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A fruitful internship experience is imperative for the progress of a standard leader. There are several elements that define whether the internship experience will be positive or not, yet this may differ from person to person. I strongly believe that having a supportive mentor whom is always available for any assistance and who is always willing to exchange ideas with you is a first sign of the internship process being effective. Also, being interested to your mentor's guidance and accepting the reasoning behind it is vital. If you are unable to understand the reasoning behind the decision, which signifies that you may be able to follow the same decision making for future occasions. Finally, being exposed to all different types of scenarios an administrator will most likely encounter will give the mentor a great idea of one of the main components of being an administrator is like.

Views on Education

During the last couple of years, my district has come a long way. The main element for a district to have an effective progress is; consistency. Monitoring the quality of instruction is one of biggest key facets in education. A weakness that my district is exposed to is by the large number of non-highly qualified teachers our district has. Technology is an outstanding resource that is being seen in most schools more and more every day. I believe by implementing more smart boards and promethean boards in all the classrooms will greatly benefit the students' education.

Having the role of a supervisor is not as simple as it seems to appear. Having the pressure of the entire school on your shoulders is quite serious. Making proper decisions without permitting emotions interfere is a key trait an educational leader must have; this is easily attained by consistency. If a leader is persistent then consequences and rewards will be the same across the entire school without any exceptions.

The Mentorship

Up to now, my mentor has done an outstanding job teaching and guiding me through the process of an administrator. I strongly hope she will continue leading me in the path to success while providing me with the essential tools needed to be an effective leader. If when finishing my internship procedure, I am as an exemplary leader as she is, then my outlooks will be exceeded. With her persistence and commitment to the profession and to being a great leader, I am definite this goal will be accomplished without any difficulty.

My Vision for the Internship

I see a life changing experience knocking on my window which will provide me with the essential tools to be the greatest administrator imaginable. These high expectations will lead to a school wide regeneration with a team of striving educators aiming to work together to reach one goal, the success of our students.

My Mission for the Internship

I will take full advantage of this learning and life changing experience and store all the lessons learned so that when suitable, decisions can be made consequently for the sake of the student.


Examples & Reflection

Equity: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to the educability of all.

Example: While starting my bachelors program, one of my classmates became paralyzed. This life changing obstacle didn't stop my classmate's dream of becoming a teacher.

Reflection: Everyone deserves the chance to learn, regardless of any obstacles.

Scholarship: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to ensuring that students have the knowledge, skills, and values to become contributing members of society.

Example: In the middle school level, students must take a social skills elective course.

Reflection: This produces well rounded citizens that give back to the society.

Diversity & Unity: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to the inclusion of all members of the school community and the benefits that diversity brings to the school community.

Example: A middle school teacher in my school is from Poland and brings a different vision on how to teach abstract mathematical theories.

Reflection: Everyone can take advantage from diversity between staff members.

Life-long Learning: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to life-long learning for themselves and others.

Example: After attending a professional development about Effective Test Taking Strategies, English Language Learner students were proficient in a state exam.

Reflection: New educational strategies can change students' achievement in an optimistic manner.

Excellence: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to high-quality standards, expectations and performances.

Example: My class was mostly composed of 3rd grade retained students, more than 75% of them excelled from my class.

Reflection: Aim for the stars, if you miss then you'll land on the clouds.

Ethics: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to bringing ethical principles to the decision-making process.

Example: A student told her teacher that her step father had inappropriately touched her. Rather than contacting the mother, I was required to do what was ethically correct and report it to the child abuse hotline.

Reflection: Decisions need to be made determined based on ethics and code of conduct.

Area of Strength

The disposition that I demonstrate most effectively is in Life- long learning. Working 10 hours daily yet still having time to complete my Educational Leadership Master's Degree is proof of my ambition to continue succeeding in my career.

Area of Improvement

The area where I need additional support in is; ethics. I am easily influenced to react by impulse. In order to be an effective leader I must thoroughly comprehend and abide by the the code of student conduct.


A warm school culture is imperative for the working atmosphere not only to be enjoyable; but productive. Having everyone working together as a team and learning from each other is a fantastic way for educators to learn and grow professionally. The culture at my school is very pleasant and friendly; I see myself perfectly fitting in with this culture.

Your Role

During my educational leadership internship I want my colleagues to see me as cooperative, knowledgeable and resourceful. These characteristics will only be achieved with day to day commitment while proving to my school what my genuine intentions of improving the school overall. The students will be able to see me as an ambitious life-long learner that will try to succeed no matter how many obstacles I will be faced with.


Change is necessary and inevitable; it can be obtained in different forms and if the correct approach is taken, positive results will be obtained. It is a critical part of the intern process because the outlook of a teacher has to change to one of an administrator.

Part 2: Summary

It is quite difficult to evaluate your personal educational platform without being bias. I consider myself to be a well-balanced individual capable of choosing the appropriate decisions taking into account all the possibilities in the "big picture". To be an effective leader, you can't rationalize in an egotistical manner, but relatively based on the school's needs. If a decision includes more than one troubled party, then both parties need to be taken into account before any additional steps can be drawn.

Platforms are vital in the achievement of any task; an individual must have their position and beliefs recognized in order to know what they stand behind. If the pathway to follow is not clearly defined, this will lead to indecisions and the outcome will be made by incorrect decisions. Having a well-rounded standard set of beliefs and by knowing what the limits are will make the leader confident and will be seen as a basis of knowledge by the staff.

Change is frequently understood as negative; therefore people resist it, which I define this as being ignorant. When change is required, or called for it, it may have a life changing impact on the situation and/or person. A strong basis of beliefs is necessary, but this cannot be too severe to a point where no modifications are allowed. Flexibility and having an open mind will allow a leader to contemplate all the possible conclusions in order to choose the best one. "There is a synergy and energy that occur when everyone in an organization engages in the process of positive self-examination and change" (Lehner, 2006).

My mentor entirely approves of my personal education platform mind set; it simply can't be set in stone. Modifications are often necessary not only in my career as a future administrator but in life in general. Flexibility and modifications go both hand and hand; they must be utilized in my work and in my everyday life.