schedule to follow so I could manage my time between college and study and also my spare time. This was an achievement as I completed my assignments on time and handed them in before the deadline. I also managed to ……..