Avatar film review

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From the unmistakable director of Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens, and the highest grossing film of all time, Titanic, James Cameron is back. This time he brings his Titanic CGI effects to a whole new stage in the three dimensional cinema. Over fifteen years in the making, Avatar is the highly expected Sci-fi blockbuster.

Welcome into a new world, Pandora, a far distant world from earth, where the story is set. The year is 2154. Our world is dying, with our finite resources running out; Pandora holds the key for earth's energy crisis.

Jake Sully, (Sam Worthington, Terminator Salvation), is a paralysed marine, whose twin brother dies, leaving him with a chance, another chance at life. He is sent to Pandora and recruited from an anonymous company. Jake travels to Pandora, populated with its trouble-free, indigenous peoples, called the Na'vi. They are blue skinned, cat-like, 10' tall humanoids with tails. Pandora is their motherland but, it is the home to the valuable mineral known as "unobtanium", earth's key to solving its energy crisis.

Humans cannot breathe the atmosphere of Pandora, so the anonymous company create avatars. As an avatar; a human mind in an alien body, human pilots use their mind to remotely control a hybrid, genetically engineered body of Na'vi and human DNA. The late brother of Jake had a large venture of the anonymous company, given that Jake is the twin brother, he shares the same genome, so he is presented with the opportunity to take his twin brother's place as an avatar driver.

Jake approves and then has the agreement enhanced for him by Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang), the leader of the Company's confidential military division. Quaritch presents Jake a contract: he wants Jake, by means of his Avatar, to explore and examine on the Na'vi, understand their ways and acquire their trust so that he can persuade them to "move "off their mineral-rich land. In response, Quaritch promises the anonymous company will pay for the costly procedure to treat Jake's paralysis. Jake willingly agrees.

A couple of months into the mission, Jake comes across himself "going native" after Neytiri (Zoe Saldana, Star Trek XI), an attractive and strong hearted Na'vi takes Jake into her tribe. Jake's love for Neytiri and the awareness that he has a place to belong and call his home, drives Jake in his avatar form to become part of the Na' vi and help to make them stand against the cruel intrusion of the humans, the indigenous Na' vi call them the "sky people".

The concept for this film is the Pocahontas story, the outsider becoming part of native tribe and falling in love with the chief's daughter, while having to battle the violent world around him. However this makes the film slightly formulaic, the only downfall in this film. But don't let this disbelieve that this film is bad.

The story of Avatar can act like a parable on today's modern society, the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, what was it really for? There is no conclusion to that question, but I believe James Cameron used this for Avatar. Looking for resources and intruding in another world for a purpose of wealth.

It is quite easy to see why this film took fifteen years to make and, is the most expensive film ever made with a budget £185 million. The reason why this film is simply groundbreaking is James Cameron takes you into a completely different world, pulling you into a distant world. Establishing everything; immersing you into a 3D environment, as if you can feel the environment and its surroundings hit you.

The attention to detail is quite unbelievable, Pandora the planet with exotic beauty; every little raindrop, grass, rocks, paths, trees, to tall mountains and fantasy animals, stunning visual effects; the water, rainfall, etc. These are so well in depth, it is almost life like, there is almost a living breathing atmosphere created in Avatar. The mindboggling CGI landscapes and incredible graphics make this formulaic story into a top blockbuster film.

Even that is only scraping the surface, with so much time spent on the attention to detail; Cameron and his colleagues have used hi-tech motion capture sensing technology. It gives the film and evermore chance of being life like, almost jumping out of the screen. As you see the characters on the screen, they give the impression of being exactly like the actors. For instance, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) as an avatar, the movements of the eyes and cheeks, mouth, the breathing and walking and running simulate the exact same actions as Worthington, tremendous effect.

Finally with an award winning soundtrack which keeps your eyes glued to the screen, Avatar is the biggest film of 2009, creating a new way in modern cinema, groundbreaking, breath-taking, simply brilliant and awesome, remarkable graphics and detail, James Cameron has done it again, all I can say is watch this film, let yourself forget everything, relax and enjoy the experience of Avatar (in 3D of course).