An In Depth Look at Personal development plan

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Personal development plan is an active and regular process that is capable of enhancing and supporting our experiencieses, talents and skills as a learner of college or university as well as a professional.By indulging in PDP one will be reviewing, building and reflecting on his personal abd academic development. This process encourages us to take a step back and reflect on what he has achieved in a structured way. It effectively involves identifying goals, targets, planning and commitments this steps we need to accomplish.

Being a learner i9s much more than simply studying for degree or higher qualificxation in instition. The institutions provide good opportunities to mingle with a wide range of people or groups of people of different organizations get involved in positions of responsibility and sensibility, develop work experience, volunteer work and broaden our outlook on life and society we live in. Through planning, developing and reviewing our personal and academic motives, the PDP process will effectively:

Enable us to be clear about what we have been taught and we can do and enable us to cascade this with other who are concerned.

Assist us identify areas for development for example referencing to give a presentation.

Lead to resources and support to help us specific mastery and skills.

Enhance our effectiveness and confidence as student of graduate and post graduate level.

Improve our general capability and talent for studies and professional career management.

Bring together our academic and non-academic experiences and achievements to develop coordination and balance among jobs, support leisure and role etc.

Provide us a head start with personal profile and applications.

Enhance our use of institioun to learn more and more thus we are able to make the fullest use of the academic arrangements and facilities available in the institions.

PDP traces both prior and current achievements and provide assistance in development of transferable skills. In this way we can make the proper use of our studies and maximize the benefits drived from either formal education or informal education as a learner or professional.

The fundamental element of PDP in identification of areas we want to improve in, our lecturers have provided us sufficient guiedness and informations in friendly atmosphere and encouraging manner. PDP will also help us to be alive to and encourage us to use full range of student services and sources of help at the college level.

PDP ends at enhancing general relevance and applications of skills we possess. By recognising us personal development and through consciously setting particular goals and targets, we shall be able to enhance our educational and career opportunities.

Defination of PDP

In business and commercial parlance PDP has been defined as 'a structured and supported process adopted by an individual or a professional to reflect upon his own exoeriences, achievements, success and learning to plan further for his personal educational and career development effectively'.

Scope of PDP in individual's life

PDP plays a vital role in life of an individual. The whole life of an individual is directly effected by PDP regarding his achievements and resolutions. No one can neglect the effects of PDP on individual's life basically and secondarily on family life and social life. In particularly in modern age of scientific inventions and technology and the age of ever growing competition, it has gained much enhanced scop. Every moment an individual needs to plan his actions, intentions and career to keep pace with the social challenges. An individual without such planning will certainly fail and prove to be a misfit to work in society successfully, where everyone is planning actively to gain more and more. In the age we are living in has become complicated and more struggling thus we have been forced by the other compititors to plan well to compete them, otherwise we will be left behind in failure, disappointment and degection. Besides personal career, social and practical life, even we need to plan to go on a journey, to maintain our house and family. Hence PDP in the individual's life is inevitable. No alternative to the PDP has been devised so far and most probably it would be impossible to survive without PDP in society in coming decades. So all the individuals either students or professionals should realise the effect and start to rely upon as soon as possible for better, prosperous and balanced life.

Implimentions Of PDP/ How it works

The main PDP process that helps learners concentrate on their learning and planning for the bright future career generally includes:

REFLECTION: Recalling different thoughts and ideas together to make sense for a particular objective.

RECORDING : Experiences, thoughts and ideas we can keep records in the form of print matter or in

form of electronic record using electronic devices e.g audio, video and C.Ds etc.

ACTION PLANNING: Act upon a plan means more likely achievements of targets and goals.

EXECUTING: Carrying out activities reffered to the action plan.

EVALUATING: Impartial analysis of what we have been doing to measure the progress or success.


PDP enables an individual to analyse his stratagies, use of a skill and abalities in detched manner. He becomes able to realise where he has been right and where he has been wrong regarding his personal planning development. For his achievements he is to ask himself together or collect evidences and where he could not succeed and his planning met failure and frustration: he tries to find the reasons and factors that made him failed.


Diciplened life depends upon active andf dynamic personal development plan. Without proper planning an individual is unable to live a balanced and organised life, he can not do right things at the right time. So to keep the regular hours, PDP is indispencible. The individual not benifiting PDP becomes sluggish and lazy, he can not do even compulsory course in time and resultantly gains nothing but goes on losing.


PDP, through sense of success and achivements enhances and maximises the confidence to make effective decisions to cope with the new hurdels, resistances and challenges. One may confidently apply the same strategy to the same kind of problems as he successfully solved with the strategy in past. Instead of beating about the bush: he acquires the skills to catch the bull by hornes to save time and energy. Thus he raises his confidence level with unflinching face to meet the task.


There are some factors that hinder PDP given as follows

CONSERVATIVE ATTITUDE: Conservative attitude always has been criticizing and finding faults with new changesand innovations.consevative elements look the new things with suspicious eyes. So we should get rid of such olden attitudes as hinder the personel development plant.

LETHARGY: It also keeps an individual away from PDP. One never likes to take trouble of making starategies because the mental work looks hard and tiresome. So to take an active part in PDP we should through aeway all source of lethargy.

FAMILY PROSPECTIVE: The individuals with ;leisurefull family background are elite class family hardly bother to indulge in PDP. Because they come of non struggling class of society. They never like to have a stress on their mind.

SOCIAL STATUS: Individuals enjoying good social status, do not feel to make planning. They always shun to do proper planning for their career. They expect to have everything without strategies.

PERSONAL OUTLOOK ON LIFE: Some people or groups of people atre fully convbinced that they would get what is in their fate so they need no [planning for their career development. This olden outlook on life keeps them backward and curtail theie abilities to grow and work well.

PRATCISING PDP: The process of PDP should help you write things down and develop a clear pictures of your goals. Having the ability to reflect on what you are doing through writing is key and central skill to the principle of PDP. Focused and deep thinking is called reflection that is essential to critical thinking and self assessment.

We have to follow the steps to have guidance from useful framework in the stages as under.



It acts as 'stocktaking' in the starting. In this, our weakness and strengths are analysed systematically.

To solve common problems we can use SWOT analysis that summarises our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on a grid.





Ones you become aware of where you are at this moment, then you can think where you want to be and how you will be able to reach there through action planning.



Through action plan we identify that set goal and dociument the atretagies. Action plan should be unambigious and focused. The usefull rule of thumb is to ask you if it is 'SMART'

Specific: I will identify and practise time management techniques to reach my project deadline steadly rather than I will learn how to manage my time.

Measureable: I would consult workshop and books on time management to identify useful practice.

Realistic: On every Thursday morning in free time I will work on my technique.

Time bound: I will keep in my schadule the weekly deadline of project.

We are recommended to set ourself a few clear goals and ranking them by priorty and then subgoals. Subgoals are help full to us to measure our progress and root top consider various steps ahead. Subgoal help you avoid setting unattaiunable targets.

To talk someother person generally proves useful who may pick something important you have missed. Your personal tutor can play an importyant role in this regard.



Auditing our skills and action planning will generate some documents automatically. We need to document certain skills we have refined and how we have evaluated these skills.The reasons for keeping written record are given as follows…

We can measure our progress.

While applying for jobs we can get informations. Document resource of information to be shared with tutor.

The record helps us to think about how plans can be improved.


'RAPID' is an electronic PDP tool, and interactive one to keep personal records of informations and evidences of mastry and compitancy in a range of areas.

'RAPID' stands for recording academic professional and individual development. It is available in a number of versions. We can see a list of all the versions on website. PACE and SPEED are key elements of RAPID.

PACE: Personal information, achievement, career mangment & evidence repository. PACE can be used to store information that will found the basis of your personal profile.


Survey: Identifying skills development needs, opportunities for skills development and skills auditing.

Plan: Setting goals, identifying tasks and produsing action plans.

Execute: Carrying out activities and monitoring your progress.

Evaluate: Reviewing outcomes and evaluating effectiveness of prosess, reflecting upon your learning experience.

Documents: Recording development of skills, compitancies and storing evidence.


There are two different view points on PDP that have been termed as marits of PDP and demarits of PDP which are separately discussed as under…

Marits of PDP: With a few exceptions almost a majority of students and professionals support the PDP and they are fully convinced that without the PDP an individual os good for nothing in this modern age of scientific and technical race.

Putting behind the PDP we are completely unable to contribute the scientific research, business research and social sciences. PDP guides us, regulates us and makes our lives disciplined and dynamic. The supporting disciplined and dynamic. The supporting effectively quotes the creation of earth, sky and whole universe where we see a valid strategies and planning of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Through the drastic arguments they are able to convince other people on the PDP. The religious teaching lay a great stress on planning andcontemplation before starting a project. The logics and arguments of the supporter carries weight and can be turned down.

Demarits of PDP: Another group of individuals rejects the PDP and attach no importance with PDP in case of innovation, research and reforms in world. They argues that is indulge in PDP for everyone in ridicules and absured, it is a sensitive and most important subject, everyone can not plan rightly, there are chances of blunders and mistakes. To understand other's situation in a real manner is not possible for man of ordinary vision.

Some people hold PDP and additional tension without any use. People look busy in thinking remain without work. Even for a long they remain workless because they can not decide what to do. So the exercise of choice becomes more tedious for them. Thinking and planning raise their hopes and standard of mind and mostly they remain lost in imaginary world and they start hating the practical world.

Finally they give a weighty reason that having been failed after planning and applying all strategies, the individuals become disappointed and dejected and they throw away their PDP because it could not work. Where the result of all planning and strategies is failure then why should they waste their time. Despite personal planning they prefer to act upon the norms and principles of the past successful people. For them the exercise of PDP is fruitless and mental distraction.

They present many examples of the PDP worshippers who lost their memory and balance of mind because the human brain and mind has a limited capability to cover, imagine and think about the things and factors in the world and universe. When we overload our brain with informations and stratigies, it may cause dangers to it. So human mind should be applied sensibly. The non-sense and senseless use of the mind may lead to total loss of wits and vision making an individual insane and mad.


Having gone through all the factors and contents on PDP, the conclusion merges as follows..

PDP has merged as an essential part of students, individuals and professional's life.

Where strategies fail to work, they should be changed actively.

PDP should be formed or construct in form of hard copy as well as soft copy.

Proper record of PDP should be kept.

It should be done in realistic manner.

Before making PDP all the situation should be understood well.

Over confidence and less importance to the factors involved, may lead to failure.

With balanced and realistic approach we are able to construct a useful PDP.

Hurdles, hinderounces and resisting forces should be dealt especially.

Partial, huffy, touchy and short-tempered behaviour definitely causes the frustration to PDP.

Sensible, responsible and proper use of talents, sense and personal facilities, refines the individual's or professional's personality and confidence.

PDP opens new avenues of work and business to enhance the income and leisure of life.

Any religious idea or notation no longer rejects the PDP.

Balance in personal, family, social and moral life is consisting in PDP for all the normal human beings.

The incidents and examples of disparities and abnormalities are directly or indirectly are the product of not using or applying the PDP on the different levels in the social life.

Actually PDP is a credible source and instrument for getting rid of individual problems primarily and all social problems secondarily in an indirect mode.