An Overview Of Effective Communication Skills Education Essay

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Graduated attributes can be defined as the reputation of a university. In UCSI University, there are nine graduate attributes, every students need to achieves those nine graduate attributes to enhanced their own competitive strength.

For me, the first graduate attributes I had already owned is ethical and civic responsibility. The ability to function as responsible individuals with ethical values who is accountable to the local, national, and international community. After I already studied one and a half years in UCSI University, I never feel racist people from different country; it shows that I have achieved ethical and civic responsibility. I believe everyone is kind, even though we have different skin colors, languages, regions, races and so on.

When I in my first semester of my foundation course, I had a housemate who came from Iran, she is a friendly and lovely girl. She was the elder in my unit so she always treats us as her sister. She always shared her life story for me and taught me how to overcome some life problem. She loved to share food with all members in the unit; sometime she will cook dinner for us and told me their cultures. She also taught me some technique for belly dance, it is very fun time when I feel so stressful in my studies. Although I only get along with each other for a short period, but I still miss the time we spend together.

When I in my third semester of my foundation course, I have another four Koreans housemates in the unit I stay. They came here for study short period English course, therefore their English communication was quite poor. Sometimes I taught them how to do their assignment and try to spend some times talk to them. They like to share their food with me also, although I really not used to their foods because most of their foods are spicy and salty.

In UCSI University, I have many chances to know more different cultures and ethics from different country. Although we having different skin color, language, race, region and so on, but we all are as same as we are human being. We all are masterpiece of god which is unique and special to the world. I will never judge everyone with my first impression.

The second graduate attributes I had already owned is interpersonal skill. Is the ability to work effectively and productively as a member of a group. During my study in UCSI University, I have many chances to work together with my friends in a group. Almost every subject I took during my study in UCSI University was needed me to cooperate with my group mates to accomplish my assignments and reports. I need to communicate with each other for make the assignments and reports progress smoothly and unhindered. If we didn't communicated, I believe we will not able to complete our works before due date.

When I facing any problems and issues that I can't overcome, I will discuss with my group mates and find out a way to solve it. Even when they can't help me to solve it, they also gave me some good suggestion to face the problems without escape from it.

Even some time, we may have some disagreement about opinions. But after we communicate, we can sum up the different opinions from different group mates and find out a balancing point. This always useful to make works smooth.

As I know, if people without communicating with each other, problems will not be settle but it will become worst.

The major field of study in UCSI University is Bachelor of Science (Hons) Food Science & Nutrition. The graduate attributes that I haven't possessed but would like to develop during my study in UCSI University is effective communication skills which is the ability to present information in a highly coherent manner across different contexts.

Effective communication skills are basis to success in many fields of life. Lots of jobs are requiring strong communication skills and people with better communication skills usually have better interpersonal relationships.

To develop my effective communication skills, firstly I must become a good listener. I believe listening is one of the crucial points to develop effective communication. Listening let me understand more about what speakers try to convey and make the communication more smoothly. Then nonverbal communication also can enhance effective communication. Nonverbal communication is wordless communication, or body language which includes facial expressions, body movement and gestures, eye contact, posture, the tone of voice, and even muscle tension and breathing. It can help me to connect with others easily, express what I really mean, and build better relationships with my colleagues. After that, I need to have good stress managing skills to enhance effective communication. Sometime, little doses of stress can make me work more effectively, but if having stress constantly or even overdose, it will become barrier of effective communication. Sometimes, stress will disrupt my thinking and emotion. Therefore I must learn how to relief stress immediately, for examples having a short break or tell a joke to my colleagues. Finally, emotional awareness is very important in effective communication. Emotions play a main role in the way we communicate with each others. The way of my reaction to emotionally-driven, nonverbal cues will affects both ways of how I understand other people and how they understand me. Emotional awareness provides me the tools for understanding both myself and other people, and the real messages they are communicating to me.

Next the graduate attributes that I wish to develop during my study in UCSI University is creative and critical thinking abilities which is the skill to analyze, assess, and utilize different thinking skills to determine the value of information and ideas.

By applying creative and critical thinking approaches to my subject area, I believe it can enrich and deepen my learning experiences. Furthermore, creative and critical thinking skills can benefit many other areas of my life from problem solution to decision making.

To develop my creative and critical thinking abilities, there are few steps that I can undergo. Firstly, always ask myself why, how, what, when, where. 'Why do these problems appear?', 'How to solve them?', 'What I need to do?', 'When do I need to settle the problems?', and finally 'Where do I need to submit it?'. Next, always thinking more than one outcome, sometimes can even have some wild and crazy ideas as well as those that seem sensible. Never judge the ideas too early since all ideas may contain something potentially useful. Furthermore, always allow myself to daydreaming or playing with the theory. Always think out of a box. Finally, and is the most crucial point - make some mistakes. Learning from what has not worked as well as what did. For example, even Thomas Alva Edison did many mistake when he inventing light bulb, but at the end of the day he did it.

The last graduate attributes that I have not yet possessed but would like to develop during my study here is Leadership. Is the ability to lead in different contexts to innovate and create changes.

Leadership skills can play a large role in my career development. From my opnion, I think technical skills can only take me so far. To help me move forward in my career, I need soft skills such as the ability to become a good leader. Therefore, leadership skills are considered to be important traits which can help me get to the top of my career field. I am more likely to be hired or get a promotion if I had been successful in leadership roles in my professional or personal life.

To develop my leadership skill, there are some points which I need to comply. A good way to develop my leadership skills is to take on extra projects outside of my job description. From my opinion, the more work I do, the more I was learning. Learning more and taking on more responsibility can help move me into a leadership role in my workplace. To be hired for a high-profile job, I will need to be a brilliant critical thinker. Good leaders are able to predict potential problems from the start before they happen. They can then find out some ways to prevent the problems from happening. Good leaders are also conscious on the potential opportunities and take advantage of them to make the largest benefit to the company and employees. One of the most important skills for a leader is listening. Without listening skills, I am not able to get feedback from others and get a sense of what group members like about the projects they work on. A person with good leadership skill must be a good motivator also. When group members lose their ambitions and passions, a true leader could energize and motivate them to achieve to the goal. A leader must have positive thinking which can also influence group members and motivate them to work together. Discipline is required in order to carry out the goal. Even having a good idea or vision, if there is no discipline in a group, the idea or vision will become useless. As a leader, I need to be self-disciplined and make sure other group members are disciplined also. Leaders have to know how to handle and settle difficult people and resolve conflicts. Leaders have to be honest and straight to the point. This requires a lot of courage. It is not easy to point out a problem or fire someone. Always listen to the group member's side of the story before you reach a conclusion. Leaders should learn to recognize the value of group members, learn from them and encourage other team members to learn from them. Learn things that I didn't know from a person who specializes in that area can improve the knowledge and information that I already own. Finally, a leader must be an influential person. Leader has to influence people and make them feel we are on the same site, so I won't dump you on the half-way. It is very important to make my group members feel that we are at the same standpoint.

As a conclusion, I think that graduate attributions that I will possess have enhanced my competitive strength to competitive with other university graduator. And I believe from the course of my study at UCSI University, through various activities in and out of my lecture halls, will help me contribute all nine graduate attributions and make my life brilliant.