Buddhist Abhidharma Calama Critical Thinking Education Essay

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Critical thinking is an important skill that should be applied to all aspects of the university education. Students need to think critically about the resources and information they use in their research, but it must be decisive, when you read the work of others; writings need to show that they have the ability to measure the parameters and point of view, and to express their own views on the basis of a correct judgment, Critical thinking is integral to academia generally because this is the main way that knowledge is added to a field. Critical thinking, or a critical approach, is a desirable skill in ALL aspects of university work because this is what will allow your knowledge and skill to develop and evolve

Critical thinking is the professional fields and disciplines (reference group, the source of the evidence standard). If scientific doubt an important part of the structure, the process of critical thinking involves the careful acquisition and interpretation of information, and use it to conclude quite right. Critical thinking concepts and principles can be applied to any context or shell, but only by the reflection of the nature of the application.

As discussed by McKeachie, "everyone agrees that students learn in college, but whether they learn to think is more controversial" (Joscelyn, 1988). The discrepancy highlighted by McKeachie is at the center of ongoing debate between content coverage and critical thinking. Instructors try to cover more material, in more depth, with more critical analysis while simultaneously struggling with growing class sizes, limited funds, and restricted contact time. This instructional catch-22 creates an educational dilemma in which many instructors must make difficult decisions between focusing limited class time to the comprehensive coverage of course material or encouragement of critical thinking about a narrow range of course concepts. The form of critical thinking, the relationship and overlap mindset anthropological thinking, sociological thinking, historical thinking, political thinking, psychological thinking, philosophical thinking, mathematical thinking, systematic chemical thinking, biological thinking, ecological thinking, legal thinking, ethical thinking, musical thinking, thinking like a painter, sculptor, engineers, businessmen, and so on. In other words, although the principles of critical thinking is common disciplines need the context of a process of reflection.

Critical thinking is very important, because it allows in academia, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and to adjust their thinking, reducing the risk of using, or thinking, a mistaken belief. However, even the knowledge of research methods and logical reasoning, mistakes can occur thinkers back Not applicable, or because, as egocentric character. Critical thinking, prejudice, bias, propaganda, self-deception, distortion, error information, cognitive psychology, including identification, some educators believe that schools should focus on teaching students critical thinking skills and cultivate intellectual properties. [Citation needed]

The Socratic method is defined as [17] Socratic method of critical thinking skills "to extend a series of questions and answers, to refute the moral, in order to reach a conclusion, contrary to his own view of the opponent" . help establish leadership in schools. Teachers to promote critical thinking can help students improve their confidence and create a repetitive thought process and confidence issues about the solution. Students also can ship skills can be used for the base of the followers of the research leader. Critical thinking skills through the Socratic method used in the production of professional autonomy. Socratic method, however, critical thinking skills, can become chaotic if the teacher or leader is very strict, students may not know that teachers or leaders hope. The teacher or leader can discourage students questioned, using a special style. Teachers are required to disclose the underlying problem, in order to guide students in the right direction. "Socratic Method can be used as the leaders of the 21st century, education students, address protected inspire followers to the influence of the other leaders and colleagues [17].

achieve better marks, become less dependent on teachers and textbooks, create knowledge

evaluate and challenge and change the structures in society.

Critical thinkers are humble enough to know their limitations. Critical thinkers are also empathetic enough to understand the impact of their decisions on others and courageous enough to trust their own reasoning skills. Integrity is another characteristics of critical thinkers because integrity demonstrates honesty and realistic perception of outcomes. Fair-mindedness is an important characteristics of critical thinkers as well because it allows a thinker to give ideas and options their due validity.

There are many benefits of critical thinking. Critical thinking will allow one to make a positive decision that will achieve the goals they desire. Critical thinking will also allow a person to reach their goals without damaging any other area of their lives. a benefit of critical thinking is making clear choices that you can be happy about. Critical thinking also benefits others because critical thinking allows one to determine the impact of their decisions on others.

Critical thinking is beneficial to the decision making because it provides you with all of the background information and options available before making important choices. It also allows you to take many things into consideration in relation to your decision. Critical thinking is an educated and aware way to make a choice and understand options. Critical thinking allows people to make decisions that are the best for them and the world and people around them.

When making a decision a critical thought should be about how the decision will effect you, the world, and the people around you in the short term and long term. Another example of critical thought when decision making is considering all options of the decision. These are thoughts that will occur during critical thinking.

There are many tools and practices that will help with critical thinking and decision making. Evaluating and prioritizing in relation to options and the outcomes of possible choices is another way to critically make a decision. Another thing to consider when critically thinking is bias and opinion. It is important to make sure ideas are not based on bias information. Research is another valuable tool for critical thinking; this will help you determine facts.

Base judgments on evidence rather than personal preferences, deferring judgment whenever evidence is insufficient. They revise judgments when new evidence reveals error

From my other point of view critical thinking has some minor adverse effects on university studies because it can lead you into new and frightening territory. You might find yourself questioning the values, even the religion, by which you were raised. There is a certain existential comfort in someone else telling you how the world works, then blindly clinging to those tenets. The price of this simple comfort is forgoing a deeper understanding of how the world works, and all the opportunities this deeper thinking provides. While you can use your thinking skills to find new tenets that make sense, a modified version of those original tenets, or a new understanding of those original tenets, you might feel lost as you move between the points. It can also lead to misunderstanding two or more courses while trying to differenciate or analyize one side of the course. Sometimes people get caught up in the sequential nature of critical thinking and exclude other forms of thinking, such as creative thinking or intuitive thinking. This should also be a disadvantage, since creative thinking, for example, tends to produce innovation and invention. Also not all students can develop the abiity of critical thinking and can succeed in the university studies but with deformities. Some students think they are intelligent enogh to think criticaly and they end up misusing the concept of thinking critically. Criticall thinking also made some peoples view that it leads to thinking alike or resulting to the same conclusions. Remedy