An Individual Personality Development Plan Education Essay

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I still bear in mind my father has told me choosing a profession you are looked-for to do and have interests in it is very significant. Im constantly thinking about these words when I think about my future life. in fact, I have a wish for to be a person like my father who is my role model and runs his personal business very well for a long time. The rationale for this thought is very easy. Because my father is a successful businessman, he can provide whatever I want straightforwardly and give me a happy family. Just because of this, I want to be a personality like him. on the other hand, my thought is varying while I'm growing up. For sure, I want to have a business related to my father business, but I make my dream specially. I want to have business related to the international export and import business. I construct this decision by thinking about my father word and combining my desire and interests. To be a businesswoman is my desire Therefore, to be a successful entrepreneur is my career goal for now and future. In order to achieve this goal and make my dream come true, I need to know myself particularly and have a clearly understanding, strategy and discipline. To make everything well-organized, an individual personality development plan is very essential.

Executive summary

"Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything"-Scott read

It is frequently said that our requirements are endless. When one gets satisfied, the other one crops up. There is nothing immoral with this though, because all the discoveries, advancement, etc. That we see around is essentially result of the boundless desires of humans. Goal justifies the means to achieve something. If we have a exact and positive plan of action and goals to fulfill, they help you grow and at the same time work for the betterment of others.

We all aim for professional as well as personal development in life. I want to be successful businessman and at the same time desire to have a loving partner and satisfied parents. Self development and achieving these goals become easier, if I am able to define exactly what I want.

Currently I just completed master of business administration major in finance from India. Then I decided to go for further study and I took admission in Mohawk College, Canada. Pursuing international business management from Mohawk College Hamilton, at a same time I am also working in motel as a front desk representative.

My dream: - My ultimate goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and help the world.

In today's world, a person is well thought-out successful, only if he earns well or holds a good position at his workplace. If I wish to have a great life it is important for me to set certain boundaries at work. I should know my priorities well and I have to work as per the set realistic goal.

My strengths and weakness

My strengths: -

Optimistic thinking

Communicate well with others

Good leadership skills

Good analytical skill

Active team player

Hard working

Weakness: -

Lack of confidence and always stuck myself in comfort zone and many times I lose my temper easily.

If something happen wrong I am getting easily disappointed.

I cannot easily mixed-up with others.

I don't like being told what to do.

What do I expect to progress/accomplish?

I will be able to talk and do something confidently in any case whatever the situation. I will not scared to speak out my opinions and ideas and always eager to try new things and take some risk. All the time look for new opportunities rather than hike the common path. Capable to persuade others and decision.

Able to be self-confident and take manage to situations. Able to push hard for my recommendations, information and decisions to be acknowledged by others. To proactively take to go ahead in as many situations as feasible. When there is a group resolution to be made, to be the first to give recommendations. Not to agree with all others say. Able to say no strongly. Not be prejudiced or embarrassed by others.

To peacefully measure any circumstances before reacting to it. To appear for positives in any condition and make the best of any adverse situations. To crucial point my power on finding a way out rather than trailing my anger.

I will follow my hobbies alongside with my work. I will dedicate one hour every day. I plan to learn a overseas language. I will use some time to improve my writing and speaking skills.

I will meditate for twenty minutes every day, for my peace of mind.

I will live my life decently. I will not do anything which makes me feel blameworthy. I will not stretch out, chitchat or hurt anybody. I will stand for by all social and moral rules

I will become successful businessman in ten years ,I will earn at least half million in next ten years

I will perform my task with responsibilities and work hard to achieve success. I will control my time better by planning everything to move ahead.

I will communicate with my social group, subordinates and seniors with honesty

I will be attentive of the new trends and development in the industry. I will continue to upgrade my skills, whenever necessary.

Why do I want it?

With self-confidence, I can find new opportunities for my part. I am competent to instruct more value and others will be capable to see my importance.

I will have the courage to try new things & go beside the guide, which provides me more opportunities for success and makes my life more exciting as well. With self-confidence, my true self will finally excel through.

With assertiveness, I will no longer go after other people's decisions and strength of character. I get to decide for myself and live on my own conditions.

By being self-confident, I will instruct respect from others. I will also contribute fully when I am self-confident. It additional builds my self-belief and installs self value in me.

By being able to manage my anger, I will not say things that I will apologize for later on.

To be a successful entrepreneur i want serve society with my business.

I Want to live happy life with my family and it will fulfill my inner expectations

Short term goals

To secure a good position in well reputed organization for two to three year for earn some experience about the current business environment.

To improve my English language skills in all areas

Improve my presentation skills

Finish reading a book on self confidence & apply its Principles

Attend and complete anger management class

Able to instruct confidence whenever I want, not be affect by setbacks.

Have the habit of captivating the lead in for the most part of situations and being self-confident, while at the same time keeping some stability and not being excessive.

Keep quiet no matter what happens. Not lose my anger at all, but have a quite calmness within.

I will improve my management skills, communication skills

Long term goals

I want to be a entrepreneur by opening my own business

I want to visit many European countries

I want to expand my business internationally after 5 years of milestones

What is my schedule to work on these focus areas?

In first following year I will secure a good position in reputed organization at a sometime I will improve my weakness by doing meditation to develop a peaceful mind & be in command of temper. I will improve my organizational skills, management skills, and leadership skills.

In second year I will try to find opportunities in business field to establish my own business

And after three year i will devote my full time to expand my business to make it international and to make it successful.

Potential obstacles and how you will overcome these obstacles.

In my own business start up on the initial stages I may face some financial obstacles but I will mage with bank loans otherwise will borrow from my friends and relatives.

I will face lack of time management but I will try make myself habitual to new time management skills

Lack of experience in business field but if I will open independent business in start-up phase I will make ii with experience partner so I will not face any difficulties

In business I will go to face competition but I will try to make my competitive advantage very strong so I will not have suffered in market and I can expand my business successfully.

Measurement of success

Money is the first thing and sometimes the only thing that measures success in our life. If I will be millionaire in next ten year I will satisfied with my work

If I will become successful business in terms of achievement in business field

If I will achieved successful entrepreneur award in business world


In conclusion, in order to accomplish every goal in my life, doing an individual personal development plan is very important. It is not only can help me to know my real situation distinctively but also can let me think and do every accomplishment rationally and orderly. Being successful entrepreneur is not that easy. Though, I'm sure I can accomplish my goal by following my plan step by step. For the reason that my interests, hard work and determination, I believe there is one day I will have a immense career in business world.