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In the modern era software and hardware plays a signification role in every aspect of life. Today we are going to look at Autodesk Maya. It has various of interfaces and it's programmed in Mel. To compete with other software Autodesk is releasing versions of Maya. It has got two versions Maya unlimited and Maya complete.

Maya Complete

It's a Complete software to create 3D solution for producing quality graphics on desktop PCs or graphics workstations. It integrates with the best tools for 3D animation, modeling, and rendering in its own. The choice of award-winning animators and digital artists has a perceptive design that makes it a favourite among film, broadcast, game development, multimedia (print and web), and design visualization artists of all experience levels.

Maya Unlimited

The ultimate version of Autodesk Maya Unlimited software is the best choice of digital artists to make their 3D projects in an outstanding way. it includes all the functionality found in Maya Complete and provides professional artists and animators with extra industry leading innovations, such as Maya cloth, Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Fur, Maya Hair, and Maya Live, for the creation of extraordinary digital contents.

About Maya

Maya is a result of three soft ware lines. It was purchased by TDI in 1993 later on In 1995 it was bought by Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) and they bought both Alias and Wavefront and joint them into one working company and they produced a single package from their collective source code. It was then called as Alias|Wavefront. It was used as most popular pipeline software in Hollywood.

Maya is a 3D Modeling and Rendering program, similar to Lightwave, 3DMax, Pixar's Renderman, and other professional 3D programs. Along with Renderman, it is considered one of the top programs in its class in the world, and arguably the top program in its class in the world. Many pictures have received Academy Awards for Visual Effects because their artists used Maya for the film. One of the most recent examples is the Oscar winning "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - it used Maya for its visual effects throughout the picture. King Kong was also the beneficiary of effects created by Maya.

Maya 2010 is also capable of running on other configurations such as boutique distributions of Linux. However, enumerating systems that are not tested and cannot be supported or that fall below the requirements for a productive user experience is beyond the scope of the online qualification charts.

Software interface

Autodesk Maya software is an integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution based on an open architecture, for game art workflows and pipelines. The software is developed in three different stages prealfa, alpha and beta. it has various appliance like animation, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, cloth simulation, Maya live, hair and Mel.

What's new?

The new version of Autodesk Maya 2010 gives the artists an end-to-end creative workflow for less.

Advanced simulation tools—Access the innovative Maya Nucleus unified simulation framework and the first two fully integrated Nucleus simulation modules (Maya nCloth and Maya nParticles) as well as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Hair, and Maya Fur.

High-performance compositor—Work interactively with visual media, regardless of bit-depth or image size, using the Maya Composite compositor.

Professional camera tracking—Extract accurate 3D camera and motion data from video and film sequences and then insert CG elements seamlessly into a scene using Autodesk Match Mover software.

More rendering power—Use more networked computers to render your sequences faster. Maya 2010 includes 5 additional mental ray for Maya batch** rendering nodes and the Autodesk Backburner† network render queue manager.

This information was available in Autodesk web page.

Industry usage


* It gives the desired tools that designers need to create modern consumer product designs.

* This software controls the entire design process from conception of ideas to the final surfaces.

* Maya helps you to expand your creative and technical skills as you examine the art of conceptual modelling and visual effects.

* Used in trustworthy educational institutions by the up and future creative artists student of animation, architecture and industrial design.

* This gives ease of control over the product development, for example, of the correlation of surfaces, textures and light gives the final and more professional design.

* It allows from the very beginning with a 3D plan, rather than creating 2D elevations and sections, and building up from there to help the students to start easily.


One of the benefits of the unified version of Maya

The user gets all the availability in n partical system. The technology is based on Nucleus of Autodesk. These make creating and tweaking realistic simulations of physical objects a breeze, quickly boosting the realism of your scene and minimizing manual tweaking.

Maya 2010 offers more nParticles presets in the Visor, including interactions such as an egg cracking into a frying pan, a gas flame, jet exhaust trail, nParticle rain, nParticle and fluids interaction, and others that you can manipulate to fit your scene.

It's a useful learning resource too, as descriptions in the Notes sections of the nParticles Attribute Editor tabs help you better understand how the effects in the example files were achieved.

It is tested (Maya 2010 ) on a multiprocessor Vista workstation and anIntel MacBookPro - apart from rendering speeds there wasn't much in it.


In my opinion Autodesk Maya 2010 is user friendly software. Through this one can get the utmost quality of digital as well as the real world environments. The real advantage is that the user can do all the stuff starting from modelling till the rendering process so it's an end to end application.