Academic Achievement From The Students Education Essay

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We should encourage grade inflation because it reflects ability of a student. According to the first law of psychology, the prediction of future performance is based on the past performance. For the example, a straight A student from the past exam has a greater chances for doing well in the class or in the future exam compare with a struggling student. The grading systems are correlated with the intelligence of a student based on given a test and assign the grades on that basis. Grades are the primary currency of academia and the increase over time of academic grades, faster than any real increase in standards. Basically, teachers are the primary tools to motivate students and by graduate schools, professional schools, and employers to identify promising candidates. On the other hand, the grading systems in different teaching scheme in order increase the standard of the student. Therefore, grading systems should be adopted because specific teaching scheme can be designed due to the grade inflation. As the result, students' ability can observed well according through their grades.

Besides that, we should encourage grade inflations because grades reflect a student's mastery of the course material. Grades can be used as a certification of the level of mastery of the course material. Hence, the grade becomes an evaluation of competence. A student may use variety of strategies to develop the competence. For the example, a student may attend the class; complete several of assignments and as well as complete the tests in order to develop the mastery of course material. The obstacle to this approach is the standard of the competence to a student can be evaluated. Basically, students receive their academic grades based on their performance on a large enough percentage of the material they are taught, which discourages them from growing proficient in all areas of study during each period. In this modern environment, a student is required to have better understanding of how the students learn, catalyzed by technologies that bring multimedia authoring and sharing to a range of technical skill levels, have combined to transition our students from knowledge consumers to knowledge creators. One of the advantage of mastery approach es that faculty who dedicate themselves for developing specific competence in the students can concentrate on the development of effective instructional techniques which will maximize the number of students achieving mastery.

Furthermore, grades also reflect to the success or failure of the instructor. According to B. F. Skinner, instructor is the factor which lead the students do poorly because the instructor failed to motivate the students, failed to captivate students' interest, and failed to provide appropriate learning activities and instruction which would enable students to master the content. Of course, no teacher can reach all the students in class. But it should be the objective of every faculty member to reach a higher percentage of them each semester. For an example, the instructor should know the students well, as well as their background in order to design specific learning activities which will lead them from how they are to mastery of the material and lead to higher grades to the students. This will of course to be expected that faculty who have been teaching for longer time will get better at it and will reach more students. Older faculty should be expected to turn out students with a higher level of mastery and hence higher grades. If a faculty member has been teaching a course for twenty-something years and the high grade on midterm is still 35%, something is seriously wrong. In other words, when a faculty member has to curve the grades, it should be taken by the administration as a red flag to indicate possible instructional deficiencies. The faculty should have developed or learned more effective teaching methods and thus more effectively motivating students to learn the material. In this case the students will learn more and hence grades will be higher. Therefore, faculty should always make sure that either the instructor are doing their best and teaching students well or not.

One of the factors which we should adopt with grading system is the higher the grade, the higher the standing. This is because grades also reflect a student's standing in the class which mean. This is the interpretation on which curving and statistical adjustment is based. The notion is that tests, being imperfect measures of a student's knowledge, can be used to rank students but cannot be used to accurately quantify a student's knowledge. Class standing is then taken as an indicator of the amount the student has learned and grades are based on class standing. This amounts to an admission that grades have been assigned out of ignorance. Instructors should decide what they want the students to know and what they want them to be able to do and then develop tests to determine if they have developed the required knowledge and skills. Then the students who meet the required standards would pass, regardless of class standing. Students who have higher grades are also normally having higher standing in class as they are more active and curiosity.

In conclusion, people should encourage grade inflation as it can reflect a genuine improvement in students' achievement. University should design their courses and curricula in such a way that we have specific goals and objectives as well as measurement for each different course in order to increase the number of student who receive A. In addition, they should also design their testing and grading procedures to determine either the students have mastered the knowledge and skills taught in the course or not. Furthermore, university should make sure they are able to focus on developing instructional technology, instructional methods, and learning experiences and activities which will captivate the student's interest, motivate them, and enable them to master the course material. Therefore, grade inflations are the important way and used as the currency of the academia to determine and judge the ability and performance of a student. Last but not least, people should encourage grade inflation to be adopted into university standard.