Abu Dhabi Past Present and Future

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In this report I will conduct research about education in Abu Dhabi. I will describe the current condition of education in Abu Dhabi with its orientation to past. I will conduct a survey to highlight the teachers prospective of education in Abu Dhabi, and how the teachers and students are doing in education. I will try to bring out the weakness and strengths of education in Abu Dhabi by means of the survey of different schools of Abu Dhabi.

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Research questions and/or hypotheses 5

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 Introductory paragraphs

In this report I will describe the education in Abu Dhabi by relation to its past, present and future. I will portray the level of education in Abu Dhabi and mention different educational activities in which Abu Dhabi is involved. I will also conduct a survey on teacher of grade 8th from different school to know how well they think Abu Dhabi particularly Al-Ain is doing in relative to education. I will conduct the research in the form of survey to establish the importance of education in Abu Dhabi.

Statement of the problem

There is no particular research which tells the current situation of education in Abu Dhabi. By my research I will draw a correct picture of education, because I believe by doing the survey on teacher it will give me a greater picture. Teacher were student at some point so it represents past and they are teaching student so it represent present and they know more about coming development in education so it will represent the future of education in Abu Dhabi.


The goal of my research is to discover limitation and current development of education in Abu Dhabi. I will refine the current thinking about the educational system of Abu Dhabi by means of my research.

Significance of the study

My study can help the school to divert the educational pattern to adjustable level which is both benefit to the teachers and students, in other words my study will point out what are successful or unsuccessful teaching and studying methods applied in schools in Al-Ain.

Research questions and/or hypotheses

My research question for this study will be is there a significant difference between what methods we are teaching or it can be improved.


Literature review

"Generally it is believed that to reform a present education is very difficult job, and it is the most important issue which is needed to be resolved for betterment of the Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) wants to close the worst performing school in coming ten years. ADEC kept nine standards to determine school performance and found that about 184 private schools did not met the required standards in some way. ADEC points out her are only 31 percent of UAE national in private schools. ADEC believes that Al-Ain has 57 schools with 48400 students and this number will increase because of population growth in coming years" (Olarte, 2010).

"It is believed that Abu Dhabi is increasing the educational facilities throughout the region of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is planning for distance and online educational systems for modern economy of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is getting its teacher and academic from all over the world to meet the challenges of world class research. Abu Dhabi government believes that better education will deliver better economy for Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi wants to become the regional center for world class education and schools which are not limited by geography." (Engines of Abu Dhabi's Future Economic Growth, n.d).

"School's authorities in Abu Dhabi believe that there is need to change the overall system of education in Abu Dhabi." (Arabian Business, 2010) "This authority also believes that they will do whatever necessary positive steps they need to take for making a good educational system in Abu Dhabi. The Government wants to see the competitiveness in education by having right educational system in Abu Dhabi." (Arabian Business, 2010) "Government also believes that they need to take radical and fundamental actions for having a good educational system which is good for both teachers and students of Abu Dhabi. Government is considering bringing policies which are helpful for school and the environment of education in Abu Dhabi." (Arabian Business, 2010)


Restate purpose and research questions or null hypotheses 

I will conduct the survey of teacher of grade 8th in different schools and the population will be teacher of grade 8th from different school in Al-Ain, so it will be random sampling to some extent. I will visit various schools in Al-Ain from 8 a.m. to meet the different teachers and request them to fill my survey form. I will try to cover 10 different schools in Al-Ain for my accuracy in data for the survey.

 Procedure and time frame

I will start my survey at 8 a.m. and finish at about 11 a.m., and I will personally hand the survey question to the teacher and request them to fill it in front of me. I will try to clearly make them understand my question in the survey and help them if they find any of my questions confusing.

Analysis plan

I will use Microsoft Office Excel to draw and present the finding of my survey to my audience can get good understanding of my research.

 Validity and reliability

I will make sure that meet the correct requirement of face validity, content validity, and construct validity. I will use internal consistency to make sure I bring reliability to my survey.


My assumption is that the entire teachers who will fill the survey will fill it with great level of honesty and without any bias.

 Scope and limitations

The limitations are related to population because the number of schools in Al-Ain is 57 and I will be covering only 10 of them. I will also select the school randomly and not based on the educational systems such as British educational system etc.


The sample size for the survey is 10. And below is detail level of my analysis.

Age Gender

Nationality Education


1. According to your teaching experience describe the level of reading of student in your class?

30% say above average , average and below average while 10% say readimh level varies greatly.

2. Is there special method for enrichment of reading instruction in your school?

60% say there are special methods for enrichment of reading instruction in your school, while 40% say no.

3. In typical week do you devote to following activities?

30% say teaching, 20% say working with individual student, 10% administrative duties, 25% discipline monitoring and 15% other duties.

4. In your school do you have library or reading corner in your classroom?

75% say yes schools have library or reading corner in your classroom and 25% no

5. How many times you take your students to library other than your classroom library or reading corner?

20 % say everyday, 30% say once a week and 50% say twice a week.

6. Often do you assign reading as homework for any subject?

25% say everday, 20% say 1 or 2 times a month, 25% say twice a week, 5% once a week and 25% say no homework.

7. How much time you expect a student to spend on homework involving reading?

10% say 10min, 15% say 30min, 50% say 60min, and 25% say more than 1 hour.

8. What portfolio (collection of student work, reading, etc.) a part of your assessment of student progress?

10% say no use, 40% say supplementary and 50% say major.

9. Are you a certified teacher from government?

85% say yes, certified teacher from government while 15% say no.

10. In past one year how many hour in total you spend on your professional development (workshops or seminars)?

50% say none, 25% say 10 hours, 15% say 20 hours while 10% say more than 30 hours.

11. At home how often do you read for enjoyment?

25 % say everyday, 45% say 1 time a week, 25% say 1 time a month and 5% say never.

12. Do you work as?

90% say they work as full time and 10% say they work as part time.

13. Do you think you are preparing student for jobs or workplace?

5% say poor, 25% say average, 45% say good and 25% say excellent.

14. Do you think government support education generally?

90% say yes and 10% say no.

15. Your school administration provides enough material to educate student well enough?

10% say no and 90% say yes.

Conclusions and recommendations


 Summary and Discussion

My finding shows different aspect of teacher and student teaching and learning methods. Most teachers think the level of teaching is good at their school. In schools teacher have to divert attention to other activities also such as administrative duties, work with students, but they usually focus on teaching. Schools provide libraries to student for their better learning environment. It is known by my survey that government certified teacher work in most school which is very encouraging for better standards in schools. It is satisfactory fact that most teacher work as permanently or full time as a teacher. Teachers believe that they are preparing their student for the job or work environment of Abu Dhabi. Almost ninety percent teachers believe that government support education in Abu Dhabi generally, and schools also provide the teacher the material for teaching efficiently.


It is point out in my survey that the number of times the student goes to libraries should be increased. Reading should be assigned to student as home work because it will make them smarter, and my survey shows diverse reading assigning of home work patterns. Time of reading as home work given by teacher is about 60 minutes but it is needed to increase. Teachers do not spend much time in their professional development but they should do it by involving more into the teacher communities.