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The process of professional and personal development is an ongoing process that will continue not only till the end of this learning program but also till the end of one's life. There were many experiences during this learning program that polished my skills and made me learn a lot from them to enhance the hidden professional and personal abilities that were hidden within me.

Before I started his learning program I had in mind many goals and objectives that I had in mind to meet. A reflective evaluation of these is given below:

Objectives for career and life planning:

This leaning program was started with an objective and goal set in mind. I had always been interested in the field that catered the way of raising education standards. I had been a part of the students' council during my studies at school. Its main aim was to bridge the gap that existed between the interests, approaches and ideas of the teachers, students and the learning system. As time passed, I became a significant member actively working for the cause and later on was positioned as the president of the committee. From there, the goal and objective for my later life took birth. I planned to form a group that will work to achieve these goals. The main goal included to motivate the students towards availing the full us of the education system and making attempts to alter the incorrect ways that suppress the talents and skills that the students carry within them. My aim not only included creating awareness among the students but also the teachers. They should adopt ways that will help them understand the student psyche better and not only make their education a fun but will make them learn a lot apart from the academic syllabus.

The actions planned to meet these goals:

It is not only difficult but also very time consuming to change the ways, methods and customs. I had to plan out the complete project for few years that will accomplish my goals. The first step that I planned was to pick out students from my own organization that formed the part of the student council. Those students that showed high interest for the cause were called upon and a meeting was arranged. We finalized our goals and objectives and the allocation of the tasks was done. Up till now no proper organization was formed. Before we became engaged with particular education institute that hired groups for the purpose, it was not easy for us to begin. After 3 months of extensive research (from the internet, various social meetings) we found out an organization that was meant for our purpose. We conducted three meetings and an interview was held with the final participants of my group. We were then offered tasks which have to be completed within a specific time frame. Finally, I was on the first step towards achieving my career goal. We had provided with the opportunity and after the submission of the first task, my group was efforts were highly appreciated and we were encouraged for the upcoming challenges. I was highly motivated and worked towards strengthening the unity within my group and took measures to develop the skills.

My short term and long term goals and objectives:

Once you start your career you have many long term and short term goals in your mind. The set goals are not only the goals that you have planned to achieve but they also contribute to providing the guide and direction to achieving your plan. These set goals provide us a direction that enables us to acquire our objectives in a set time frame. This enables us to move smoothly towards achieving our objectives. The short term goals that were set for group were as follows:

To achieve the way of learning that I had in mind

To satisfy all my clients

To search for new opportunities and new clients

To alter the minds of the students and teachers with the view with which they view learning processes

To search into market and define new ways implement my ideas

Once these short term goals will be achieved there are some long term goals for the future that I have planned to achieve. They are as follows:

To have changed the minds with the system of leaning that exist today

To set up my own system hat emphasize and enhance the learning system that I want to implement

To have my own educational institute the follow those standards

To extend my group into a large company/organization that works for this purpose.

The resources and the support needed to acquire those goals and objectives:

No objective and goal is achieved unless you have the relevant sources and support to achieve it. It is important for anyone who wishes to achieve a particular purpose to have a support and resources that will help in meeting the goals.

The biggest asset for any organization or a company is its human resource, especially in a service sector where much of the activities are relied upon the human resource of the organization. Similarly for my organization, the biggest support and resource for me to achieve my goals and objective is the people in my management. It is important for me to maintain good relationships with them in order to keep the group working for its purpose successfully. Because the success of the organization is dependent upon the effective communication, coordination and understanding among the colleagues; If the group is not supportive, it is impossible to achieve the set goals in the planned time frame.

Moreover to keep this important resource motivated, another significant resource is needed. This is the finance needed to keep the organization's base strong and durable. There are very important tasks that require heavy financing. Some part of this finance will be raised from personal accounts and some portion of this will be raised through public funds. This is very important. Firstly, our awareness campaign will be needs to be highly funded by internal and external resources. Next step will be to show people how our ideas could be implemented. Next, as our long term objectives show an establishment of our own organization that could demonstrate our idea of an effective educational system. This is the job of our objective that will need the highest funding. it will therefore be important for us to create as much supporters and educationist supporting our ideas for the external financing to be made easier. Moreover to continue our idealistic system of our organization, a continued need of financing will be existing that will have to be catered regularly.

Target dates for monitoring and review.

To achieve the above mentioned goals and objectives for my career, there could be no exact target dates. It will entirely be dependent upon how quickly we are able to create awareness and supporter of our idea and concept. The planned time frame that has been kept in mind for the whole process of staring the campaign to create awareness and creating affiliation of our group with various organizations working for the purpose is about 2 years. The initial year will be a campaign to create awareness as we work for the organization that has hired us. During this time all possible efforts will be taken to ensure that maximum clients are attracted towards our group. For this we will have to ensure quality of our work and punctuality, which is the basic element of this job. Attempts will be made to provide quality service and create long term clients. Once this is achieved, another two years are planned to launch the awareness campaign and collect educationist and supporters who appreciate our ideas and are willing to take part in the campaign. This is planned to be achieved after almost a year. Till then we will be able to gather supporters who will also be willing to fund the organization that is yet to be formed. After a handsome sum collected, we will attempt to lay the foundation of our most important long term goal, our own organization of a newly formed educational system. Once it will be formed, the process of recruitment of trained employees and volunteers will be held. Now this organization will begin its first batch of students after approximately 4.5 years of continued efforts and campaigning. It will aim to establish an innovative education system from which he teacher and the student both will be benefitted. They will contribute to the society as learned individuals of high caliber. They will form the basis of an ideal society of leaned and people with constructive and logical approach whose aim will not just to study but gain what the years at school could have provided them apart from the academics. They will outstand students and the teachers who were not molded in a similar system. The organization will hopefully flourish as a part of its long term goal and the pioneers of this education system will be happy to see their ideas adopted and practiced successfully.

Task 2

Although I was the manager for my own group but initially when I started my career, I worked for an organization. Our group worked for it for about a period of six months. During that we also experienced regular appraisal. Although we carried out own idea, but at the learning stage we were prone to many difficulties, complexities, problems and of course mistakes. As I was the representative of my group and was answerable to the employer, it was my duty to implement any changes that were necessarily required by the job review held by the organization. Below is an account of a job review that was held by the hiring organization for our group.

This organization hires many similar groups. It is important for us to maintain the standards set by the organization as violation of any of these could make us loose our clients to another group. Punctuality and work commitment was the foremost important element to be a good employee.

The recent job review for our group was held on the following criteria

Components judged upon during job review

% of the allocated proportion

Punctuality upon submission of work:


Work commitment:


Quality of work(providing what is required)


According to the above mentioned criteria, our work performance was judged. There were the three basic components that were considered in our job review. The highest proportion awarded was to the punctuality of the work submitted and then the remaining 60% was divided among the rest of the two, which is work commitment and quality of work provided. Our job review revolved around the above mentioned factors and covered these aspects to our work performance over a period of past six months. For the appraisal a team of two members held a meeting with the members of our group. At the scheduled time they arrived and we held our meeting. They had the record of our past work and activities. We were asked to show the history of our work and it was initially matched against theirs to ensure both of us had correct details. They then interviewed each of our members individually and went through our activities and projects that were previously submitted as well as those that were in the process. They also had a look at or a diary that we kept for our daily schedule.a lthough much of the details in the diary was confidential but we allowed them little exposure to our diaries. There it clearly revealed how short of time we had been through these months and it justified our continue bargaining of providing enough time to deliver a completed project. Simultaneously they were writing down their comments. We were then allowed to discuss any problems that we had faced during the six months or if we wanted any changes in the nature of our job. We discussed them openly and pointed out that we are usually short of time therefore no urgent projects should be given and we should be given enough time, for instance at least 15 days to a complete a given project. They understood and promised to forward our request and assured that a positive action will be taken.

Development and training needs from a recent job review and action planning, diaries, learning journal

After this job review few training and development needs rose for our group. Firstly, it became very important for us to make sure that all the tasks we take have to submit on time. If we are overloaded, then no work commitment should be done. Time management became the foremost important job for us. I decided to implement a learning program that should aim to encourage team working and effectively saves time. Once we will manage our schedule and times, we will be able to provide more work at a given time

Next, the appraisal team recognized our work quality as our biggest asset. Therefore I had to strict measure to ensure that the work quality shall be maintained at all times. Very few of the team members were still in the process of getting trained. My aim therefore became to completed heir training program as quickly as possible so that work progress can be increased. Moreover I also foresaw the need to hire more employees and train them so that we are able to provide bulk of the work at a given time. This will enable us to keep up to the expectations of our clients and grab more from the market

Through this appraisal it also came into my knowledge that the team which had come for our job review highly appreciates our unique ideas and concepts. They believed that we have the ability to change the system as we have aimed as it was a very constructive approach to instill in the students and teachers their responsibility as an important element of the society and a responsible citizen.

I also realized the increased importance of keeping myself emotionally stable and my employees motivated towards their work. I realized a greater share in the decision making will make them move them toward achieving the goals and objectives of the group. I planned to meet the motivation needs of my employees by introducing some financial rewards and giving the employees the greater decision making power and authority.

Keeping myself emotionally stable, will contribute highly to the relationship that exist between management and employees. They will place trust in me and openly discuss problems that they encounter during their work. Dealing with these problems quickly will lead to higher work performance and increased work quality.


They awarded us grades. Both of the team members had different opinions. First they presented some comments on each of our group members. Some of the team mates needed improvements as their comments suggest and majority of us were satisfactory. None of us received very appreciating remarks on our personal attributes. Next, one of the members of their team provided us his feedback. He pointed out the following points regarding our work performance:

Improper time management or the short of time was noticed. Therefore work revealed that there had been a last moment hustle and bustle to wing up the work as quickly as possible, sometimes sacrificing work quality.

Quality of work was seen in the majority of the work. Much of the work did not require any redoing that saved our time and we became dependent upon you.

There is increased work commitment which is highly appreciated

The other team member had similar views:

Time should managed accordingly, not affecting the work quality

Remarkable responsibility, dedication and work commitment is seen among workers. It should be continued, as this is what we seek in our employees

Work quality should be maintained.

Taking additional responsibilities In future will be appreciated.

This group that had come for our job review also borough with it the remarks that we had been receiving from our indirect customers.

We could see that the work was highly appreciated. The ideas were found unique and very interesting. The customers complained about the occasional rejection of taking tasks (which we refused due to shortage of time). They showed willingness to give plenty to be done but at within a few days. Therefore it became our first priority to manage our time and maintain quality.

After the job review team went away, I found it very important to take the views and opi9nions from my ream mares. I wanted to know how they felt about the job review and what ere their priorities. I wanted to make them aware of the increasing need of time management and appreciate them fir the hard work and efforts they have always put in their work. Training for new employees also came as a major task for us. Therefore this had to be discussed and viewed from the perspective of the each one of them in order to make the changes successful.


They informed me that they were very glad of the response they received from the team regarding their work quality. They emphasized on maintaining it by training programs. They had realized the need for time management. Each one of them presented me with ideas on how to maintain our work performance, simultaneously achieving the targets at the given time. Because we often ran short of time, the main reason behind this was realized the shortage of capacity we possess due to a smaller group. Crating a larger group had been my objective and it seems to be achieved now. We decided upon the recruitment processes and agreed to begin it from the day only.


Learning is a part of man's life that never ends. Each minute of life presents you with something to learn. It is the wise man's choice to learn from others experience and avoid making mistakes. But even mistakes teach you. One should not hesitate while making mistakes as the lessons learned AFTER MAKIND A MISTAKE IS KEPT In mind and never forgotten. Our day to day experience provides us lesson but it becomes our responsibility to learn from them

Throughout this course of study and the leaning program, each day's experience of my colleagues and my life provided me with a treasure to learn from. From the conversations that took place to every decision that was taken, every step was learning process. This learning process has left a mark on my career development and my personal life.

Before I began this learning program, I lacked in many aspects. These were my weaknesses that I managed to over come

Emotional intelligence:

This is the aspect of human nature that everyone does not possess naturally. I was one of them. But during this learning program I realized that being emotionally stable does not only maintains everything at work but everything in your personal life. I had a low tolerance level and I was too hasty at making decision which I often regretted. In the course of my job role, at many instances I had to maintain my emotions. This is because in work role such as this where maximum work outcome Is based upon communication, it becomes increasingly important for one to choose the right words at the right time for the right people to avoid any harassment at work. I often got irritated giving the work to be repeated as we were usually short of time. It frustrated me to take the wrong task even at the third time of redoing. During this I never realized that if I had communicated with my employees effectively and politely, the repeated redoing could have been avoided. This made me realize the importance of being emotionally stable at all times to go through the complicated situations successfully

Responsibility and work commitment:

During this jib process, especially the appraisal process taught me two main things. First, to be responsible and second, to be committed to your work. When a person comes in his practical life and is on the way to his career development, work commitment and responsibility of the work is very important. When a person is committed to his work and takes the utmost responsibility of submitting it, the employer becomes dependent upon him. He starts relying on him and gives him additional responsibility. A reliable person is likely to be successful on his path to his career development. When his employer becomes dependent upon him, he starts trusting him and this gives the employee an added advantage. In my case and my job role, we managed to be highly committed and responsible to our work. This made us grab most of the projects as the employer feels satisfied and tension free when he passes on the project to us. Therefore it provided us the competitive edge over others and formed the basis of our success.

Time management

The learning program taught me a great deal about time management. I had never known how important time management had been. In was usually short of time at everything I wanted to do, be it my job work or the other affairs that have to be managed as a part of my personal life. I had never taken it very seriously as I was unaware of its importance. I was usually late at social commitments but it did not create any difference to me. During this learning program I learned the importance of time management. I learned how important is it for one to take care and manage his precious time as once passed, u can never get it back. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to take the maximum out of their time in order to succeed not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives

At times, during my job role t often happened that e started our meetings late that ended up late. One reason behind this was the informal group that we formed. In spite of that, it should not have been so. Regular meetings and constructive arguments saves too much. I realized time saved in these meetings could have been adjusted to the shortage of time we experienced at the completion of our projects

Strong leadership:

Your role as leader for not only your employees but also for yourself Is very important. One should be able to analyze its own weaknesses and mistakes and takes attempts to correct them. He should be appraising his own performance as well. For employees, he should possess an example character. He should possess strong leadership qualities. He should be trust worthy for his employees and polite in his words. Employees should be able to place trust in him and convey to him any problems and complexities that may be encounters at work. The manager should also be good decision maker and be able to make strategic decision at the right time. He should be innovative in his thought and ideas.

Such a group leader manages his group very well. Before the start of this leaning program I was not only unaware of the importance the managerial role for the success of any business also did not possess nay of these qualities. This leaning program taught me the how to handle a managerial role and provided me with opportunities to polish my skills. It provided me with the opportunity to learn and adopt new skills for my job role. I became more responsible as a manager. At the same time I also ensured that that my employees trust me and my decisions, which is no doubt very important for me.


Before the start of this learning program I did not possess qualitative communication skills. Communication skills are very important to keep a group or a team together with strong foundations. Communication does not only involve conveying messages but also involves conveying messages to the right person choosing the right medium at the right time and clearly. Unless the right person receives the message through the right medium and made sure it is delivered clearly. For the messages to be clear there are certain things that should be kept in mind. It includes:

No technical language should be included

The message should be complete and to the point

The message should not be too long for the receiver to remember or miss out the important points

A written note should be included if required


Before this learning program and my job role I did not possess effective communication skills. Although I was capable of delivering my messages in an effective way, but did not ensure whether the message has been clearly understood. Taking feedback is one of the important elements of the communication process. Unless the feedback is ensured from the recipient, the communication process is not complete. This learning program made me learn that unless you take the feedback from the recipients, you can never be sure whether your message has been clearly understood. If the message Is not clear, the communicated job will naturally be not completed as required and expected. This created miscommunication will lead to misunderstanding of the jobs being done. This will waste time as redoing of the tasks will be required.

This learning program gave me many opportunities to learn. Most important of them were time management, polishing of managerial and communication skills, emotionally stable and responsibility and commitment. It allowed me to have wider look at the practical and professional life and the necessary tips to towards success of career development. They have and will continue to leave an impact on my future professional and personal life.