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If you eventually reach the decision to become a teacher, consider your reasons for wanting to make this career move. Educating children and teenagers can be a challenge and well as extremely rewarding. If you decide to teach, remember that you will become part of the school environment filled with students and other teachers, which can be wonderful and, at the same time, hard work.

Sadly one of the negatives when it comes to teaching is the relatively low pay rate, especially in public schools. There are some school teaching roles that will pay better, such as tutoring or working in the private sector, but chasing the money is not the main driver for changing to a career in teaching. Teaching does come with excellent job security, provided you excel at your subject matter and how you impart this to your children. Why? Excellent teachers are always in demand, no matter what the economy is doing. We as a community always expect that our teachers will strive to be the best that they can be. The evidence of your success will not be through pay rises, but in the academic success of your students. It's how you impart knowledge and wisdom to young minds and your ability to educate.

There are a great deal of people that become a teacher because they love the academic sector, and want to remain in a school environment after finishing their own study. If you love being surrounded by a culture where the pursuit of knowledge is the main object, then you should become a teacher.

People often choose teaching as a profession as it offers great working relationships with both students and fellow teachers. The workplace is diverse and constantly changing, meaning that there is less chance of getting bored or stale within this environment.

Maybe your desire to become a teacher is down to your love of a certain subject, such as science, mathematics or languages, and you have a desire to pass on your knowledge and passion in that field. Some subjects fit particularly into this category, for example fine art or music, where the application of these subjects is limited to the artistic world and not the job market. You study these subjects for the love of them. By becoming a teacher in these subjects you are able to maintain your own passion as well as pass this passion on to your students.

You might be employed as a teacher in a public school and have gone into teaching for the love of your subject, but don't expect that you can make every student as enthusiastic about it as you are. Sometimes you will find such a like minded individual, and the experience will make all the challenges of teaching worth while. But for most students the best you can expect is to keep their attention and increase their appreciation and understanding of your particular field. This is still a worth while achievement.

No matter what your drivers are for deciding to become a teacher, it is something you are passionate about. People don't enter teaching for the excitement, glamour or money, but instead for the joy of inspiring young minds, and taking young people one stage further towards completing their education. This is where your passion should lie, and this passion will help you to face all the challenges and the negative aspects of teaching. If this sums up how you feel about teaching, schools and students, then you should become a teacher because you will be a successful and respected member of the school community.

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Nicole M Brooks

According to teachers, the highs include the opportunity to be creative and innovate, working with interesting young people and watching them develop, the chance to develop your knowledge of a subject you feel passionate about and inspire others (especially at secondary and higher levels of education), seeing positive changes in your students' intellectual and behavioural capabilities and the fact that there are many opportunities for career progression. If you choose teaching because you think it's a 9 am to 3.30 pm job with nice long holidays though, you will be in for a shock: working days extend well beyond school hours, Today, no doubt teaching is a fulfilling career for anyone that enjoys sharing a terrific learning experience. It is one career that will continue to grow due to the ever-changing society along with the growth in demands for newer methods to teach. especially at the beginning of your career, and it can be emotionally demanding at times.