A Review On Team Evaluation Education Essay

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This essay is based on the description of group processes and interpersonal communication behaviors that I observed within the group. Further to give full detail on these aspects I will discuss the basic group processes applied during the project, my own and other's contribution towards group tasks, dynamics and relationships. In order to show the effectiveness of this case study, I will also describe factors that were particularly significant in the overall success of the project and evaluate on the way my group could have done better to help improve performance and have more successful outcome.

A group project becomes easy when there is accuracy on planning. Our case involved an It Department which had issues regarding Human Resources. Firstly, I would introduce by saying that Victor was the person who approached us asking for our teams help in helping him solve some issues in regards to his work place. This project needed most of our imagination as this is a fictitious case study. Upon receiving of the case study we were required to prepare a team proposal which required a thorough understanding of the issues and rights of both parties.

On the first day we had a thorough read through the project where each member was required to read and describe what the project was about, it was unsure who was the leader at that point so we had a discussion regarding the projects aims so all brain stormed and came up with the issues, Theses issues were partly discussed with all members. It was time for a team leader to step up so it was decided that the person with the most experience with more leadership skills will be chosen so Gurpreet Singh was appointed the leader. He then again discussed the issues but this time he also allocated and equally allocated the issues to each member. During the accomplishment of the project we prepared a time frame recording the minutes of meetings as required by the tutor. This encountered some problems as there were absences of some group members at times. So do be accurate we used the resources provide by our tutor.

The time frame was the most important aspect as agendas were to be set and measured to see if we have accomplished right results within the correct time period. Each member were required to find possible issues of the organization but there were lack serious issues and in comparison to the group members so it was decided that some of the issues will be subdivided to two individuals. Some of the related issues were the implementation of code of conduct, the dismissal process, possible reasons for unacceptable behavior and ways to overcome them and an act of possible sexual harassment.

Our team encountered difficulties while completing the research as we had problems with the lack of resources for conducting the research. Yet we managed to accomplish the goals before time as we had communication in school and outside school motivating each member with a positive attitude. Communication was clear to some extent as we got help when needed from our tutor and we had friendship within all members so it became easier to communicate each other's issues and help each other. It was the team leader's job to monitor performance but as our team leader was delegative so some of the monitoring was also done by other members including me. Monitoring others helped me understand others issues and discuss ideas that could possibly be used.

This project required adequate information so each individual set to do their task. Gurpreet Singh our team leader chose possible reasons for unacceptable behavior and ways to overcome them, Parminder Singh was given assigned the topic of possible sexual harassment but research was carried by me and him and I was also in the research with Shikhal whose topic was dismissal process and lastly two other members were assigned to do the code of conduct as these were the total issues that were pointed out. Each member contributed a lot as both did the findings but one with computer skills did most of the writing and these were done by Shikhal and Parminder as I lack a few computer skills.

Most of the decision making was done by my team members but I was part of the decision making process as I was mostly the opinion giver and it seemed that all had leadership qualities in them as they helped and motivated each other, if one lacked resources than another would try to make arrangements for him as well. It was seen that contribution to my side was not recognized by the tutor but was actually recognized by both my team mates Shikhal and Parminder as I was mostly giving opinions and advice with supportive evidence e.g. provided materials on harassment issues. The best quality that I recognized in my team members was that they never gave up on each other no matter how many times they needed to explain the issues and relevancy of clauses, all were calm and steady forgetting some moments where things were getting messed up.

As it was seen that all members including me had a good relationship with each other as they all helped support each other, if it was recognized that one particular member is going a bit out of topic or relevancy they were corrected the same time mostly by Shikhal and Gurpreet and further advice was taken from the tutor. It was seen that our team leader and some other members were more encouraging than others but it was noticed that during times of stress or grief of one member, all had their special ways of encouraging or motivating him or her.

The success of the project mostly depended on the availability of materials that could be used as proof to make conclusions on our decision but main issue that arose was that there was lack of resources for investigation, as we had difficulty with finding laptops and books related to Human Resources. I believe that I should have given more detail on sexual harassment and dismissal process as I was supposed to act as the main resource finder as both of my other team mates had their concentration on the layout of the project. I have also recognized that there were times that one member felt neglected or not heard as his ideas were mostly overlooked by others. The other factor that I recognized was that there were communication barriers at times due to different races of people, some were from India speaking Punjabi language and I and Shikhal were from Fiji and we mostly communicated in Hindi.

To conclude, I would say that there were ups and downs but teams focus was accomplished and all get well together now so it is a good sign that no one has any negative feeling after the completion of the project and I would like to work with the same members in the future.

Project Evaluation

This essay is based on the effectiveness of the project and personal reflection and critique to methods like problem solving, project management, team management, and reporting or other managerial process model. Furthermore, this will be divided into three categories processes, solutions and reporting for discussion and evaluation purpose.

It is obvious that a project has its deadline and this deadline was given on the same date when the project was handed to us. The first part of the project was the project proposal and the second part was the project itself followed by a presentation. As a team we agreed that we have to subdivide activities to ensure that these time limits do not cross but had difficulties in achieving that due to failure of the only laptop that was provided to our group. Though there was a delay in submitting the project proposal, the mistake was not repeated as arrangements were made beforehand upon submission of the project.

It was mostly our team leaders job to ensure that planned decision like time setting was happening likewise with task description as he monitored and asked each individual on how much research has been done and how much is left also he ensured that set standards like New Zealand laws are followed as all of the research material should have supporting evidence from Acts or Regulations of New Zealand and no other country. As it was earlier mentioned that he had a delegative style of leadership in the previous essay so it was recognized that other group members also helped in seeing deadlines and accomplishment of task.

I believe that it was the team leaders job to arrange for the resources as none of the members had smart-phones or laptops so he could have arranged this with the management of the institute to provide us with computer lab to ensure that tasks were up to the required standard and all members are on the right track as most of the research that were conducted by the members were mostly done at home using laptops from families and friends. If this problem was dealt with immediately than there is a possibility that all projects could be more effective as there would have been more time for research.

The report was supposed to be at a professional level and it seemed to me that according to the sentences written by most of the group members, it was definitely not up to the standard so I believe that the final completion of the project should have been allocated to Shikhal.

If we look at the overall project to match the solutions to the problem, it is believed and seen that most of the solutions were correct and had relevancy but at times some of the group members provided some solutions disregarding Human Rights so was to be dealt with appropriately because we needed accurate possible solutions. We believed that at this stage we should use behavioral theory as this helps better understand human behavior, such as motivation, conflict, expectations, group dynamics and improved productivity. I also believe that this theory was accomplished by the group members to some extent as they lacked knowledge in conflict management and had very little idea on how to be productive in a sense like getting adequate information.

I believe that to make it more realistic the idea of interviewing IT managers would have given us more idea on the tasks and role allocation to realize which staff is performing and who is not. This should also be followed by questionnaires that could be given out to IT staff to have their point of view in terms of motivation theories and job descriptions. This could help better understand the issues and the effective possible reason that could be beyond our imagination.

A successful report requires professionalism and accuracy of the scope of research, then piling up facts against judgments. The report that we presented lacked a few steps like professionalism and adequate facts towards our final conclusions. But I believe that we had a fair go at the project and the outcome was successful as we managed to help Victor solve particular issues as this is what the whole project was about. The hardest part for me was to communicate my ideas during the presentation as I felt nervous and couldn't speak up, the other factor that I lacked was the information part as most of the writing was done by Shikhal so he was the one with all our research.

I realize that we could have shared half of the topic; I could have justified the reason for dismissal and the need for changes with the two possible solutions while Shikhal could have given the solution on how to conduct a proper dismissal process. I also realize that I should have been clear on the demonstration to help better understand how employers and employees felt as I believe personal grievances should be considered before making judgments as most employees prove assets at first and liabilities in future, I believe the reason for change of behavior should be considered.

To conclude, I would like to thank Victor for his hope in our team and will be looking forward to be working with this team if need be. I have realized that there are certain changes that should be made while forming a group to have a professional report.