Adult development and how they correlate to the students past

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During the following illustration, I will give you a examples of the stages of adult development and how they correlate to my past , present, and future adult development through a short illustrated story of my life. According to (Sigelman & Rider, 2003), development is defined as the changes and adjustments that individuals experience from the time of conception till death. Though I have only been on this earth for what seems but only a moment, I have gone through many environmental, physical, emotional, and life changing stages in my life that has molded me into the young adult who I am today.

To begin with, I was born in Cartagena, Colombia South America. Colombia is country with great culture, tradition and many areas for agriculture. Though very rich in farming, Columbia is very high in crime and poverty. This being the case, I consider myself very lucky for being adopted at an early age and put into a loving and caring family to care for me and help me along as I progressed throughout further stages of my life. The beginning of my childhood development started with an excellent fundamental foundation by growing up in a well educated and financially stable two parent home. I am the second oldest of four siblings to include myself. I can say honestly in the eyes of most people, my family is not the typical family you see every day. We seem to get along very well, my parents have been together for over twenty-five years, and I still am keep in good emotional and social contact with all my siblings.

My path through environmental development began to unfold when I was adopted and moved to the United States. As American society begins to increase, and becomes more intellectually intelligent, it becomes very important to understand the social environment in which. In addition, Valsiner (1988) denotes that social development functions hand-in-hand with the cultural environment. During my first years in the states, I had to learn English. I think learning a new language was somewhat easy for me being the age I was at the time. Furthermore, I had to accustom my body to the types of food that we as Americans eat on regular bases as with any change in location that a person might go through. An environment where a person is from, moves to, or grows up in will have a significant effect on he or she will later develop as an adult. The environment that one grows up in can have effects on skin color, aging, and longevity of and individual's life. Having moved to the United States I began receiving the proper nutrition that I was lacking before. This change in environment began helping me receive the proper care that I was in dire need of at the time. It has been proven more than once that the environment that Americans live today is one of the easiest and most healthy environments for one live and be successful in.

Furthermore, the family oriented environment that I grew up in enabled me to better relate with others and teach the fundamental values to prepare me to raise a family of my own one day. A few examples of this was having a loving mother to care for me emotionally and physically. Also a hard working father who is and continues to provided me with a father figure and be financial provider in my life. As I look back on my childhood, my mom was and continues to be the best example to me of what a strong loving woman should be to her kids and family. Not having adequate parenting figures in the home can have great effects on the early developing stages of a child. As with any developing stages humans go through, many physical changes happen during their early stages of child hood. Childhood development and its implications to both societies and cultures have gone through much research, debate, and development in the past years. To illustrate these steps in research and in the development of childhood growth today, involves theorists such as Jean Piaget (1920, e.g. child intellectual development) and Freud (1933, e.g. components of personality) to more recent

theorists such as Lev Vygotsky (1934/1962, e.g. stages of cognitive development) and Urie Bronfenbrenner (1995, contextual development) (Sigelman & Rider, 2003). During this stage it is important for the parent or guardian of the individual to be there to assist the child in helping him or her find his or her self image and personal talents. Around this time, a person will go through many emotional and physical changes within their body. Also, an individual will begin to start thinking more with one's own mind as their brain begins develop more and to try to think on its own more and instead of relying on the choices of the parent or guardian. Around this time in my life, I began developing a talent for sports and physical activities. I was lucky enough to play baseball, football, and basketball during this stage in my life. The great motivator behind my success was my dad teaching me how to play the game. He was very supportive of my aspirations in the sports realm and both he and my mom attended almost every game that I ever played. I was very fortunate to experience.

As I began to mature, I started being able to participate in things which before, I was not able to do. This stage began with a few simple changes such as, I began to run faster. I began to start thinking for myself. Also started to grow taller and stronger physically which later developed into my adolescence stage of maturity. One Psychological theorist by the name of Eric Erikson states that the issues at hand are identity vs. role confusion (Gross 1987). He says teenagers work at refining a sense of self by testing behaviors and then integrating them to form a single identity, or they become confused about who they are. Erikson believes that adolescents try out different behaviors in different circumstances. The adolescent then chooses which image is truly them. Not all adolescents find their identity. Some forge the identity of others. Erikson beliefs that if an adolescent has a clear sense of the person they are, then they can project him or herself into the future (Stevens 1983). During the adolescent phase, it is perhaps one of the most mysterious yet life changing phases of becoming an adult. Around this phase, the human body's hormones begin to speed up sending thoughts and signals to the brain to literally "start growing up now".

Each person goes through this process differently some see more changes in the physical and emotional responses than others. Around this time, males will tend to grow muscle, form a deeper voice, and see changes in their growth levels. Females will begin to see changes in their bodies as well. For the most part, they begin to notice their hips begin to widen and breast tissue begins to develop in order to prepare them for the phase of motherhood. In this stage of my life, I saw dramatic increase in my food intake, growth levels, and muscle development. I was able to start running faster, I noticed my physical body weight started to increase, and my emotions started to effect the way I interacted with people more.

Along with the stages of adolescence comes behavioral developing. Behavioral development usually starts out in the home. From here, children learn they have to have good behavior and that their behaviors have to line with the class rules and expectations. Another reason this stage in adult development is so important is that children began to mimic the correct and incorrect behaviors of their siblings, friends, and parents to have good behavior they knew that their behavior had to line with the class rules and expectations. Another reason this activity reflected the theory was when the children began to mimic the correct behavior. With the different age groups this activity was aged appropriate.

Children like to feel praised and recognized for having good behavior. This activity is a wonderful idea and an immense idea for elementary aged children.   The behavior chart serves as a good incentive and reminds the children or holds them accountable for their behavior. With the different age groups and stage comes appropriate counseling and disciplining in which to handle these changes in behavioral patterns. The reason this system in childhood development must be carefully monitored is because the kids must understand that there are consequences to their behavior and they realize that positive behavior warrants positive consequences, and negative behavior warrants negative consequences. Even at a young age, my parents began teaching how to know and the follow rules and directions, and that there is a consequence for not being a team player in accordance with those rules set forth. Children like to feel praised and recognized for having good behavior. This activity is a wonderful idea and an immense idea for elementary aged children. I seemed to notice this when I grew up when my parents came up with a check mark chart for reward and consequences for the behaviors that I had exemplified that day.  The theory behind the behavioral reward system can be strongly influenced by the parents, siblings, and the motivation of the child.

Past life experiences are what we learn from and are what make us who we are for the better or worse because without any of these development tools and experiences we do not develop as humans. Life experiences through family, leadership skills, our social interaction, peers, gender, and culture are all things that shape us into who we are as a person. There are three dimensions that we each encounter as we have life experiences. They are physical, cognitive, and social emotional. Growing up as a teenager, I was very close to my friends and family. I believe they helped me through some of the difficult times in life both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

During my early and late teen years, I began having aspirations and dreams to one day start a career job and raise a family of my own. A lot of these goals and aspirations really came into play during my senior year of high school and first year of college. To my earliest recollection of career aspirations I have always wanted to work in the law enforcement field. I think my feelings for protecting and caring for the people around me greatly influenced my career decisions. Not only was it feelings of wanting to be a guardian, but the adrenaline excitement one can obtain in working the career field of law enforcement. To begin with, I started taking little steps towards my goals in fulfilling what I wanted to be. The first step was finishing high school. I think during my sophomore year in high school I started having trouble in school especially in the area of mathematical comprehension. I have always been a good student but just not great at mathematical reasoning. After a long process of me refusing to receive help on the issue of mathematics I finally was able to grasp the concept. I started having someone tutor me in the parts of school in which I was lacking. My second big step that was a big motivational push for me was the completion of my senior year in high school. This was the beginning foundational cornerstone in helping me pursue my career aspirations. As I graduated high school I began to ponder on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and what I should do about obtaining my goals.

When John F. Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" (John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, 1961) that quote gave me   inspiration to continue pursing my academic goals. Another reason to accomplish a college degree is to become financially solid and independent. It will be extremely difficult for an average person to achieve economic stability unless they have the appropriate academic credentials to back him or her up. A higher education opens the door for better opportunities; these opportunities can and will lead the way for financial stability and advancement one's community and at their work place. The grad student will achieve independence, since one would have a more stable income one will be more likely to succeed. Realizing this, I immediately decided to do a year of college right away to get me further on my way academically. During this time, I started working a job at the local restaurant in town. I also bought myself my very own first car which I loved and drove around every where that I wanted to go. A little while late, I began to realize that schooling is never free for the price of the reward that you get in the end.

Realizing this, I began contemplating ways on how to pay to further my education. After a long time of searching and asking other people for guidance, I came about the conclusion that I wanted to join the armed forces in order to help pay college tuition. So a few weeks later I was on my way to attending Military Police School in Missouri. I really enjoyed the time during military training there. It taught me so many valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and self confidence. Many of these traits have and continue to help build me during my stages of development. After I had gotten back from training I did not go back to school right away. I instead decided to work fulltime just to see how things would go. Unfortunately, when I came back I the economy had really hit a hard down fall. So I had to start making decisions in order to adjust to the circumstances that beset me at the time.

As life began opening and closing doors, I knew that I needed to develop a plan for my future. I continued to try and receive further guidance until it became clear. I want to use the army's training as a stepping stone to get to my future career. Realizing this, I made the decision to active duty. As I arrived onto active duty my whole perspective of the army changed the way I viewed life and my job. I actually was doing something I enjoyed not only that the job that I had enabled me to go back to school and continue my academic goals. So many times when people reach the early stages of adult they begin to wonder what they want to do with their lives. For the most part, a majority of them can not figure out what they want to do with their careers. To many young adults this can bring a lot of unwanted stress to their social and physical environment. Young adults tend to want to achieve things right away that way they have something to bring to the table when they are amongst their peers.

During this stage in development, it is here that young adults try to discover their self image. Self image tends to be a fulfilling yet can be a negative consequence in the life of some young adults if they are unable to achieve their standard. Although self image is dependent on the actual individual, some people tend to base it on money, social status, and childhood upbringing. In order for young people to form self confidence they should determine to not fall behind in life and strive to achieve their dreams.  To do this, I have set goals for myself and have taken steps in achieving them. I have tried to make sure that I get all the information that I need to choose the right college for me.   Since joining the armed force I have been able to make plans to achieve these goals because they are obtainable.   When I do start to make steps toward my goals, I have been and will continue to be successful if I persevere.

 As time goes on, I continue to set goals for myself. A few of my goals include becoming a U.S. Marshal, having my own house one day, getting married to my future wife, and raising a family of my own some day . I don't plan to give up on my goals any time soon because that would be considered failure. A decision is to take a position or make an opinion or judgment after consideration. People make decisions all the time. It is impossible to count how many decisions you have made in your lifetime. It is one of many important developing tools as you progress through life and become more mature as an adult. However, the most important decisions can change your life and they can't be forgotten. I can remember those important decisions I have made in my life and my life has been deeply affected by those decisions.

Currently, I am developing and learning new ways how to better myself for the future, obtain my career and aspire into the adult human being that I was created for. Even though I don't know where this life may take me, I believe that my childhood experience, my social and emotional experiences with my friends has given me a better view on the development of an adult human. I believe that understanding the way that humans develop and figuring new ways on how to deal with life and all the curve balls it seems to throw at us will help us soon become more successful people. Not only that being able to understand people is a great and power full tool that can be used to benefit one's self and others around them. Furthermore, finding new ways to learn how to understand the development of adults growth cycles environmentally, social emotionally, physically and psychologically will in fact help us to better educate those in the future and be able to interpersonally communicate with others more effectively.