Aotearoa Tertiary Institute Leadership Vision Statement Education Essay

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My personal leadership goal to lead my life independently is I put my education first in order to achieve the job of my dreams. I aim to get my education stream ended until my second degree and I aim that in the next 3 years with another certificate in next six months. A better position at my job should follow in six months or so which would enable me to support my family needs as my parents retire than. In life I want to be an easy going in the family and not a Hitler type leader I want a balance of rule and freedom in my surround for myself and for others who are around me. By the next 2 years I want to have a permanent job which I am comfortable to work as and manage my life well as well as love my work.

leadership goal areas

Family/ Home

Leadership begins at home and I would like to develop a good leadership qualities that enhances the lives of my family members. I can demonstrate leadership acts by:

Helping make good decisions around home from as little things as decision and guiding on decorations, any renovation plans, switching power and telephone companies that can save money

Help maintain and also create few rules that create a balance of harmony at home

Provide guidance to family members with their problems based on my understanding and knowledge about the problem.

Help in the development of children at home through their childhood by teaching them good values and also make sure they do not learn bad habits from me.

Involve myself and every one with the household activities and those who do good at home they need to be praised.

Financial / career

In life I do not have high expectations from my job type such as most want to become CEO's or Managers; I would want to become that too but I do not have a specific job in mind. Since I am majoring Accounting, i would like a job in any level of the organisation in accounts as long as I have a reasonable pay from which I can manage my life. If I ever get the opportunity to get a better positioned job in life I will be more than happy to take it. At work place I want to have a leadership vision and some are:

First of all I want to be the bosses favourite by leading my way up through my good work compared against other performers at work.

Any work I am given I want to get it done on time with due diligence and honesty

I want to be given a chance to lead a team and be the speaker in which ever department I am. Not being bossy but to give heads up to all and also listen to my leader at work.

I want good communication at work from my side

I want good management of money which I earn so I can also save for rainy days.

I want to be passionate and courageous at work as being passionate and courageous is a characteristic of a good leader.

Sharing knowledge with fellow colleagues by learning from them and as well as giving them knowledge I have developed through my experiences.

Spiritual/ ethical

Sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing and even if you want to do the right thing we are faced with dilemmas which force us not to. Ethical leadership goals which I wish to adopt are:

Never misuse the powers I have been delegated with or break peoples trust

Identify situations especially at the workplace that involves unethical motives of colleagues and I should guide them with what is right and what is wrong. Helping them do the wrong thing will not be an ethical leader characteristic to show.

Prepare myself for situations and dilemmas in which I can be in and be well equipped with solutions on how to lead myself in such kind of problems because it is very easy to get wandered into doing something which is wrong.

Whether it is at home or at work or anywhere, I will re-evaluate my every decision thinking about its consequences on me and others who will be affected with my decision or act.

I aim to always provide accurate up to my knowledge advise to whoever ask my advise whether it is family, friends or stakeholders at work such as reporting to my CEO's and Shareholders.

Physical/ Health

Health is the utmost factor into leading a good stress free life and I do at the moment have a health plan but few alterations are needed as I don't always follow it. The healthy leadership plans I have in mind are:

Maintain a good nutritional diet in life that keeps me healthy and going with my daily activities

Create and maintain a exercise plan and always adhere to it not like right now I always ignore.

Encourage others in maintaining a good health and give health tips to others as well.

Make parents engage in daily 20minute walks

Social/ Cultural

In social life I want to be respected for my good role in the social contribution to the people I live with and the people who are around me. I also aim the following:

Provide guidance to friends and colleagues

Be a role model for everyone

Maintain peace and harmony

Mental/ Educational

Being mentally stable and a person with a good judgement is a key feature of a leader. In my life I want:

Solve problems that come up in real life like a matured decision maker

Never rush into decisions, instead take time to think about the decision I make including the consequences of the decision

Express little emotions at times with people so others feel comfortable with me

Speak when required to and not talk about thing about which I have little to no knowledge about

Be less fussy

Never underestimate people

Relate problems in life to a wider view and take everybody say about things. Everybody has something knowledgeable to give others so we should always listen to people as well.

By leadership approaches I understand as the leadership ways to facilitate the process of leadership development. The five approaches I would prefer to use to be an effective leader would be:

Counsel and coach myself to be an effective leader

The best way to learn about something is to know how you learn the best and no one is better than me who can know how I prefer learning and what motivates me to learn and make a difference. I want to counsel and coach myself first and gain the confidence needed to be an effective leader; because without confidence it is difficult to achieve goals and when we are confident we will keep trying and not give up.

This is the first step before I go further developing a leadership role for myself in life and it should take 2 -3 months if I start now. This process should take long because I need to see the circumstances in life, see them every day and think about my role in it and how I can make a difference. Continuously I will compare my new thoughts with other leaders around to see if they also think like I have been thinking about my role and its importance and if it somewhat similar than would mean I am on right track.

Discover new aspects, revolutionised and effective theories about leadership

In this approach I want to learn the new ways of leadership in the world. The fact that technology, fashion and way of living for people change overtime, I need to keep up with what works the best today. I cannot guide myself to be a leader using the 50 year old policies and ways because it won't be as effective as it was 50 years ago.

This process follows after counselling and coaching myself and should also take 3-4 months as this will involve learning and studying case studies and analysing it. In the end, I can also compare my thinking with the outcomes of the case study and see if I had made decisions instead, what would the outcome had been. If, due my decisions I feel like I would have worsen the case or would make bad choice than it would mean I have a long way more to go.

Take the bitter test and lead in the worst circumstance

The third step in order is to take the bitter test and this will act like a real life practical approach. Because we always make bad performance when we first time ever do something, this approach will teach me how I perform and where I should improve. But, most importantly this is a bitter test and I will try to lead myself in the worst case scenario like take the tuff case. The reason for taking the bitter test is because however I perform in it I will learn the most because there would be nothing worse than the situation I use to lead myself in. This symbolises the saying that " aim for the stars, you will atleast fall on the moon..."; so even if I fail to lead perfectly in my bitter test, I will actually perform better in least difficult leading task I have and eventually overtime be capable to lead in my leadership roles.

This process I think will take 1 - 2 years depending on what the task is as if it is career than the task will be a long way from now. I will setup a achievement list that has a due date and the activities and abilities with due dates and I should achieve them before the dates specified as this will be a long leadership approach.

Consult an experienced leader and learn the gaps

The best way to learn my mistakes is to get an individual who is much unbiased while giving me the facts about my abilities. Obviously, whatever decision I make will be based upon my thinking and morally what we think and do, is what we feel is right so it is not possible for me to decide if I am doing the right thing the right way. Getting help from an experienced leader to tell me unbiased gaps in my plan is a good way to fix my mistakes and seal the gaps which is sure to be created by an inexperienced learning leader. Gaps are sure case in every beginning for every leader's career and those gaps are otherwise sealed through experience but, for me to use an experienced leader in my plan, I will be able to minimise those gaps of inefficiency which I will create in the future.

This approach should be my second last approach which should take 1 - 2 months and I will evaluate my progress by frequently visit my chosen leader and take advises and about my experience and he / she will decide how I perform.

Be part of a group of leaders to share and learn new things

The last and final steps to start the process of making something good out of my life is match and compare my talents with all others in the same field of becoming a good leader for themselves and others in their lives. Because no two leaders are always same into dealing over the same issue, this means we can learn each other's way of getting the same result with different acts and perspectives. In this approach I aim to get insights, experiences and learn more techniques that will enhance my abilities further. The brain storm team will include at least 3 people and we will share our knowledge and ideas on how to successfully become good leaders of our life.

This approach would be a maximum of 1 month process and I will evaluate the process by making notes and matching it against my choices and perspectives and see what new things I learn everyday from the other learners and once I see that I know other learners actions and we all think like each other as well than that would mean I have successfully completed this process.