A proposed lesson sequence


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While I prepare written lesson plans to guide and support my teaching activities some others do not. Why do I need to spend my time on documenting my plans? One good reason is, planning helps me consider very important elements and questions before I begin the actual instruction in my classroom and fosters effective and successful teaching. I really enjoyed teaching English to my second language speakers but, I had to plan how to teach each topic very carefully as it includes sub topics for an example if I choose the topic ‘An email from Dad' that has Fluency, Reading and Writing, Grammar, Comprehension and Phonics which are supposed to be covered in a week. The planning we construct should always be incorporated with important elements such as adapting the unit in order to adhere to the accepted targets, setting clear targets for the learners to know what is being expected form them, warming up to ignite the passion towards learning, introduction to give a clear concept of the lesson, circle time linked with golden rules to promote socialising, learning styles which motivates unique approaches to learning based on pupils' strengths, discipline to sustain behaviour in accord with rules of conduct, classroom management to keep the children focused on task, differentiation to adapt instruction to respond to the diverse needs of the students and plenary to encourage class participation and for the pupils learn things better by discussing the objectives at the end of the lesson too. Crafting lessons effectively not only inspire the students to learn, but create an environment of inquisitiveness and excitement.

Critical Evaluation Of My Lesson Sequence

Though theorists like Gardener and Piaget have constructed educational theories to determine what children learn and at what stage, it is still the classroom teachers' privilege and responsibility to decide what each student should learn and do everyday in the school. Since the teachers have an exclusive right to decide on what the children should learn, it is his/her prerogative to plan the lessons carefully and effectively which is a challenging task. One of the special efforts of teaching is to ensure that the learning content is not only suitable to learners, but also has the favourable educational impact on the quality of their learning still, it is often noted that many teachers plan simply in order to teach not knowing the importance of effective learning. Leleu-Merviel, Labour, Verclytte & Vieville criticise that most of the educators plan ineffectively due to the lack of knowledge they have about it.

"Many teachers feel unable to convert their expert knowledge to the needs of different learners because they do not have the appropriate preparation in integrating teaching tools into their lesson plans" (Leleu-Merviel, Labour, Verclytte & Vieville, 2002)

As an educator I agree with them and it is very sad to note that teachers suffer with out having proper guidance and support on how to plan incorporating pedagogic fragments to their planning. Importance of planning is stressed by all including Moyels and Marsh, those who agree with 'effective teaching will never occur without effective planning'.

"Written planning is required of all teachers but particularly those new to the profession (Moyles, 1995) because they ensure teachers are better prepared for instruction; enable them to consider different options and to be more flexible; they assist with evaluating instruction; and they help teachers to build up confidence in their teaching" (Marsh,2004).

"Written planning is required of all teachers but particularly those new to the profession (Moyles, 1995) because they ensure teachers are better prepared for instruction; enable them to consider different options and to be more flexible; they assist with evaluating instruction; and they help teachers to build up confidence in their teaching" (Marsh,2004).

As Moyels and Marsh explain planning help the teachers to be better prepared, I also would like to explain step by step how to construct a scripted lesson by integrating important elements of planning according to different personalised learning. When planning we must consider that the learning objectives are always constructed in the terms of students out come. These objectives give the students the clear expectations of the course materials taught, provide information for the students about what they need to demonstrate to show their understanding and a frame work to find out their understandings and progress. Effective learning objectives highlight students performance and their behaviour therefore, when the educators construct the learning objectives they should make sure that the objectives are specific, simple, easy to understand and achievable. Furthermore, types of objectives such as cognitive objectives should relate to knowledge or understanding to be demonstrated by the learner, performance objectives should define abilities or skills to be performed by the learner and affective objectives should relate to attitudes, values, beliefs or relationships to be developed by the learner.

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