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Information means power and nowadays more power than anything else. If you have any doubt about this statement, you can turn on the TV and see what CNN and BBC broadcast about Wikileaks. "WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public." [] Although I'm not sure about what Wikileaks has done, but Wikileaks, in my belief, is the symbol for the power of information. If the information means power, MIS certainly means Management of power.

I decided to follow up my education in MIS field.

One of my favorite hobbies is surfing the web. I want to be a consultant in this field. It is possible for me to establish a consultancy firm using a new and innovative business design.

One thing that makes me proud to myself is that I have the ability to initiate new works.

The difference between my B.Sc. and MBA GPA shows my passion of study in Business. Also, it shows a good academic trend. Another thing that is show is that I can do everything that I want. I learned from my previous decisions that I should work on something that I love and care about.

In second stage school and high school, I was in charge of some responsibilities (shoraye dore, …).

When I was in High School, I was elected by the students as representative of them in the school board. In addition, I was chief of celebration Group in which I managed almost 50 students. Also when I was In secondary school I was in charge of several activities.

While having many good opportunities in chemistry, I was fond of managerial issues. Matters concerning design and management of social and economic systems were much more exciting to me than chemical formulas so I chose Industrial Engineering (as the quality of management schools in Iran is poor).

I started studying at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, known as the best engineering school in the country. During my first semester,

While keeping a good academic status, I always tried not to lose the other aspects of life: I have been playing violin for more than ten years and tried to spend some of my spare time (if I got any!) painting. At the university I continued my sports activities, being a member of the Sharif University teams in Badminton and Tennis and the I.E. Department soccer team. Moreover, I am an active member of the Sanaaye Magazine, the biggest student group at Sharif University, which is engaged in different educational activities. There I have worked as the head of the education section and in a series of classes, have introduced the issue of Creative Problem Solving.

In the 4th semester of the college, I had the opportunity to participate in a System Dynamics course taught by Prof. Ali Mashayekhi. This had a great effect on me and appeared to be the right way towards my interests. After that, I worked on several projects concerning system analysis and policy design. One of the projects was about long-term forest management for a paper manufacturer. The other was related to the paradigm shift in the service industry and policy issues derived from it, based on papers by L. A. Schlesinger and J. L. Heskett, in Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review.

My interest in the field of Computers goes back to the days of my High School where I learned about the importance and values of several challenging problems and thus, decided to think about it more seriously.

Evaluating many M.Sc/Ph.D. programs in reputable universities via their

websites, I came to believe that the M.Sc/Ph.D. program of Mechanical

Engineering Department at the University of Maryland has a particularly

exceptional orientation in accordance with my interests. A considerable

number of professors in this department have research interests quite similar

to what I am interested in and are doing projects that seem very absorbing to

me. There are quite a number of research centers at this department with

projects and activities in the area of my interest, Design, Risk Assessment

and Manufacturing and reliability engineering as well as Mechanics and

Materials. Obviously, learning from such professors and working with them on such projects, which are in accordance with my interests, is my ideal

choice in the way of achieving my goals.

Therefore, I believe that the Ph.D. program of ENME department at UMD is

the best program among all to provide me with what I'm looking for. I hope

with the help of great academics in this department I would be able to have

an effective role in improvement of mechanical and manufacturing

engineering in the world.

Now, I am intended in pursuing my graduate study at University **** because of my self-confidence about my motivation in research, my excellent studies and research background, and because of university's educational resources and the strong research groups especially in my area of interest. I have also contacted with Professor Nicholas P. Carter in the ECE Department, who is doing research in the area of my interests, and I hope I would be eligible enough to work under his supervision.

My patents (Interviews)

Significance of MIS

Significance of MIS for me

Dar morede ostada benevis

Dar morede test va kar benevis

Dar morede gpa lisans benevis

I love psychology


In order to be a highly effective man, I believe that talent and working hard are not enough, one should also go for his own dreams. It took me some time to find out how to pursue my dreams in the real world. When I was a child, my father was a Math teacher. I can remember that he gave me some interesting Math problems to solve. Nothing was sweeter for me than solving a Math problem. In primary school, I can just remember playing Football, Table Tennis, and Handball. In the Fifth year of my education, I took the national entrance exam for best secondary schools and I was accepted to one of the best secondary schools in Iran. During those days, I can remember my hard work in two major areas: Science and administration. My records always put me among top 5% of the students of the secondary school. However, I was a permanent member of Table Tennis team of the school and in a tough competition I ranked first in Table Tennis Competition of the Region. Third year of study in Secondary school was a significant year for me since I was elected by students to be their representative in school board of decisions and in entrance exams of Mofid High School and Nuclear Energy High School I performed well and I was accepted to both of them. I chose Mofid high school and after taking second exam I was registered to the school. I can remember many things in high school. I Studied, Learnt, Managed, Played, laughed, and cried in there. I spent four memorable years over there. In third year of my study in high school, I was elected by the students as the representative of them in board of the school. Also I was in charge of Ceremony Group, where I managed almost 50 students in one year. We were in charge of celebrating national days by making and executing appropriate programs such as theaters, processionals, and so on. Speeches by important people such as best physicist of Iran and Minister of Education of Iran were another part of our programs. In the fourth year of my study in Mofid high school, I focused more on the national universities entrance exam. I performed well in the exam and I was within top 0.0030 students of the exam. As a consequence, I decided to start my bachelor of engineering study in the most reputable engineering university of Iran (Sharif University of Technology). In few days after start of the program, bad things came to me. I didn't enjoy the program since it was not what I had thought before. I was very hesitated about resuming the program but my family convinced me to finish the first semester of the program. Meanwhile, I decided to work in the field of Mathematics. Ayandegan Academic Institute, which is a famous institute in the field of preparation of high school students for the National Universities Entrance Exam, was first point of my work journey. I started as a Test Editor in Mathematics Department. After two years, I was encouraged by the chief of the Department to work as teaching assistant of one of instructors of the department. After a while, the chief permitted me to design some tests based on the standard guidelines. It was a breakthrough for me since I was elected as the best coworker of the department in that academic year and I received the Appreciation Letter from the Principal of the Institute in the Last Day of 2004-2005 Academic Year Ceremony. In the fourth year of my work in Ayandegan, I received the permission of teaching Mathematics in two subordinate high schools of Ayandegan. Also, in a joint work with Mr. Azizi (one of instructors of Mathematics Department of Ayandegan) I began writing a new Calculus book for National Universities Entrance Exam Participants. Although I was good at work but I hadn't enough enthusiasm in my undergraduate study. Meanwhile I was experiencing a bad situation in my personal life since I was not performing well in the university. I was experiencing bad relationships with someone and dark side of my life was showing up. I was wondering about behaviors of people around me and trying to justify those behaviors. I was experiencing hard days without valuable works and without motivation. I spent days in search of my goals in life and answers of questions such as why am I created? and what should I do in my life? I saw many people in those days to ask my questions from and began implementing many ideas that haphazardly came to my mind. My bad situation convinced me to take some advices from one of psychologists of my university. I began running! Every day I went to one sports club and ran. Also I began studying some books in the field of History and Philosophy. In those books I found Winston Churchill's quote about continuing life: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts". Also Nietzsche's famous quote "what doesn't kill us make us stronger" made me to leave the medicine and continue running through the life. The night was over and I was going to grab the Sun! My life began. Firstly I decided to finish my Bachelor education and find a new field of study. Meanwhile, the government of Iran decided to restrict fuel consumption in Iran and my friend and I thought about a new tool to help people in lowering their fuel consumption. We begin our journey by researching about fuel system of automobiles. After four months of hard work, we made the first prototype. The sample was tested by Ministry of Industry and Mine of Iran during a six months pilot project in Taxiranie Qazvin a city near Tehran. Hopefully the device worked properly and the Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran decided to introduce the device to the public. Within several interviews with national TV and Radio stations of Iran, my friend and I introduced the device to the public. Since then, I learnt something. Never leave the project and make sure that it works. In terms of education, I was thinking about a path that includes both Mathematics and management. Searching all available Master degrees in Iran, I found MBA most desirable for myself.

I decided to participate in an MBA program in Iran and I ranked 104th over 80,000 participants in National Universities Entrance Exam for MBA. Also I took Azad University National Entrance Exam for Master degrees and I got first position in Industrial Engineering Major. I chose University of Tehran "The mother University of Iran" to study MBA. University of Tehran is the oldest, most reputable, and ranked first university of Iran. In my graduate study, I tried to get the way business academics look at problems and to learn the managerial concepts. Also I was engaged in several projects that were proposed to me by Ministry of Industries and Mines and also Research Center of ICT Organization of Iran as well as some private companies. I built seven teams to progress in the projects. Although in first days I had some problems with team building, but those problems made me aware of importance of teamwork.

Now, my plan is to be a part of PHD program in University of since I found acquiring data from the industry to process them in the university and make great conclusions.


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I'm interested in interaction of Technology and Human. My favorite part of research includes how organizations adopt IT-Based Technologies such as ERP and CRM. In addition, I'm very interested in Change Management, Organizational Behaviors, Leadership Styles, and