Articulation Of Goals For Classroom Education Essay

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According to this situation, my goal was to make the safe, positive and respect learning environment. This goal will be helped to mitigate the classroom problem. I can make the better facilities to the student in order to reduce the crowd in the class room by means of allocating desks and benches to them and this will be created by this goal. I will contribute to reduce the workload of teachers by making additional facilities to them in the class room and I will provide freedom to teachers in order to reduce the pressure, tensions. They will be happy by this goal and they can also teach to students properly by making logic approach them.

I can also articulate this goal in order to improving the working conditions of classroom. This goal also provided the effective teaching, training, skills to students in order to enhancing their grades in high level. The parents surely can satisfy with this goal by means of enhancing their academic performance. This goal also implemented the respect learning to students and students can involve with the classroom positively and they can get innovation by the outcome of this goal (Gary D. Phye, 1996).

Research plan procedure for classroom goals

I can also make the research plan of procedure for implementing the classroom goals. My classroom goal was to make safe, positive and respect learning in the classroom environment. The research plan was the establishment of classroom norms and expectations. This procedure was the logical point for classroom management and this procedure will be satisfied the physical feature of classroom activities. This procedure will keep the certain teaching materials and supplies for better environment. It will also be managed the classroom smoothly with minimal confusion and maximized the opportunities for student’s learning.

This procedure can also be used for my classroom goals and also additionally, this procedure was having some concerns for this goal. This procedure also targets to achieve the long term goals of class room environment. This research plan also included the effective teachers in order to involve in the domestic process for the determination of classroom rules and activities for students positively. This procedure will be made the attention during presentations, obtaining help for teachers and students, and monitoring communication of assignments and work requirements. Hence this establishment of class room expectation procedure will be made safe, positive and respect learning environment.

Managing sub-problems of classroom environment

According to this case, the main problem of class room was very critical. The main problems were that the classroom were overcrowded, students were spilling into portable, teachers were underpaid, parents were upset as well as mandated and the standardized test scores of students were plummeting at an exponential rate. These were the main problem of this research and but this research was used to divide the main problem into sub problems. This sub problem should be a completely class room researchable unit. The sub- problem of this class room was to make the safe, positive and respect of learning.

This was the significant sub-problem of this research and this problem can be mitigated by means of organizing the classroom functions and activities, and establishment of classroom expectations and norms. These were the solutions for reducing the above classroom rooms and to make the classroom goals better. The associated main problems can be divided into small sub-problems with the researchable units of classroom activities.

Formulation of classroom environment

I can formulate the specific research problem, questions and hypothesis to the enhancement of classroom activities. The specific research of the problem was that if I was in charge of school and then I will be having the pleasure to mitigate the several problems in the classroom environment. The main purpose of this research problem was that how I can mitigate these problems to make the better class room environment. This was also the main problem of this research and this research provided me better guidelines in order to make the better classroom activities (David Avison, 2010).

The main purpose of this specific was to mitigate the classroom major problems. For that, several mitigations were required to achieve the classroom goals. These goals can also be implemented by conducting specific research and from this research it can possible to make the better guidelines to enhance the classroom environment. The hypothesis of this research problem was to make the better goals and guidelines for the enhancement of classroom environment. The best research was included with this hypothesis in order to implement the classroom goals.

Critical assumptions in research

My research had provided many critical assumptions in order to improve the classroom environment research. I can make many critical assumptions from the effective research that this goal and research will be improved my class room environment. My students will be properly learning the subjects from teachers and they will behave perfectly by means of my goals. My critical assumption was also that teachers will get benefit from my research and I can make my school at the higher level among other popular school by means of this research.

I can also make my class room environment better rather than other schools by means of my effective research in order to achieve my classroom goals. This research was implemented positively to me in order to satisfy my classroom expectations and thoughts. I can also make the parent- teacher association in order to enhance the students’ career as well as academic performance by the outcome of this research. Hence I can make these critical assumptions by means of my class room enhancement research.

Plan for classroom management enhancement

My plan was to produce a safe, fun and cooperative environment for learning in the class room that will mitigate the classroom management problems. Identification of classroom problem was the plan in order to select and interpret data in an attempt to solve the initial problem. This plan will make the situation to mitigate the classroom problems. Allocation of facilities to classroom was the plan and this plan reduced the uncomfortable situation to the students in the classroom. Reduction of workload to teachers was the better in order to motivating the teachers and this helped to teachers in order to provide the excellent concentration on students in order to enhance their academic performance.

This plan was also to select and interpret data in an attempt for resolving the initial problems of classroom environment. Implementation of training and skill development was also the excellent plan in order to select and interpret in an attempt to solve the initial problem. This plan concentrated on developing the skills and knowledge of students in order to improve their academic performance and this plan also made the better innovation to classroom environment among other schools (Robert T. Taubar, 2010).

Research for classroom hypothesis

My research will be very useful to enhance my classroom hypothesis and this research improved my classroom activities and environment at high level. I have implemented one plan by the outcome of research that was establishment of classroom norms and expectations. This research pan will be used to achieve the hypothesis of classroom management. This research also affected the hypothesis positively by means of shaping the knowledge of students and increasing the teaching capacity of staffs in classroom management. The additional research also provided the avenues that implementation of classroom attitudes and knowledge and allocation of resources.

This research outcome produced the overall satisfaction to the classroom management and it also contributed in the case of enhancing the academic career of students. These avenues will make better ways to get the innovation of classroom activities. These additional avenues were implemented when researching the original problems of classroom management. These positive avenues will be affected the classroom environment, students behaviour, situations of staffs, and reaction of parents positively.

II. Establishment of an annotated bibliography

The annotated bibliography of information was used to make the notes and descriptions of sources early in the initial review of the classroom research. This annotated bibliography was used to encourage the critical thinking about classroom management topic and it analyzed that how the sources were related to another. This annotated bibliography was familiar in the case of writing notation about particular research including classroom activities. But when doing the qualitative research, the bibliography was difficult in formulating the essay for research.