A Reflective Essay About a Student from Nigeria

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My first degree was in Religious Management and Cultural Studies, of which before during and after my first degree I have couple of work experience which as contributed in a meaningful way to my present state, which is me doing my Master in Business Administration (MBA). Have been privileged to work in various capacities from Customer Service Officer to Junior Administrative Assistant and been a Project Coordinator and no doubt the administrative and management world is awesome having the experience and seeing how the business world is in general ignited my ambition and passion which motivated me in doing an MBA.

There is no way in life, between dawn and dusk you something and there would not be success and failures, bringing me to the word Teddy Roosevelt "Do what you can with what you have where you are" (Mason 2004). Talking about my failures, the one I do not like the most was not been able to secure a contract for my organisation which was really sad for me because to me I put in my all but I guess my best was not good enough. The good thing about life is that when it knock's you down, you pick yourself up work on the cause and use it in working towards your destination. We all have loads of success but the one dear to my heart was getting my first degree because if not for it, I would not have all the work experience I had and at the moment be engaging in doing my MBA. All these, my academic and work experience been put together gave me an idea about management, and the exposure I had, ignited my passion for the management world and engaging myself in an administrative course at masters level is what I knew would give me what I needed in not just becoming a good but a better manager through this contributing my own quota to the administrative and managerial world


Every human being should have a focus, goal and ambition of which I would be stating in three sections in this section


I would be dividing the goals into short and long terms.

My short terms and immediate goal is to get a good job after graduation and acquiring the necessary experience leading to me taking a professional examination under a certified professional body like CIPD (Chartered Institute of personnel and Development).

My long term goal is to be at the top of any organisation as a member of the board of directors and having my own company.


My ambition is to be good at whatever I do, been a colossus in my chosen endeavour. To be a charted personnel by the year 2014 and a Doctorate holder by the year 2017. Taking things as they come. I intent to own my own company, which is going to be a family, owned one. Before then intent working in a multinational company acquiring all the necessary experienced possible so as to enable me know what I want, need and expecting in what i am going to do.


Life has had a huge impact on me, because taking a step back viewing where am coming from and what am expecting of myself in the nearest future, coupled with what am doing at the moment has had a huge impact on me and my general life, of which now than ever, have been able to placed more disciple on myself knowing what is important and necessary to what is important but not immediately necessary, in this stead all these put together as increased my communication skills, been more effective and efficient as a team player.



Practical Problems Completing Tasks

This section I would be considering my own approach to study and the possible problem been anticipated in completing them, be it team work, individual task, academic environment, time management etc.

I would not only be talking about a range of skills and problems in my learning and academic success but also to my personal development.

Firstly I would start with the academic environment; it is a lot different to where I come from, and the learning duration to me is too short because one year is a short space in time to complete a course like MBA (Master in Business Administration) making everything been absorbed at a rapid pace, which now make time management skill on the more positive side for me and it's a good start and impression for me now. With the issue of assignment it is quite different and difficult because here you are to read through it, critically evaluate it and summaries it into your own words making it more of narrative and evaluation, were as where I come from it`s a different scenario, it is more of read and give the right answer, Which is quite strange and difficult adjusting to. Group task and presentation are not what I like doing and am below the average in them, which affect my public speaking.

Strategies to Reduce the Impact

I have been working on my said anticipated problem, by geeting more involved in team work and been effective, time management is now of the essence dong more of mini presentations by joining the Debate society and registered with the BEE club (Business Enterprise), which is now enhancing my presentation skills and getting to meet personal tutor more often whichas been a tremendous help. All these put together has enhance me positively am more of the public speaking person getting to analyse more critically than before, which has helped me in adapting flexible to the learning system, these I have achieved through experience and action.

I would be adopting two learning theories which are action learning theory and Experiential learning theory which I would elaborate more on in the next section.

Learning Theories: Experiential Learning and Action Leaning.

Experiential Learning Theory

Kolb`s theory

Before going into the work in depth it would be of great deed to define ELT, it can be defined as the process "whereby knowledge is created through the process of transformation of knowledge and result from the grasping and transforming of experience", Mainemelis et al (2002). Of which Kolb proposed a four way learning process

Figure1 Kolb`s Learning Circle. (Harald, et al.2010)

Kolb`s learning circle specifies four discrete learning style which are based on the four stage learning cycle above, posing a way for individual to understand different learning style. Showing that learning is best acquired through experience and it is an on-going process which touches all aspects of the circle, experiencing, reflecting, thinking and acting, stating that learning is best apprehended as a process which is continuous not in terms of outcome whereby thoughts are derived and continuously modified by experience, (Kolb 1984, 26). This learning theory describes two model of learning, (1) clenching experience which are Concrete Experience and Abstract Conceptualisation. (2) Transforming Experience which is Reflective observation and Active experimentation. Of which knowledge is gotten from gaining knowledge and transforming that knowledge into experience, (Mainemelis et al, 2002).

Showing that flexible learning is derived when one combine the dual dialect of the learning process which are, Conceptualizing / experiencing and acting / reflecting, (Mainemelis, et al, 2008, 8). To me is an excellent way of learning because what you don`t know you can`t put into experience and action.


According to Ortrum 2002, he defines action learning "as the learning from concrete experience and critical reflection on that experience". It is an highly appreciated and valued means of learning and stating that action learning is an appropriate method foe developing process manager. (Howell 1994). This theory was been developed to encourage creative, innovative thinking by asking the right question about how to improve. Reg Revans said," there can be no learning without action and no action without learning", (Mcloughlin 2004,433). It involves learning about learning and using this to learn, (Ortrun 1994,114). Of which this approach can be more effective in the practical world, involving group discussioon, trials and error learning from oneself and others. It`s an open-minded objective process through which learnres can aquire knowledege at any time and produce it through their own research and search (Ortrun 2002, 15). Action learning classify the possibilities for learners to acquire knowledge than grasping passively the result of researchproduced by specialist. (Ortrun 2002, 115). This theory of learning raises our learning from unaware to aware level through technologies of questioning that probe what most of us often assum or ignore about what we learn.(Ortrun 2002,118).


Kolb is stating in his theory that diferent people prefer a single style of learning and that different factord influences an individual ideal style, not leaving the fact that there are critique to kolb's learning theory. Miethinem 2000, said, "kolb's learning cycle as a process of gaining new knowledge of the world is inadequate", also saying that evaluating of kolb's model and book is been a problematic task, (Miethinen 2002,55). This is so because it's been selected from many sources combining experience, perception,cognition and behaviour, these he combined to serve his own purpose, Miethinen said kolb's worked is a lumped work od Kurt Lewin, Carl Jung and John Lewin, which is not evaluated critically enough but a collection of idea that can advocate as a solution to the social problem of our modern time, (Miethinen 2002, 56). To me the kolb's learning theory is good on the sence that it shows different that individuals prefer specific or certain learning style and various factors influencing a person's style which makes it more realistic than the action learing style.

Action learning, is learning through action, in the words of Ortrun 2002,114 he says,"action learning is learning from experience and critical reflection on that experience", this defination of action learning shows that action learning is been born out of experiential learning because it is your experience be it in any form that you put into action, bringing out the fact that action learning to me can be classified as a branch of experiential learning, because at ther is no part of the day a man does not reflect on his past deed be it in theory or practise and these he does and uses to to work on his or her future plans, the experiential learning theory is more flexible to the action learning theory in the sence that it is easily adapted to and accommodating based on the individual, this I would be describing in the diagram below.

Accommodating Diverging

(feel and do) (feel and watch)


Assimilating Converging (think and watch) (think and do) AC/RO AC/AE

Figure 2.

Chapter Three

3.0 Personal Development Plan

This section would be talking about my plans and would be group into three stages, Short/immediate term, Medium term and Long term.

3.1 Short/immediate plan

Duration six to eighteen months

My immediate plans are to adapt to the learning environment, get a satisfying grade at the end of my academic year and get a good job after schooling.

These I hope to achieve through the following means;

Attending classes regularly

Doing and handling in my assignment on time

Seeing personal Tutors on a regular bases

Develop my presentation skills by joining the debate society and business Entrepreneurial club and studying hard enough for my examinations.

Start applying for internship programme so has to acquire the necessary work experience

Applying for graduate entry position in companies and industries during the third quarter of my academic year.

3.2 Medium Term Plan

Duration three to five years

Get a professional certificate and a PhD degree

These steps I intend to take to achieve them

Get registered with a certified professional body like chartered institute of personnel development (CIPD).

Know what kind of topic I do want to research on

Talk to a professional in the field like lecturers to seek advice

Seek admission in a university of my choice

3.3 Long term Plan

Duration six to twelve years

Start my own company and be among the board of directors in a big establishment

These steps I intent to take to accomplish the goal

Have an idea and know what kind of company I intend having

Work and get all needed experience

Making important and necessary connections to help the company like talking to specific member of the family and friends seeking their opinion.

All these will appear in a the appendix in a diagram format.