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Critical thinking is an important skill in modern education. Many academic departments hope that its student will be good at critical thinking skills. In my opinion, I give support to apply this in my class because it would help all students to study and work more effectively. In this essay, I will introduce generally about critical thinking and argue that critical thinking should be promoted in my class.

With respect to classroom, critical thinking theory can be summarized as follow:

Definition of Critical Thinking

"Critical Thinking is the general term given to a wide range of cognitive and intellectual disposition needed to effectively identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments and truth claims; to discover and overcome personal prejudices and biases; to formulate and present convincing reasons in support of conclusions, and to make reasonable, intelligent decisions about what to believe and what to do."(Gregory Bassharn, william Irwin, Henry Nardone, James M.Wallace, 1959, Critical thinking: a student's introduction).

Critical thinking in classroom includes three main skills:

Understanding the arguments and issues that are discussed in the class

Evaluating critically what are learning. It means discussing critically the argument or idea.

Developing your own arguments on particular topics.

The standard of critical thinking

The most significant critical thinking standards include:

Clarity: A critical thinker need to understand clearly what other person says and express himself clearly.

Accuracy: It is the passion for accuracy, timely information

Consistency: That are logical Consistency and practical consistency

Precision: critical thinker have to train to observe the clues and then discover the solution.

Relevance: It means critical thinker should use the relevant information

Logical correctness: It means reason correctly

Completeness: It means thinking deeply and finding the essence of the issue

Fairness: critical thinker have to have open-mindedness

Critical thinking is beneficial for many reasons. It helps students to study better by improving their ability to understanding, evaluating and developing and defending the arguments and beliefs.

The barrier of critical thinking

The most powerful barrier include:

Egocentrism is the tendency to see reality as centered on oneself. It include self-interested thinking and self-serving bias

Sociocentrism is group-centered thinking. It includes group bias and conformism

Relativistic thinking is thinking that is based on the idea that there is no "objective" or "absolute" truth. The most powerful of it is moral relativistic.

Unwarranted assumption are things we take for granted without good reason

Wishful thinking is believing something because it makes one feel good

Critical thinking should be apply in my class because many reasons.

First of all, purpose of specifically applying critical thinking in the class is improving the thinking skills of students and thus better prepare them to succeed in the world. Almost students in my class have never been taught how to think effectively about a subject matter, how to properly understand and evaluate it. That is thinking critically. How a student can study effectively if they can not found the basic skills and knowledge? In a logical way, it can not happen. The students will do work less than their ability.

The second issue is feasibility. My class is belong to a prestigious program. The program's manager will try to get the best for their student. They will accept to bring this skill into the program if it is necessary. In my class, all students have graduated university before. They have enough ability to study the new skills. And they also have incentives to try to apply it because of their good results. Therefore, it will be support by the students of my class.

The third issue is experimental method. Observe the world, you can see that many countries have apply it into their course. My course can be study the experience of that countries. With it's ability, the course manager can try to invite the teacher from that countries to teach for this subject. And student can study about the theory of critical thinking and use it for all of subjects in the program and for their life later. That's is why applying critical thinking can be perform from experience of other countries in the world.

Beside of that, because critical thinking help people to think and work effectively, it will help all critical thinker save the time they spend for work. Therefore, students in my class can apply this skill, they will have more time for studying or other activities.

When critical thinking have taught in my class, I suggest some ways that the students can apply it.

The most basic type of critical thinking is knowing how to listen to a lecture actively rather than passively. The students have to realize it is important and carry out it. A good book to read is How to Speak, How to Listen by Mortimer J. Adler.

In class, students should ask question. Questions from students mean they are thinking critically about what teacher are saying.

After class, they should review about the lesson and take note what they do not understand. In their case, it will help to improve writing skill, a part of critical thinking.

Students have to study the way to transform the information and make it their own by practicing paraphrase, summarize, or outline all reading assignments. Writing forces them to organize their thoughts and think critically about the material.

They should practice critical thinking skill in mathematic (help them thinking about nature and reality in empirical and quantitative terms), in term paper (requiring that they acquire, synthesize, and logically analyze information, and that they then present this information and their conclusions in written form)

The last one is use critical thinking in multiple choice answer and practice their mind to think as critical way.

Finally, I absolutely agree to apply critical thinking skill into my class because it help all students improve their ability in studying, in life with science studying method. With this skill, I believe that the students in my class will study better than in the past and they will have time to do more things they like.