An Analisys On Students Language Learning Strategies Education Essay

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Language learning is important for human's social development. As a language which is used by more than a half of population in the world, English holds the key as international language. English is a tool of communication among peoples of the world to get trade, social-cultural, science, and technology goals. Moreover, English competence is important in career development, therefore students need to understand and use English to improve their confidence to face global competition.

English as a formal subject is given to senior high school (SMA) level, which the goals are translated as follows: "The goals of teaching and learning English for this level are improving the four English skills. They are the mastery of the receptive skills (reading and listening) and the mastery of the productive skills (speaking and writing), within a specified word level and relevant grammatical structures and notions, in the context of the specified themes which are enclosed for senior high school (SMA) students" (Balitbang Depdiknas, 2002:42).

The fact shows that the result of teaching learning English is still low. Somantri said (2003) that there can be a wonder about the condition of the student's English ability. The students have learned English from the first-grade of junior high school until senior high school, but most of them still cannot use English as tool of communication. Zamroni in Somantri (2003) found that it not only happened to the students who have score below five, but the students who have score over eight in junior high school can not use English in real communication in their level. Besides, their receptive skills are also below the expectation. For example, the students who have graduated from senior high school, they still find difficulty in reading English literatures (Balitbang Depdiknas, 2002:1).

These failures are influenced by many factors. According to Zamroni in Somantri (2003), it happens because of the education system at school just transfer the dead knowledge where the knowledge is separated from the application. Teachers teach materials that will be tested. The goal is that the students get good score in the final test. While Ali in Ant-O2 (2005) argues that the low of the students quality in teaching and learning English happens because the students are used to memorizing and doing multiple choice assignment. Both of arguments above show that the process of teaching and learning English is not so support the improvement of life skills. Students can get good score in the final test and they can memorize the theory well but they cannot use English in real communication. English learning is one the tool of communication written or orally. Communication is understanding and expressing the information, mind, and develop the knowledge, high - tech, and culture. In English learning has some compeherension aspects such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading. (BSNP, 2008:123). However, it is generally known that English is considerable unfamiliar language for the majority of Indonesian peoples. Therefore, in teaching and learning process, the peoples will be challenged in understand English. According to Chien Kuo Lee (2010) stated that the development of language learning strategy . It will provide information about of the use of language learning strategies, which will enhance English learning for non-native learners. But Twelve years of school study do not make students mastery over English. Why this happen? While they are in schools English is not taught properly. As majority of the students are hailed from rural areas, bilingual method is adopted in language classes (Kannan, 2009:1).

In brief, language learning in memory strategies are used for memorizing more effectively; cognitive strategies for mental processing of information; compensation strategies for making up for limited knowledge; metacognitive strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating one's learning; affective strategies for regulating one's emotions; and social strategies for cooperating with

Others, (Ni Qingquan, Monta Chatupote and Adisa Teo, 2008:342)

However, Brown (2001: 21) stated that "Everyone at some time has witnessed the remarkable ability of children to communicate" and the explanation of this development has a lot to do with the language learning theories. Brown (2001) further stresses that an individual could choose to adopt any one of the theories in the study of first language acquisition. The theoretical approaches in this study are taken from three different approaches - behaviouristic, cognitive and humanistic. the better understanding of language learning strategies for English teachers can help students to learn more successfully and develop their learning autonomy. In the field of language learning strategies, particularly the relationship between a different language learning cultural background and the use of strategy as well as leading us to the current status of learning strategies and learning strategies instruction.

The researcher conducted in SMKN 1 Teluk Keramat At Academic Year 2012/2013 at Sambas regency. The researcher choices at SMKN 1 Teluk Keramat At Academic Year 2012/2013 at Sambas regency because they have good compentecies in some of majors or languages. It was under this background that this study was carried out by taking senior high school as the subject of the research. Researcher will find out what are the English language learning strategies applied by SMKN 1 Teluk Keramat At Academic Year 2012/2013 at Sambas regency and this research will aim to describe the English language learning strategies applied by SMKN 1 Teluk Keramat At Academic Year 2012/2013 at Sambas regency. The research hopefully be useful as information input particularly for teacher, students and any individual who have great interest in developing basic education.