A Student Survival Guide Education Essay

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This Student Survival Guide is a resource that will be useful to me as an Axia College student. The Guide will help me organize and optimize my college experience. The only way I can achieve my dreams is to follow the time line and manage my time wisely. I need to set action plans, use time-lines and compare them to what I accomplish in a day. This will bring awareness and help me straighten my week areas. To-Do lists along with short and long-term goals are the best way to accomplish what I set out for; aspiring to complete the dream of a degree. The best way I found to mature as student is by developing my reading comprehension and bettering my understanding of the material in the long-term. Applying my own personality in-to my study habits will help me improve my reading speed and comprehension of the material; this will make it easier to realize educational accomplishments. This survival guide is a resource that is valuable to me. It will help me to organize and optimize my college experience. This Guide is a resource that is a functional tool. This resource is accessible and gives practical approaches too problems and the resources available to Axia college students along with resources from the web.

I need to remember concerning my studies, personality counts. The way I express myself is through my personal studies and writing style, this is my personality and learning style. "It is no question that everyone learns differently. Did you know that your personality can reflect the way you learn? Knowing your personality and natural tendencies in mannerisms and the absorbing of information can impact your success in college" quote from ("Personality & learning styles.") Knowing my strengths will help me along the road to my educational success. When I am aware of the strengths of the other students, even in the business world can help form a good team with a balanced mix of intelligences for the task at hand. I need continually to improve these skills, practice to make improvements. Knowing that I am best at Intrapersonal skills, I can use this to my advantage as an online student and formulate action plans that accommodate my strengths and improve my weaker areas of intelligences; this information combined with the resource found and the universities website make my dreams possible.

University of Phoenix offers many tools to me as a student. Starting out in needed to know where the information was and how to access it. I now know how to download and organize all my school files and plan to take all the PDF chapter files from my classes and put them on the Kindle I received for my birthday today. Moving my document to a portable reader will make it easier for to study my chapters anyplace. I think the most important thing to do is make use of the resources and workshops available for my advantage. The University's library offers numerous resources to students. Write-point and plagiarism-checker, for example, these two tools are in the Center for Writing Excellence along with workshops, they help me prepare written assignments by giving advice and critiques on ways to improve my paper. Plagiarism-checker gives me a similarity index, comparing my work too other articles and papers for similarities. Important note to self, these two resources are important I need to use them to submit the best work I can. I have enrolled in a workshop "Time and Stress Management." this is an area I need improvement believe I will benefit from this workshop.

I have read and understand the Axia's academic honesty policy and take the information very seriously. I need to follow the rules to be successful as a student. Some information regarding plagiarism can be found in the university's library. I will adhere to the guidelines at all time to ensure my success. One example of plagiarism: "Paraphrasing statements, paragraphs, or other bodies of work without proper citation using someone else's ideas, data, language, and/or arguments without acknowledgement." ("Students' rights and responsibilities,"). The best way to avoid plagiarism entirely is create original work. Don't copy someone else's work. I can create something original and if I find information or resources I find particularly helpful or informative, I will cite the information correctly and to the best of my ability in APA format. Part of doing the best work I can, I need to continually strive to develope my reading comprehension and retaining that information for longer periods of times with practice.

The University of Phoenix gives me all the tools I need to be a thriving student. The SQ3R Method is a good method to improve your reading and retention rate. I need to work on this method. I know how to use it; sometimes I simply fail to use it entirely. I have a unique method for studying. I study text-books is completely different from the way I would go about reading a novel. I mark up the text, review words in bold and then try to find key information. I make maps of the general concept and then form supporting and important information around the central idea when I studying college textbooks, especially when preparing to write an essay. This is the best method and I need to use this personalized method and improve upon it. The brainstorming session allows me to prioritize the content and visualize the contextual flow of the essay. The best way to improve reading ability is to simply practice. I don't agree practice make perfect, it just makes me better. Reading all the material presented by the instructor will help me improve me reading ability and help me keep pace with the lessons. The best way to do this is to set goals.

Short and long-term goals are what I am increasingly relying on. The short-term goals help me pave the way to accomplishing bigger things. I need to his tool for personal success. I found a useful resource for managing personal action plans, the template found at the following web address, "http://www.healthkey.com/hive/healthwise/media/pdf/hw/form_zx3175.pdf" this web PDF document can serve as a template I can use to practice and improve my goal setting and time management skills. I also like the resources found at www.mindtools.com. This reputable resource along with the college's resources can help me through my educational experience in many ways, the main focus being on goals, time management, and life plans. Managing time wisely is an important skill. I can balance my education with my personal life by maintaining goal lists and setting timelines. Keeping track of my achievements gives me motivation as I complete more of the challenges and get closer to my goals. Things will come about and slow me down. When I find myself overwhelmed I can sit a listen to new age piano music for a few minutes and clear my mind. This will help me focus and avoid wasting time. Sticking to the schedule is the most important aspect of managing my time wisely. I am including several online resources that I believe will help me improve my skills and ultimately propel me toward my degree.