Academic Skill And Personal Development Programme Education Essay

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Personal skill audit : All organisation today need to be fast, flexible and focused. If someone going to contribute to the success of their organisation, they need to develop their personal range of management skill so that they are always performing to the professional standards. Carrying out a personal skills audit is an important step when someone planning a career change. If they are serious about changing careers, then they need to build up a detailed understanding of their strengths and talents. If they are clear on this then they can assess career ideas with their skill and strength in mind.

Personal development : Personal development is our conscious self-improvement and self-transcendence. Personal development also includes others. This may be a function within the role of teacher or mentor , a personal competency such as a manager's ability to develop the potential of employees, or as a professional service. Development whether economic, political, biological , organizational or personal requires a framework if one wishes to know whether change or improvement has actually occurred. For personal development the individual often functions as the primary judge of improvement , but validation also requires assessment using standard criteria.


SWOT analysis :

SWOT analysis is widely used today in business and management, but is also useful as a tool for learning and personal development. It is a personal, subjective assessment of information organised into a logical order that helps understanding, presentation, discussion and decision-making. It fosters a clearer, more proactive way of thinking about a given situation, rather than relying on habitual and automatic responses to make decisions. The SWOT analysis template is normally presented as a grid, comprising four sections under the headings : strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

There are a range of skills that are not only significant to learning in higher education and academic achievement but also personal development and employability. This is an analysis of personal skill audit and development about myself which I write detail in SWOT analysis.

Strength : One of my biggest strength is my communication skills. I work very well with all kind of people, and understand that everyone have different perspectives about project and work tasks, so when I work with others I realize that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I keep this in mind I communicate tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and awareness of what are working on. My another greatest strength is loving the work I do. Learning to follow my happiness should be a critical component of managing my carrier.In addition to academic achievement and leadership skills, my computer skills include four hardware platforms, five operating systems, a programming language and dozens of software applications. The above are just some of my strengths as a student and potential employee. My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job , I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. One of my greatest strength I have acquired during my education in good analytical and planning skills. This has always benefited me to set goals and try to achieve them. But at the same time I am driven by the thoughts of success.

Weakness: I used to have trouble with procrastinating, now I have learned to write down a list of things that I need to do, and keep a calendar to keep track of deadlines, I have found that this not only helps me to finish things on time, but it has also helped me to be more organized. In assessing my weaknesses I think about what prospective employers might consider to be the areas I could improve upon. Facing my more weakness now can give me a huge head start in carrier planning. In the information technology field, technical skills are the most important factor in job success, if not career success. Though I have abundant hardware and software experience for an undergraduate, a computer science major holds much more technical knowledge than an information systems minor. A weakness of mine would be the fact that I get nervous when speaking in front of groups. I have not had a lot of experience with this over the past several years. Although I did join Toastmasters International to help overcome this anxiety. And feel more confident today when I need to speak in front of groups and give presentations. I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to relax. I am little egoistic when it comes to winning things and get a little ruthless too.

Opportunity : My writing skill gave me a very good opportunity in my job career. Because of my speaking skill is not so good so I mostly writing email, mobile message, letter for communication. After my graduation Msc in Business and Management is a very good opportunity to build my career. This course is economic and flexible time to do. I learn how to improve my skill and use in related job. Learning about management skill is a good chance in my organisation where I work. To use technology for maintain a management team was totally new for me. It was very good opportunity for me to learn how to use IT for management and make a future plan for team. My study on the subject and my job make me experience to improve my carrier.

Threats : I am taking long time to take decision making which is one of the threat for myself. This is not only my job also my own life. So my all of friends are now in good position in their career but I improve myself slowly for late decision. I am little nervosas to meet someone in first time and not active to understand people easily. This as a threat in job career.


Learning style :

People have preferences about how they like to learn which is called their learning style. These sometimes account for their problems in learning using a particular approach such as in a classroom or on the job. This may not be entirely due to their learning style but also due to their previous experience. There are a number of systems for describing learning styles. Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right mix. Nor are your styles fixed. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you already use well.

I fined myself as a reflector but some of my style follow other three activist, theorist and pragmatists style. I fined it easy to meet new people and make new friend. That's why I have lots of friends from my school life to college and now in my work place. I like to communicate with al of them and mostly use technology for communication. I am cautious and thoughtful about my life and job. Without doing something I get bored easily. I am a practical, hand on kind of person. Trying to get everything easy naturally. I like to try things out from myself. My friends consider to be a good listener. Because what I listen try to listen clearly and seriously. The thing I do I get clear idea to do in best way. I always keep a list to do things. That use as a reminder for me. I like to experiment to do things in best way. I like to experiment. Most of the time I apply on myself for prove. Sometime I prefer to think logically. In a gathering people sometime think of me as shy and quite. But mostly it happened on beginning but at end I fell I talk a lot. I often notice things that other people miss. I like to think things through before getting involved. Most of time I study about the things and try to fined different source. that's why I am slow on my decision. I enjoy trying out new things. Meet with something new make me more interest on it. I mostly like to challenge of having a problem to solve. I am always try to follow someone to get experience about the result to review myself for next step. that's why I take my decision slowly. I collect data before do something and until end I analyse that before conclusion. Before taking action I am reconfirm about that and positive concept and go for action. I like to take back seat because I fell not comfort in front of ordnance. And I think it make me understand about all the take there. But I like to see what the people do and try to learn from him. I am not like to do something once , I have a strong mined to achieve something time is not the point. But some case I have to do once in real life. Any crisis happened I am think about it and clear to understand about all of them whom I think can able to help.



Most of the people have elements of more than one learning style. It may be useful for them about their strongest style and weakest style to identify how to learn. We all exhibit traits from each learning style, to a greater or lesser degree. Effective learners make full use of their natural preferences, while also acquiring useful features from their less dominant styles. We are not stuck with our predispositions. Just as with any skill practising it builds up my confidence and competence. I am incredible potential to acquire new skills, and to learn in new ways. If i normally think of myself as a visual learner, i will probably draw mind-maps and use coloured highlighters to help my analyse and memorise information. i may find it helpful to try a totally different approach, like reading some text while i walk around the room, or use an exercise bike or read or sing it aloud. i should not feel that I am stuck in a style of learning. i should feel free to adopt the learning strategies which are most appropriate for a particular task, or a particular stage in the learning process. Knowing my learning style may help me to develop coping strategies to compensate for my weaknesses and capitalise on my strengths.