Applied Management Project Analysis Education Essay

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This reflective report emphasise on the experience and learning which we have received during making of this Applied Management Project. It will also describe different phases of our learning from getting topic to completing project. This report will also explain about our learning sessions, that how we collect the data for our report, how we forms groups, meeting with group members, brainstorming sessions, tutor advisory sessions, discussions on topic and plagiarism, session about article searching and getting help from tutor and from group members.

This report is also emphasising on our personal knowledge and problems regarding this project, conflicts among group members while collecting data and discussion, different views of group members, ,and also problem which we resolved throughout this task. In all every group members have their own importance and every member have play a vital role and provide a best knowledge according to their thinking, and also kept in contact all the time. I will definitely feel proud some of my group members and tutor who are very supportive throughout this project. In our group there is a diversity of culture, because every member belongs to different culture. I have learnt so much knowledge and new things while working with different members. The knowledge and experiences which I gained during project will definitely help me in future career.


Introductory Session

In the introductory session of applied management project, I was very nervous and excited. I went on time at university hall, but the thing which made me more nervous and surprised was that, the hall was full with more than 150 students. Many students were late at that day, most of the students were looking much exited and some of them were quite. The most excited and important part of that session was the introduction of the applied management project which was given by the two Module Leaders. We have also got Module handbook for our guidance, so that we will get idea about making of our project after the sessions.

First Session

The first session of the applied management project was based on very general discussion, but on the whole it was very interesting. Our two module leaders gave us introduction about applied management project. That what this project is all about, and what we have to do in this project, why this project is significant, what kind of writing style should adopt by making this project, and how to collect data and information from different sources like internet, journals and magazines, and how to do proper Harvard style referencing etc.But the most significant thing at that time was group formation, and the topic which was assigned to us. We made a group of eight members; we all were from different culture. I was familiar with some of the group members at that time, because I had previously worked with some of the group members in the previous semester. I felt very relaxed when I made group of my own choice of members. There were also some group members in the group which was not well-known with me, but on the whole every group member was very happy with the formation of group. After getting topic and group formation every group member decides to get together after few days to properly introduce each other and also to bring together some material to discuss in the meeting about topic. It was very interesting experience because all the group members were from different traditions and different states, so the atmosphere on the whole was much diversified.

In the first group meeting we had only done conversation on the understanding of the topic and the data which we gathered for the project. And after that creatively we did research on the topic by using different sources and the guidance material given by the instructor. The whole situation was very strange for all the group members because every one had different view on the topic and different ideas were coming from all the group members. We all were unaware of such flow of information and ideas about topic in our first meeting. We did face some similarities and dissimilarity in brainstorming conference because of lack of understanding about topic. After this situation all the group members decided to do more efforts on the topic and research more material regarding this topic to make some logic. At the last part we all group member decided to go home to research more on topic and gather all the data by using all the resources like library, magazines journals,intenet etc.

Second Session

Second session was also quite interesting, but most of the group members were late at that day. On that day we met with two librarians they helped us regarding searching material from business source premier, we got very good guidance and the ideas about writing reflective report from them which really helped me in making of my project. They also give ideas about different approaches with the help of which we can make good report. Many of the group members come with different questions in their mind and material they searched, those all questions were very helpful for all of us during the project. At the last of that session we examined the whole task, and outcomes of the report were also discussed in the last, Because of the huge knowledge and data everything was going according to our plan. We also got some positive feedback from some instructor about our information, planning and the way we are adopting for our report writing.

Third Session

The third session was not as interesting as the last two, because most of the group members were arrived late at that day. Third day we talked much on our project because that was our final day for discussion. The tutor also gave us instruction how to do proper Harvard style referencing, they also talked about plagiarism. That was our final group meeting in which we further give details and raise out report content and different sources. There was also little problem occurred at that day, two group members went home before time due to some of their personal reasons. All the group members were decided to meet in the evening for further discussion, I and one of my other group members came there and the rest were absent. Then both of us did some discussion on the topic and then we went home.


Personal feelings phase

After the ending of all the sessions and the meeting with the group members. I planned to do my own research and individual work, I also made plan to finish my individual work before the submission date. Then I started work on different topic available at that time. For making this report, I have tried my best effort and also utilized my all good ability and knowledge by making this project; I have also gathered relevant information from different sources like library and internet for my report. I also made new thought after examine it by using my analytical skills and approaches. During making of my report I was facing so many difficulties and problem, like finding appropriate information about topic, and the management of time as well because during that period I was also doing job, and also doing my report, so due to my busy schedule, there were so much pressure on me, because the time was too short and I was very scared because of the short time and frightened of not finishing my project within the time limit.

Personal Learning from the experience

I was very excited about this final project, I had so much different feelings, and experienced which I faced from the first session to the last session of the project, I was nervous as well because this report is the major assessment of our course, I was eager to work hard on it to get a best grades at the end. In the first session I was not sure about the group members and the research topic, I had so much confusions and questions at that time in my mind which made me more confused, because in the start I was not sure how to handle this project. But at last my all confusions were sorted out after taking the introductory session.

As everybody knows that teamwork is very much effective, while working in a team you will get fresh ideas, and gain your knowledge. When we made our group, I was bit scared at that time but after the formation of group, I was rather grateful because all the members of the groups supported me very well and they selected me as a group leader, I was not happy with their decision at that time, because being a leader you have to fulfil all the responsibilities. Sometime working in a team is challenging as well because of different member from different culture and different thoughts. Some time different ideas and thoughts also raised conflicts in teams. The same thing happened in our team at that day, some of the team members were denied to come for meeting due to these conflicts which affect the team work. This thing frustrated me very much because team work need coordination and involvement of all the members, but viewing and consider all the related problems with my group members made me to them in solving problems.

Working alone some time is also very interesting experience. For this project I was working according to my plans, the research phase was slightly frustrated but I never gave up and did my all research. When I got topic about my project it was looking quiet easy, I thought that I can get different information from different sources. But when I got understanding of my topic, it was very difficult for me to get related data for the project, but after some time doing more research on topic and discuss it with group members through different communication modes like email, phone made it quite relaxing ,and it was delightful for me that I got understanding of my topic. So at the end I was much energized, because I created my own work spending lot of hours on the topic.


Learning in Groups

As I was selected for the leader in the group I got the responsibility to collect all the related data and knowledge necessary for the project. As a group leader I also conducted meeting for the discussions. During this phase I learnt so much and this provided me the chance to carefully build up my thought more and also provide benefits to my all team members. This project bought different members from different culture jointly which facilitate us in recognizing the main strength of each person and also allocate the right work to right individual to make the project complete effectively. On the whole it was quite good practice working with my team members who has such intelligent approach to the assigned task. There were some incident where we were agreed or disagreed on some problems, but by the time those issues were resolved so efficiently, that at the end there was no conflict between members. In all every group member gave his best knowledge and loyalty for the

project, this is what teamwork is all about, teamwork need participation and involvement of every group members, as there were some conflict arise but that’s for the time being, as happened in our team as each problem stroke each member at several agreed point. The significant part of this project was discussion with the supervisor which can not be avoided; because the supervisors assist us a lot in understanding of the topic and also helped us in investigating areas of research, they also talk about plagiarism area, how to avoid it, how to use proper referencing, and report writing, these all things helped me in making good report and also keeping my self away from plagiarism.


Lesson from team work

Working in a good team has many advantages, this project helped us a lot in identifying the strength and weakness of all the members in a group, so team work is all about coordination and involvement, while working in a team you will get a lots of ideas, you can also get variety of abilities, different expertise, different range of opinion, teamwork is all about loyalty towards the assigned task, so teamwork need participation and involvement of every team members, as there were some conflict arise but that’s for the time being, as happened in our team as each problem stroke each member at several agreed point.

Time Management

Time management has huge importance in every person’s career and personal life success. This process is basically all about managing time effectively. This final project was the most important thing for all the team members, but during the whole project we were managing our time according to our preference. Because in our team most of the group members were working full time, so it was bit hard for all of us, but we were doing our best to give all the time to our project. After facing some, time management difficulties we decided to take some days off from work for two month to complete the project, because time management is important, after doing this I was very relaxed and devoted my all time to my work.

Talk about Plagiarism

One of the significant things regarding this project was the view on plagiarism; Tutor told us in almost all the sessions about plagiarism, they also focused on how to avoid this replication by doing proper referencing in our report, because this project reflects our true efforts instead of copying others work. For making this project up to the mark we have almost used all the resources like internet, books, articles, and journals etc.The main aim of this project was to present work which is full of our sincere effort, and at last with our instructor guidance we provided the solid paper work by using some standard methods and suitable references.

Problem solving practice

It is very obvious to face different issues and problems while working in a team, because every member has its own thought and ideas, so we also came across the same thing, we got so many problems while working in a team, because of different ideas. After watching the whole scenario I come to conclusion that if team members do not fix to certain means to resolve difficulty then there is more possibility of disappointment in that particular project. During making of project we also face so many difficulties but the most important thing is how to mange these issues, today and in the future as well and this significant thing can also guide you to observe the circumstances and then suggest different resolution to that particular challenge.

Developing analytical skills

Analytical skills are one of the most significant parts in any project; it is a part which requires a great deal of concentration to be improved. In the start of my project I was very stressed because at that time I was not sure how to start the project, how to assemble the data which I have collected from different sources, but later on I had talked to my group members and tutor to give me some helping hand ,so that I can complete my project. Then I realized that analytical skills are very important for future and professional career, because if you are applying for any professional job you need to do the interviews, test, so in those interviews you need some logic to solve all these issues and give greatest suggestion to particular solution.


When a person accomplished a goal successfully, then this achievement enhances his confidence. At the start of our project we were blanked, because at that time we didn’t know where to start and where to end, but after attending some session we got idea from where to start, and what to write in the project .With our loyalty and sincere effort we successfully completed our project. This project is not only my own effort I will give credit to many people for that, especially my tutor and my sincere group mates, for their support and hardwork.And at the end we definitely got credit for the hard work which we did for the last two months, and this achievement is the motivation for us to go further in life to achieve goals. At the end I am felling very proud to make such a nice and sincere work, and expecting that it makes my instructor also honoured.