A Study On Career Path Education Essay

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The first thing that came to my mind when I knew I have to consider what are my plans when I have to decide on my career path is whether if my qualification is able to meet the requirement of the position Im interested in a certain company. Followed by if Ill be happy with the job and how far can I go with the company. I have to put myself in the shoes of a student who are planning their career path and what should they look out for. There are many factors they have to consider and make sure that it is a correct choice to their career. No one would want to look for a job and work for a month, and resign if they do not like the job. They have to plan their career path wisely, and don't focus only at one point.

The first factor that a student would need to consider is their academic qualification and working experience (if they have any). An academic qualification is the minimum requirement that one need to look into if they're looking for a job. Some would require a very high academic qualification, so if they do not meet that requirement, they should not send their resumes to the respective companies. Employers will look through their resume first before they are being short-listed for an interview. Recruitment was just a quick glance through your resume to check the specifics of your intellectual accomplishments followed by an interview to make sure that you are the sort of person your employers will enjoy working with. In this fast changing world, without a strong qualification, it will put most into a difficult position looking for a good career.

Before deciding on the job to take up, one must consider the factor of career advancement in the particular company. Questions like how far can one go and gain more experience in the company. If it is a small company, how fast or how high can one be promoted to? These points must be considered as if one is working in a small company, there are not many opportunities for one to perform well in their field. For example, in a five person company which includes the boss and the second highest, the highest position one can go up to is slightly below the second one and they have to fight for the position with the other two people if the one is a new employee. It may seem easy to fight for the position with two other people, but once they have gotten the promotion, there are no other ways to over take the next XXXXXX. If one is an ambitious person, looking for jobs in a bigger company would be a better choice as there are more areas for one to perform well and start from the scratch slowly making his way up to the highest position one can obtain. Long Yun Siang said "the most important and practical career enhancement tips you can start now is - developing self-discipline, learning to sacrifice, define what success means to you, be single-minded in pursuit of your goals by knowing your strengths and skills, and doing your work with sincerity and have sharing as a work value you carry."

The next point, they have to bear in mind that leaving a good first impression is important as well. Some might think that first impression doesn't matter as long as they've got the qualifications to apply for the job. Even if they've got the qualifications and they wear inappropriate and are unprepared for the interview, they won't be given a second chance to make it up. Paul Shearstone mentioned, When it comes to job-hunting, nearly everyone's heard the mantra; You never get a second chance to make a first impression. True words to be sure - the importance of which, few will argue. Nevertheless, too many of us fail to appreciate how critical and how important the first impression really is.( http://sg.jobstreet.com/career/search/hunt27.htm)

Elwood F. Holton III & Sharon S. Naquin said that employers' number one complaint is about the attitude new graduates bringing to the workplace. I felt that having a right attitude towards a career is a must. One must possess the life-long learning attitude, the willingness to adapt to changes, respecting the industry they're working in, strong work ethic and an assured attitude.

How much one know is not really significant to the employer however it is their perceptive of how much they do not know and their readiness to learn it and adapt to it. With the fast changing world around us, one must always keep themselves upgraded with knowledge or working skills they specialized in. For example we can upgrade ourselves with information technology (IT) skills as the technology world is always changing. One must be able to adapt to the changes around them as well as the working environment. They must be able to put up with the pressure and have the enthusiasm to do something without the superior prompting them.

On the whole of this question, one must never overlooked on the factors that they need to consider when planning their career path in order to make proper decision of their career choice.