A Professional Development for Strategic Managers

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Every employee of the company have to consider what are the strengths and weaknesses, what are the common feedbacks (Positive and negative) from others, what are the performance indicators we should consider to measure the personal development plan. Any company has followings strengths, weaknesses, feedbacks and achievements to improve the personal development plan.now,as I m working at Morrison I have some strengths , weaknesses, feedback and performance indicators.

. What isrrent state?


1. Communicate well with others

2. Positive thinking


1. Employees have lack confidence. Always stuck in comfort zone.

2. Lose temper easily


1. Not assertive enough

2. Employees have lack initiative. Too much planning but no action.

Performance Indicators

1. Sometimes get overwhelmed with stress when there is

Heavy workload

Focus area priorities

1. Develop more self confidence & courage

2. Learn to be assertive

3. Control my temper & not get worked up so easily

2. What is my des

Morrison Company's employees are able to talk and act confidently regardless of what the situation or who am I talking to customers as like not afraid to voice out my ideas and opinions & willing to try new things and take some risks. Always look for new opportunities rather than walk the common path. Able to influence others and decision made because I show great confidence. Employees are able to be assertive and take control of situations. When there is a group decision to be made, to be the first to give recommendations. Not to agree with everything others say. Able to say no firmly. Not be influenced or controlled by others. [1] 

Personal skills of Morrison company are that I 'm as an employee of this company .I have some personal skills such as time management, setting SMART objectives, problem solving and decision making and communication skills. Every company has strategic goals to achieve the all goals.

Becoming best super market in UK .now 4th largest super market in UK.

Fresh and natural foods (Retail)

Superior customer service and quality.

Earning profitability.

Morrison has to use some suitable methods to evaluate the personal skills.

I could use

Self evaluation to evaluate myself. But it isn't good method than other method. We can't evaluate very correctly.

Personal skill evaluation form -Morrison provides evaluation forms to evaluate personal development, introduction and review of the FFA, leadershipskill development, and leadership through public speaking, personality, applying for a job, labor relation and management, relations ship of the job, HRM and stress management. Every employee will fill up the forms and hand over the company.


Morrison should consider the professional skills to achieve the strategic goals to meet the requirements. Researcher has to choose some skills at Morrison Company.

Coaching skills

a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful a Coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place. [2] 

Leadership skills

Self development skills

Delivering effective presentations

Morrison has used Fuzzy Assessment to measure professional skills. Top management will measure the managers 'professional skills if they have skills of leadership, team working, problem solving, decision making.

Observation method -top management has to observe the employees and managers if they are doing work properly.

Ensuring if they have prober qualification to do the current jobs.

Survey -measuring and conducting survey to measure the professional skills.

Skills assessment using rating scale-providing rating scale

According to the requirements and characteristics of operational skills, we need to build analysis of relations between assessment index and operational skills and use fuzzy comprehensive methods to evaluate in order to improve the scientific and reliability of mechanical operation skills assessment. For reducing the human subjective factors, we use AHP to determine the index weight. Using fuzzy set transformation principle, fuzzy assessment matrix is constructed. This paper also gives a method of professional skill fuzzy assessment based on feedback. [3] 

Personal and professional skills are most important to achieve the organisation goals that is why every employees can work effectively ,getting opportunities, improving flexibility and adaptability to change challenging and new environment, understanding culture and management development.



Skills audit of Morrison supermarket

I like to make skill audit myself. There are ranges of skills but not significantly want to do the skills audit myself. Company can use different learning styles class room with others, reading books, online learning system and some learning courses.


Skills audit table to measure myself of Morrison

Skills area

I can do well

Ok,but i need practise

I can't do this

Priority to development of skills

Very important

Quite important

Not important

Organization of learning(Morrison)

I have strategies to do work plan and time

Very important

I m able to do work priorities and my tasks


I'm able to work dead lines

I'm able to do learning


Information seeking

I 'm able to search information on internet ,books, journals and cat logs


I'm able to find to evaluate information


I have writing, communication skills and all other skills


I understand body languages of all people

Very important

I'm able to use IT and computer system

Very important

I m able to make calculation

Very important

I'm able to make store goods facility


I'm able to move with other managers and staffs


Stress management


I know the stress

Very important

I can manage the stress

Very important

I will use strategies to manage stress


I will be carefully to manage stress


Personal development planning


I 'm understanding my goals


I'm good judge to measure me

Very important

I'm able to identify my strengths and weaknesses


I'm able to identify the personal development



Professional development is self-directed, independent learning. It is systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and the development of personal qualities to employees. [4] 

SWOT analysis can use to know professional development priorities

Human Resources department should be able to arrange me to undertake some psychometric tests to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. Talking to my manager or mentor may help me to identify possible opportunities and threats.


Team work

Positive manner

Moving with all customers

Good work place

Challenging environment

Decision making

Accepting other staff idea

Co operating with other staffs


Refusing other staff advices and opinions

Lack of confidence

Poor time management

Work tension


Having chance to become managing post

Having chance to get more salary


No job security

Job market situation

Morrison can use some learning styles to measure the employee performance.

Questionnaire and inventories

Psychometric testing

Fleming's VAK/ VARK model

According to the Fleming's VARK model,

V-Visual learners that like visual animation and pictures.

A-Auditory learners like to learn group discussion

R-Reading/writing preference learners like reading and writing lectures and notes

K-Kinaesthetic learners like to learn by experience.

Task 2

Personal Development plan

Personal Development plan is map myself to improve the career path in the future. This is essential goal setting plan.

A leadership competency model should serve as the foundation for any organization's leadership development system.

Source- http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_paumzbEvkQ4/SMhyjEldDzI/AAAAAAAAAo4/uhmgrntghfc/s1600-h/MT_graph.jpg

Identifying strengths and weakness

I should identifying the strengths and weakness

What are my success activities

Where I failure

In which area I usually get complaints

What peoples complaints about me

What are my good habits

Comfortable and Uncomfortable

What feedbacks I get from others

Which area do I have to focus?

After identify the focus area concentrate objectives of that focus area

Short and long term goals

Develop confidence

What do you need to learn/do and where can I find resources for it

Signing up for self esteem class

Reading books

Joining toastmaster

Scheduling and timeline for Professional Development Plan

Now I'm working as employee at Morrison, I have to know the career planning in the future. Career planning is activities and action to achieve the organisation goals. Objectives of career planning are to recruit right person at right job at right time and maintain contended term of employees. Career Planning tries to recruit individual potential for promotion and individual aspirations with organizational needs and future needs. [5] 


Monitoring and evaluation of personal Development plan

Keeping working document is most important thinking to consider because every employees of the company will keep as a evidence of Personal Development Plan. They will keep separate files and documents to identify very easily. Morrison can keep monitoring and evaluation system such as

Sampling related method

Core M & E methods

Discussion methods

Methods of ranking

I can choose some sampling to evaluate measurement. There will be a different between actual plan and standard plan.i can evaluate the difference.Sometimes, company objectives may be differentiated from actual. We should compare all. Company record results also show the monitoring results and also explain employees' tasks and achievements.

Personal Development Plan

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Column 6

Column 7













Presentation skills

Competent enough for classroom but nervous. Not professional standard.

Confident classroom presenter

Make a presentation in Dr Smith's tutorial group

Achieve at least a B Grade for my end of project presentation for Dr Patel

By the end of the academic year

See "Self Assessment Template - Presentation Skills"


Written Skills

Technical descriptions ok but lack flair in presenting my "critical thinking"

Good descriptive writing and satisfactory critical writing

Show some of my work to College Writing Fellow; prepare better essays for my Humanities class.

Achieve a 2.1 in the Humanities Programme assessments. Writing Fellow's opinion. My improved level of confidence as writer.

During my second year

See "Self Assessment Template - Communication Skills"


Commercial Awareness

Interested in commercial issues, but do not have practical awareness

Practical knowledge

Participate in an industry summer internship programme

Find & complete internship programme; be able to talk " real business" with my tutor

During the Summer Vacation period

See "Self Assessment Template - Placement"


Team working Skills

Poor - dislike working in teams, hate trusting my marks to others; hate having to compromise my ideas

Reliable and positive team member; competent teamplayer

Become a Student Union Society member; read about teamwork

Help organise a Society event; note how many of the skills I read about were applied by me. Enjoy the experience.

During my third year

See "Self Assessment Template - Teamwork"


Leadership Skills

Lacking in confidence; not good at delegating and monitoring.

Confident leader who can delegate

Volunteer to lead on Spring term group project.

Group's satisfaction with me; project mark; lecturer's feedback; my level of confidence.

During the Spring Term

See "Self Assessment Template - Tutorial"

Source- http://www.businessballs.com/freematerialsinword/vaklearningstylesquestionnaireselftest.doc