Background Of Game Based Learning Education Essay

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The effects of using game based learning have been proven could be an alternative for traditional learning but also could help increasing mental activity and social interaction. Games are designed to promote positive impact in learners but also to give an exciting experience for them. In Csikszentmihalyi [1] research, he explained that people is involve themselves in activity with goal driven like rock climbing, he or she achieve an optimal experience of flow because he or she is so caught up with the activity other else does not seem matter. Therefore, designing game based learning especially with a goal driven could possibly improve the kids learning. Furthermore, playing game does not have any limitation in age this because human being like to play game for fun. Thus, game can be also beneficial in educational learning especially among kids. Moreover, playing game can increase kid's learning motivation when they take time in gathering information and materials in order to solve the problem[2].This is by reason kids can play game with actually teaching them and make the learning process much in natural way. They can directly interact with game environment and construct their own knowledge. Through psychology it provides a way to allow learning occurs naturally in games and it also assist in developing knowledge environment.

There are arguments among cognitive theorist that learning is a complex process that use problem-solving and perceptive thinking when there are repetition occurs. Different from behavioral of learning, cognitive learning involve with mental process. In initial stage when kids playing the game, they will learn by trial and errors which using behavioral learning then as stimulus association then when they understood how to play the game, they will start thinking cognitively how to respond with new situation and their mind will revise with a new knowledge[3]. There are memory model proposed by Atkinson and Shriffin in how memory work sin processed, stored and retrieve information. There are three components in memory model which are:

Sensory register which involved in receiving information in a very short amount of time

Short term memory which store a limited amount of information in brief amount of time

Long term memory which able to store a large amount of information with longer time

When information is retrieve external stimulus from game environment like visual graphical, music, sound effect etc it will be kept in sensory register. But when the information is not being attended and move to short term memory, information will be rapidly decay. However, if it repetitively runs through, it will process into long term memory. By understanding more in memory model and how memory works we can design a game to tackle this especially in making sure when kids learn the language it will be kept in their memory.

Combining technology and learning material can become effective way in making learning language much more interesting. According to Kim and Kim [4] in their experimental results show there significant improvement in having integrated course than traditional one. While Chen, Liao and Chan [5] explained that real-time graphic computing which immerse in educational environment not only gives a learning motivation but also give opportunities in other learning aspect. It also suggested by Mager and Morena in their research that by using computing together with multimedia could make the learning experiences better. This is because the information instantly obtainable and learning less relies on information in person's memory. Furthermore, with enhancement of interactivity it will increase their knowledge building.

In learning theories an important aspect would be motivation which can effectively enhance learner's motivation and Game-based learning is one of learning method that provide the motivation. In Chang research on "Integrating Baseball and quiz game to a Learning Platform"[6] , mentioned that "digital game content has such characteristic as interactions, rules, goals and feedbacks to offer means displaying the multimedia, such as Videos, pictures, characters and etc. It encourages learners to produce attitudes, spontaneity and enthusiasm in learning" Therefore, in the research shown that game based learning can promote student motivations and their study interest when they play games which have a vivid goal to achieve.

Therefore game based learning can also immerse with language to make a learning language application. We will be focusing on vocabulary building in this game because vocabulary is the basis of language learning and there are many relevant choices in designing vocabulary games. According to analysis by Hung and Young [2], they have made comparison of English vocabulary which explains the advantages, drawbacks, interaction of user and system and application in classroom. This could help in making decision in choosing type of game suitable in this project. This could also implement in any other language like Malay and Chinese.

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