An Overview Of Tenrox Education Essay

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Tenrox provides different type of modules which can be used to manage the project management activities in different situations. All these modules simplify the project management by giving a complete feature set for project planning, resource management, time and expenses tracking. It also includes module to manage the cost and revenue related to each projects. All these modules can integrate with each other. With these modules, project managers can develop and publish their project plan. Once they publish the project plan the team members will get notification for assigned tasks through their timesheets. Then project managers can track employees, resources, and cost. Also they can easily compare the actual cost with the budget. The team members can easily update their status, and issues of tasks to the project manager. Also they can fill their time sheet, leave requests, and expenses reports, etc. without much trouble.

Tenrox supports all sizes of organizations. And it is a lower cost compared to other project management software with a full set of functionalities makes it more attractive. Tenrox's project workforce management software is designed to manage projects which are carried out by different resources with various skills in different locations. It allows them to make quick decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information. Its powerful scheduling, tracking and reporting features help for users to standardise policies, monitor and control the project activities in real time with user configured reports and dash boards. This project workforce management software is more suitable to small organizations.

Tenrox also provides on-demand project management software which is best suited for medium to large enterprise-level organizations. It runs on powerful server farms. These servers are scalable to adapt to organization's changing needs. It includes all functionalities of Tenrox workforce management software. In addition to that it provides an automatic backup data to remote sites tapes on a daily basis. It does not need complex installation or training. There is no upfront cost for hardware or software. All maintenance is looked after by Tenrox itself. Therefore it can reduce the maintenance cost for the organizations. This software fully supports the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox , Netscape Navigator, and Opera.

The most attractive part of Tenrox is its powerful customizability. Reports, dashboards, forums, and searches can be personalised according to the needs of the organizations. Organizations can filter the reports and make it available for view by everyone. This can be done by using the configurable dashboards. It also allows users to create multiple dashboards. Therefore users can use different dashboards for different purposes such as for budget, schedule and change requests. Tenrox's workflow driven approach lets organizations to create work flow of each item in the project throughout the execution phase.

Another advantage of this software is that it is easy to use. It gives a user friendly interface with pictorial icons to represent process and resources. The workflow can be design and changed by dragging and dropping the icons. It prevents users from using the spread sheets to manage project management activities. Also it provides consulting services to users to help them with technical, process and work practices problems. Tenrox's Webinar allows users to get an online seminar by Tenrox professionals. The live chat is one of the best support provides by Tenrox. It allows users to have online chat with Tenrox professionals and get quick response for their quarries. Also it provides Educational Services such as ongoing training which is designed to identify the organization needs and help them to work with Tenrox.

One of the outstanding feature of Tenrox is it's project planning tool. It helps users to quickly create, change and share project plans. Its project plans are interchangeable with Microsoft Project. It allows project managers to work on private project plan as a local file. Once they finish they can save it to the database. These project plans can be shared with other project managers and team members. And they can check in, modify and check out their changes to the plan. Team members will immediately get notification through their time sheets when an update is made on the project plan.

When considering the ability to integrate with other systems Tenrox is one of the best software which is designed to provide full integration with the existing enterprise systems. It provides built in integration for leading financial, ERP, HR, payroll and CRM applications. There is no programming needed to integrate these application. The connecters are already built in with Tenrox. The applications includes accounting (Great Plains, Navision, Solomon, Sage ACCPAC, SAP Business One, QuickBooks), payroll (ADP, Ceridian, Paychex), ERP (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft), project management (Microsoft Project), CRM ( and Microsoft CRM), HR (Taleo), and much more [].

This project management software also helps the users to protect their data by giving physical as well as network and data security. Considering physical security Tenrox's network operations centre are safeguarded by both technical and security staff. It implemented a firewall to provide network security. Data security provides by encryption, and secure socket layer. And it includes virus and spam protection as additional protections. One of the best features in the security area of Tenrox is it provides a single sign-on (SSO) service that gives integration with other corporate SSO solution such as LDAP and Active Directory. It helps to organizations from using multiple username and passwords for their each and every application.