A Diversity Action Plan Education Essay

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Diversity is a wonderful part of life. Ethnicity, race, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, status, and affiliations are differences people share in society. Valuing each other, respecting the views of others and communicating openly are all factors that contribute to the greatness of diversity.

Our Commitment to Diversity lv 1 David

We are committed to maintaining an environment that is healthy, safe and open for all students. Our faculty and staff value the importance of a diverse student body and college life for all members. Global diversity is not only pertinent in our own community, but rather, we are just a part of it. We stand dedicated to defend the rights and openness of any and all affiliates.

Mission Statement lv 2

The mission of "The College of Team B" is to be a guiding light to all who create its community by educating future leaders to responsibly achieve and become a success in society.

Objectives lv 2

In view of our diverse student body, our objectives reflect our commitment to diversity. We seek to promote diversity within our students, staff and campus residents. We promote openness in communication, learning and living. We intend to continually offer new programs for faculty, staff and students to be well prepared and actively engage diversity challenges. It is our goal to constantly learn, change and adapt to our changing world for the benefit of all differences found in The College of Team B.

Keys to Success lv 2

We intend to succeed together. Standing alone will only prohibit our progress. It is imperative that we drive on together. The College of Team B is extremely diverse and will use that as a powerful source to success. The many different points of view contributed by our diverse group of people will allow us to remain open to all challenges.

Legal Team lv 3 Our legal team is set into place to assure that our faculty and staff are well-equipped to maintain the legal standards set out by the state and federal law .This group of legal professionals will prepare faculty and staff with seminars and create a list of guidelines for all offices and student groups to follow.

Current Status and Needs lv 1

Evaluating our current status and needs will help us to understand where we are and where we need to be. It is critical in today's age to evaluate the position of such a large institution concerning diversity. As we continually understand more about how we are changing, we can more clearly understand how to make those changes appropriately.

Student Diversity lv 2 David

Current Students lv 3 Our current students are part of an educational community with people from diverse backgrounds. Our campus includes students from over 20 countries. The student government has worked with our student body in facilitating an array of clubs and activities including religious clubs, a club for the elderly, a gay lesbian sexual awareness club, a political club to include all affiliations, and several ethnic clubs. Our campus currently has the highest attendance of disabled veterans in the entire state.

Future Students lv 3 Future students are accepted on the basis of academic merit and all applications are considered. We currently have student exchange programs for students in our affiliate schools located in Asia, Europe and Africa. The physical elements of our school campus will soon be upgraded to facilitate more disabled students.

Student Needs lv 3 Our students need guidance as our school has a growing rate of diversity. We will continue to provide programs and diversity training seminars. Our students also need a safe environment to openly discuss diversity matters. An avenue to be heard allows our students to feel confident in their ability to cross culturally communicate. Communication is key to understanding others differences. The college student government sets up a monthly meeting where those who choose can voice themselves and be heard in a formal setting. Matters discussed will be examined by the legal team for further guidance. Personal lines of communication are also open for students to voice themselves in a private setting with upper-level faculty.

Student Programs lv 2 Viveca

Introduction lv 3

CAMP program lv 3

The World Service Project lv 3

The Access Collaborative lv 3

The Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) lv 3

Graduate Student Recruitment lv 3

The Social Justice Cohort lv 3

Faculty and Staff Diversity lv 2 La Keisha

Advantages of faculty and staff diversity lv 3

Disadvantages of faculty and staff diversity lv 3

Needs for Improvement lv 2 Brett

Faculty serving the needs of students lv 3

Effective Implementation of student programs lv 3

Living/Dormitory environments that meet diverse needs lv 3

Action Plans lv 1

Actions plans are enforced to ensure the success of our programs. As our campus community diversifies and continues to expand, programs are improving the community climate and engage the faculty and staff.

Expanding lv 2 La Keisha

Current Population and Growth in Diversity of Students lv 3

Reasons for Growth in Diversity lv 3

Predictions for Future lv 3

Improving the Climate lv 2 Viveca

Academic units lv 3

Vice presidential units lv 3

Chair of the Senate Diversity Committee lv 3

Staff Advisory Committee lv 3

Student leaders lv 3

The Graduate School lv 3

Faculty Council lv 3

Engaging the Faculty and Staff lv 2 David

Engaging the faculty and staff is vital in the building process as our school creates a better equipped environment suitable for an extremely diverse community as we move into the future.

Building a Diverse and Engaged Faculty and Staff lv 3 It has always been our objective to build a diverse faculty and staff. We do not discriminate during our hiring process and our legal team has created guidelines to ensure hiring standards set out by the law are followed.

Goals lv 3 Our goal is to provide a well-trained and suitable workforce to facilitate our school's offices and classrooms. Setting clear guidelines for faculty and staff to follow in the workplace is of utmost importance. Training our staff to appropriately manage diversity issues, situations in communication are all positive objectives we seek to fulfill.

Programs lv 3 Our training programs seek to open lines of communication between staff and faculty, as well as students. Educating the workplace on current diversity issues by having seminars and training in- set days will help season, the staff and add to their overall understanding of each other and the guidelines set out by the legal team.

Challenges lv 3 Challenges of creating a place where people feel confident and comfortable to work are found in every office. Creating this atmosphere takes more than just training and education. It takes a flexible attitude and an open heart to truly make a difference in a diverse world full of differences. It is up to us to overcome personal challenges as we seek to unify our faculty staff and students.

Concluding Remarks lv 1 Brett

Summary of Mission and Objectives of College lv 2

Facing the Future lv 3

Future Trends lv 3

Future Challenges lv 3