Analysis Of Project Management And Professional Development Education Essay

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I draft here myself analysis report that describes my strengths and weaknesses with evidences from what I have experienced in the past. Exploring me reveals what went wrong and what I have done to make things better. I realized that practicing this kind of analysis on regular basis will result in continuous self development.

My strengths:

In accordance to Belbin's strategy I recognized myself as a complete finisher. I used to work as a designer for three different concerns based in Singapore. My responsibilities were acquiring the information from clients and find the ways to implement them in their sites. I finish all my assignments precisely as required by the clients. I've received appreciations from my clients for my clean work though it took extra time.

After six months of work experience I got promoted as a team leader where I got an opportunity to manage and lead a team. During this tenure I performed well with my co-workers and I identified and explored the leadership skills within me. I am a very good coordinator and many workers in other team have shown interest to join my team. I achieved my strategy by organizing and coordinating the team and distributing the assigned task equally so that the team members do not get stressed nor feel biased.

After two years of work experience I moved to a new concern and posted as a Mechanical Engineer. There I ought to maintain records (hard copy and softcopy) on my each and every decision and action and its results. The files are essential to be well organized in an appropriate manner. I can promptly trace any information from the files I am maintaining while my co-workers even struggling to find the locality of their files. From that I learned I have ability to keep my information in a proper manner.

I always look for opportunities and when I see things which I do not know I make an effort to learn them by doing research on them. I learned new software Languages and tools by myself carrying research online. I have produced and lunched a website using Flash, HTML, PHP which is absolutely irrelevant to my studies and profession. I have achieved this skill because of my self confidence and self motivation.

My weakness:

I am overconfident on my decisive nature. Most of the times, I do not listen to others ideas. I take all the required decisions on my own. In the past few of my superiors annoyed me by rejecting my ideas. From that time I developed the attitude to over defend my decisions. Many times my ideas were not good even though I never gave up.

My biggest weakness is I do not express my talents and skills to others. For instance, I worked in a machine manufacturing concern as a trainee. There I learned everything very quickly and sharply. And I worked very hardly by using the skills I have learned from my training period than other colleagues. Even though, I never received any benefits from the management. So I decided to move out of the concern. When I was there to resign my job the management asked for the reason of my resignation. Thus I told them I do not receive any appraisal for my performance and management explained that it was my weakness, as I did not market my skills and hard work to them.

I am not so good in planning and time management. I do not plan for unforeseen and when it strikes I find myself behind schedule. While handling a project in a Singapore civil construction, I made poor schedules which turned me in to the failure. The people who tendered the project have fined our company for the delayed work. So my boss was disappointed and he gave a memo which made me to realize the significant of time management.

I do not tolerate criticism. When I was working in India as a designer for a multinational company I was given in-charge of a project. I was provided with 3 more people. I tried motivating the team and had brainstorming sessions. My colleagues passed negative comments on my approach and since I couldn't tolerate it I had arguments and I left the company.

Opportunities to Increase Skills:

Reading the Belbin's strategy and Johari window I started discussing with my friends about the things I am thinking in my head so it helps me to think more broadly than earlier.

While I worked in different companies my superiors suggested me to express my talents. I thought if I express my talents others might think that I am a self exaggerating person. But now, I relished the essential of expressing our talents with everyone by the help of Johari Window.

Though I had things done perfect was embarrassing to be late. I wanted to improve, but I wasn't aware of the right procedure to produce a day, week, month, and longtime schedules until I heard through the lectures on time management.

During my older days when I worked as mentioned in my weakness I do not like comments against my works. After studying the Belbin and SWOT analyses I realised the great magic of realising criticisms as feedbacks which will help us in different ways. As ken Blanchard says, the breakfast of an achiever is feedback. So Feedback is indispensable for the reason that we need to know if we are improving or not. Feedback gives additional ideas to our plans. The group activities in the seminar helped a lot to improve the communication skills. And when I am doing each assignment in every module the skill of seeking information, reading and note making skills, and writing skill, are getting stronger.

Ways to Improve My strength:

The ways to be a complete finisher, thus I learned in my lectures and according to Dianna (2008, pp.17-35), break your long time goals in to sort time goals. It will not appear so difficult to deal with in anticipation. Further to, when we complete one goal before going to the next, we will have a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This will help us to move towards next step in a motive manner. Always choose the interesting and effortless piece of the project and begin from there. It will give us increase in self confident when ending up each piece of work.

To continue to be a best leader as john (1998) describes, we should realize our own needs and characteristics as well as each person participating in the group. It helps to deal with every person as an individual, to treat that individual with admiration, and to help the person rise. As a leader need to improve a number of individual skills like Communicate professionally to have a right relationship, Plan perfectly to find the path of goal, Teach effectively to improve skills of the group members, setting up the example, controlling group performance, maintaining records, evaluating and counseling, to perform more resourcefully.

Two most important skills that we must have to improve all other skills are self confidence and self motivation. So we should give more important to these skills than all other. Self confidence and self motivation are very intimately connected. If we not have in confidence our self, we can sure that we have problems in the motivation as well and vice-versa. The easiest way to motivate us is to repeat the things every day at a certain time. The science says "it will take 21 to 30 cycles to install new habits within us". It means we are motivated us towards a new habit day by day.

Second way to motivate us confidently is dreaming. "You have to dream before your dreams can come true." Abdul Kalam quotes (X President of India, b.1931). So when we dreams (about goals) strongly then our mind will starts thinking about it more broadly and congregate load of information. John, Louis, and tassinary (2000 p.572) proved "brain reacts to input". When having lots of information and knowledge about something will produce confidence towards it. Thus the confidence automatically increases our motivation.

Ways to conquer my weakness:

Teamwork knows as co-operative attempt by a group of people to attain a universal target. We have to learn how to handle conflict situations is the manger issue that we will be facing in teamwork. It can be accrue in number of different circumstances like, grievance against our performance, disapproval of our activities or approach and facing straight opposition to our demand.

However we having a huge range of talents without expressing, equals to saving the money without even eating. So we have to find the ways to express and get the feedback from that to improve our talents even more. The way to change our attitude to support expressing skills are well communicating, ready to take risk to face faults, and improve creativity to face the questions against your expression. And also need to improve self motivation to face problems towards expressing. This expression always returns a feedback so it will help us to practice to find the ways to get feedback for our works.

I recognized how to utilize our time in an effective manner by lectures (Time Management); we should find the goal and track the right path to reach our goal. As mentioned earlier we can implement the knowledge which we learned from lectures. At first we need to find how much time we have towards our goal. Secondly prepare a time table by splitting our goals in to several sort time goals and allocate them into the time and come up with a schedule. And we should keep records of our times which we are spending out of this plan and need to find possibilities to bring those times in to our goal.

Events or Individuals Slow Down my Growth:

The criticism is one of the extreme dislikeable things which mostly make me irritated and disappointing towards my development. I like feedback from other but not my work to be criticized by other fellow people. Following to this the next most unacceptable thing is management biased. This will de-motivate my interest in my activities. Finally the most things I cannot accept are constant supervision which produces me a high stress and makes loss in concentration.

Future Career Aspirations:

I am sure that the analyses and strategies what I have learned will help me lot in my future. I have learnt how to make my goals and also how to make it successful. I will use the skills like time management, teamwork and setting a goal in my future career to make my work very good .now I am very clear that others feedback are very important which will make me develop a lot in my career. It is very worth full to implement time management skills, team management skills, and setting up goals and its plan in my feature administration carrier. The team work skills which I have developed while in seminars and lectures.


Now I know my strengths and weaknesses. Input from each gives me clear ways to overcome weaknesses and improve my weaknesses in various situations. I very well realised now that "Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail".