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Lvmh HR policies are in excess of required and enforce on the business groups and companies. Through flexible rule, it also provides organization. The function of corporate HR is to normalize certain ways, to illustrate plan and to give force to companies' HR teams. In connection with strategy, HR offers other than barely ever compel.

An employee work mutually with the business group which report to corporate headquarters. Approximately 55 to 60 % of progresses are controlled by companies, the else managed by the business groups or corporate.

There are four types of HR managers at Lvmh. Subsequent the group's structure, they operate on four levels: corporate, regional, business group and company level. The subsidiary HR Director or the person acting as such, reports to the subsidiary's President. The subsidiary's HR Director gets recommendation and shore up from his company. The business group's HR Director organizes his companies' HR Directors through monthly meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to identify vacant positions throughout the world and to study the list of possible candidates for these positions, between which are the Ready to Move. Lvmh has ready internal mobility - both geographic and functional - a basis of their human resources policy. This cross-fertilization of experience within their ecosystem under the unifying umbrella of the group creates matchless cause of proficient and personal fulfilment.

International mobility is essential part of every prospective career path. It targets to create global managers many of them have far above the ground fundamental practical move. As an example the head of HR development recall the case of a French insurance specialist in the fashion business unit who was sent to Romania to head a shoe factory. LVMH be on familiar terms with they could do with risks to develop probable impending. It needs to put them in new circumstances to help them develop new skills and establish their courage.

Lvmh actively supports the professional development of its employees. The decentralized organization of the Lvmh group encourages individual initiative. Half of Lvmh's senior executives and over 40 per cent of managerial staff are French, whereas the French account for 37 per cent of the group's global workforce. HR needs to develop more global business managers so they can be a part of globalized top management. Lvmh mobility process works on the network of HR teams who mostly staffed with locals.

Lvmh did not send out any experts because not have local endowment. Generally their experts fit two profiles: those sent out by the corporate HQ to control its subsidiaries and protect its interests and sent out to develop their skills. To support the international business growth relocate is rising. Though, it not means that increasing number of French expatriates will force this inclination. Lvmh lake of global managers creates their order adverse in terms of deploying skilful manager to company's desire plan or task given to that manager.

Lvmh did not attract experts by giving them higher perks in terms of their level. The group is motivated for cost effectiveness. They know that a good package is essential, but that it not the main encouragement to go abroad. The primary balance-sheet move in the direction of package is based on the benchmark that proficient should neither lost nor grow from their reallocate. Lvmh's C&B department has connected this draw near as a direct for it does remunerate package policy.

Specific country based salary is apparent for international mission. Salary will get hire during the period of mission. That is used as a vital for work out of social security and pension payments. The mobility wages are average compare to local labour market. Lvmh distinct two types of high potentials, HP1 and HP2 is an individual likely to achieve a top management position such as member of Board committees, Regional president or Subsidiary president. An HP2 is an employee likely to go up one or two steps in the hierarchy. For corporate HR this characterization of high potential is too broad and is more relevant for flat structures. It is now considering narrowing it. It would retain the definition of HP1 and include those who are considered to be experts in their field.

Lvmh is giving specific task or mission to the global manager in their working content for specific period and give him or her full authority to take decision for the company, also they want to learn from this kind of freedom to do new or dare things.

Task 2

To match the global requirement of business working pattern Lvmh has to deploy local people rather than experts from the French, because they do not have know the local culture or local market how they react in new or old segment for their products or what is the trend among them for Lvmh's products. If they select local manager with relevant expertise for their desire project or aim to achieve. In this condition they can get manager with skill which they want and also get improvement from his knowledge about their product matching the local public views and if possible implement them for getting better results.

For LVMH operates in all over world so, they have to think globally and act locally for their operations. For example they have decided same rules and regulations for the all employee world wide like their wages and benefits. In France they have decided to give 6500 € per month salary to the global manager for giving his or her services to the company as per same pay may not be pay in other continent like Asian countries China or India. Living standard in all continents is different so, their policies should be different than headquarter and subsidiary in terms of wages.

Lvmh has to take care for the different culture base for their strategy in HRM for example in Japan they cannot deploy younger manager on the employee who is senior in terms of age then him or her, because Japanese have cultural custom that they respect elder person and do not cross their words ever so, in that way Lvmh has to be specific about cultural differences. Like in South East Asia India is a populated country and have more knowledge base potential candidates are available to match their criteria but they have to keep in mind that Indian culture is a versatile and full of festivals. If they want to launch the new product there they have to look forward for the appropriate festive season for their products and the manager who familiar with the custom of this festival and achieve company's goal. Before sending the global manger on his or her assignment they has to be given training about language which is locally spoken over there and have good command over at least 3 languages other then French.

Looking forward the HRM policies of Lvmh is to adopt divergence in terms of local environment like in UK people like to drink Beer while in USA and France prefer to drink Wine. Such things keep in mind and develop their plan for act in a global market through their global managers who actually implement their policies to their business.

Task 3

Lvmh has created his name in the global world so they have to select global language like Good English speaking person because in the past they select staff from the France only, they can't speak English fluently for that they have to learn English as a training and development task which is programmed by HR department and educate them to deal in English at global level.