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A Conference and Exhibition titled ''Hong Kong Museums and Heritage of Education'' is going to be held by the University of Bright People (Hong Kong) last three days in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, from fishing villages transform to nowadays bustling city, how much the historical collections can be remembered and how the people worked and educated on the cultural and heritage to conserve the unique and valuable assets from the history. The conference is aim to provide a platform for students, academics, professionals and industrialists to exchange ideas and experiences on heritage education and conservation. A variety of cultural and historical heritage will be displayed and keynote speakers will be invited to present the correlative topics during the event in progress.

A. Conference buyer

The event holding in early September allows attracting several of delegates: students, academics and industrialists.

For the students, event held in September is suitable for those interested students who are current study or postgraduates on the programmes about the cultural and heritage. This event helps students to deeply understand the relationship between education and heritage. Moreover, it enhances students to exchange cultural and heritage experience with each other to facilitate them on their future academic studies.

For the academics, the instructors, savants and bookmen are going to be invited. We are looking for those instructs or researches on the cultural and heritage between Hong Kong and Mainland China and work in the areas in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. For the industrialists, we are going to invite those professionals and specialists whose worked at museums and interested in cultural and heritage subjects to participate.

The event is not held on weekends because we realize that it is important for family having family time. Therefore, the duration of the event is from Tuesday, 7th Sept to Thursday 9th Sept 2010. We expected that there are 350 delegates will participate the event. Among these three types of conference buyers, students are having the less consuming power. In contrast, academics and industrialists are the most consuming power.

B. Destination & Venue

The event determined to hold in Hong Kong base on some reasons.

  • Hong Kong is a safe and clean destination for travelling.
  • It is easily accessible from all over the world with 1,600 flights into Hong Kong every week with a integrated public transportation system to getting around.
  • Hong Kong is a famous place where East meet West.



Three of the venue choices have been chosen in sequence: 1) Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre, 2) AsiaWorld-Expo and 3) Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

  1. Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
  2. The first choice is Hong Kong and Exhibition Centre which is the first established convention and exhibition centre in Hong Kong and having the largest exhibition and rental space for holding various events, where located at the heart of business and commercial district - Wan Chai with a magnificent view of Victoria Habour. An integrated transportation had been connected to the venue that makes overseas delegates easy to access. Two hotels are located next to the centre: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong. Wan Chai is close to major entertainment and shopping districts such as Central and Causeway Bay, allows delegates to get around the venue after one day schedule. The attractive monuments are also in neighbourhood district such as the Tin Hau Temple and the Old Supreme Court.

    The suitable column-free exhibition hall is Halls 3B, 3G or 5G with a gross floor area 2,000 square metre use between 8:00am and 7:00pm. The hall can provide up to 1,600 seats in theatre style or 798 seats in classroom style. The ceiling height is suitable for adapting the cultural and historical relics. (HKCEC,2004)

  3. AsiaWorld-Expo
  4. The second choice is Asia-World-Expo which opened in 2005, located just next to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at Chek Lap Kok Island. Overseas delegates come from other Asia's key markets are within just 4 hours flight time and vessel connection to Macau and Pearl Delta River. The attractive surroundings are the SkyPlaza at HKIA, Hong Kong Disney Land and Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car etc.

    For the exhibition hall, the Hall 3, 5-11 in AsiaWorld-Expo are suitable for holding this event. There is 5,680 square metres gross floor area and 10 metres ceiling height. (AsiaWorld-Expo,2009)

  5. Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre
  6. The third choice is Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre where located in the business heart of Kowloon Bay. It is the second-built exhibition centre in Hong Kong in 1995. To direct access to the venue, a free shuttle bus service provide a non-stop route to nearby Kowloon Bay MTR Station and the bus and light-bus services are also supplemented.

    The Auditorium located on the 3rd floor is the most suitable for holding the event. It offers 1,137 square metres space and up to 702 seating. The ceiling height is from 3.29m to 4.25m and the carpark is located at B1 floor. (HKITEC,2009)

Decision of the venue:

Three of the venues provide the common basic meeting facilities. For examples, audio-visual equipment, wireless service, simultaneous translators. HKCEC becomes the first considering venue with some standpoints. It had held many kinds of international conventions and exhibitions and get full of event holding experience assure that delegates can be served with a professional service. For the cost, it is cheaper than AsiaWorld-Expo and which has a too large exhibition space. The 2,000sqm is enough for a scale of 350 delegates and the adaption for cultural and historical heritage. Also, the space is enough to divide into 2 parts to simultaneously running seminar. As mentioned before, the location of HKCEC is nearby major shopping, entertainment and attractive surroundings that allows delegates to sightsee afterward. These are the elements when selecting HKCEC as venue in Hong Kong.

C. Keynote speakers

Price. C.H. in 1989 has stated that ''effective speaker who is audience oriented. The speaker must have the ability to deliver concise, audience-centered, and purposeful presentation." Obviously keynote speaker is important to the attractiveness of the event and can influence the delegates' consumption for the event. Therefore, three related keynote speakers will be invited to participate in this event.

  1. Dr. Joseph S.P.Ting
  2. Dr. Joseph Ting is a Scholar on Hong Kong history and Honorary Fellow & Council Member (1991-2003) of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hong Kong Branch). Dr. Ting is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hon Adviser of University Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong University etc.

    Dr. had been a Curator at Hong Kong Museum of History since 1988, promoted to Chief Curator in 1995 and acquired his Doctor of Philosophy in 1989. Now, he was retired from the service in July 2007. During the period, he was published a substantial amount of museum publications about Hong Kong museum of History. His experience and achievement is suitable with the theme about ''Hong Kong Museums and Heritage of Education''.

  3. Prof. Bernard V. Lim, JP
  4. Prof. Bernard V. Lim is the Founding Principal of AD+RG, Architecture Design and Research Group Ltd., and Professor (Fractional Appointment), Department of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For years he has been elected Architects Registration Board Member and a Council Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) contributing particularly in new initiatives for community development and local affairs. (AD+RG,2009)

    Some publications were published in recent years such as ''Sustainable Development Education on Historical Preservation" (2007.11.11). His impulse on sustainable development is also one of the reasons to be invited for this event.

  5. Prof. Jao Tsung I
  6. Prof. Jao Tsung I, a world-renowned scholar and currently Wei Lun Honorary Professor of Fine Arts and Emeritus Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at CUHK. (Profile of Jao Tsung-I,2006)

    Prof. Jao achieving in the academic research and the art cultural aspect is eminent and enjoy high prestige in the world with an extensive scope of his scholarship involving archeology, epigraphy, historiography, bibliography etc. His publications were over 80 books and 500 papers and gain him multitudinous awards such as the Prix Stanislas Julien by the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres, Institute de France, a Prize for Special Contributions to the Protection of Dunhuang Relics and the Grand Bauhinia Medal. (Preseelease,2003)

D. Event Programme & Schedule

The theme of this event is about ''Hong Kong Museums & Heritage of Education''. The event programme & schedule is referring in Appendices Table 1.

In the first day on 7th September 2010, a registration for delegates will begin at 9am. Then, an opening ceremony will begin at 11am to 11.30am. After the lunch, Dr. Joseph Ting will start present a topics on ''Museum Education''. In the first day parallel session, the topics are relate to ''Learning in the Museum'' and ''Preserving the Educational Heritage of Hong Kong''. A gala dinner is welcomed to all delegates and begins at 6pm. No any evening event will provide on the first day as we realize most of the delegates may arrive at Hong Kong before the day of the event.

In the second day, the event is related to the keynote of Heritage Conservation. Speaker Prof. Bernard V. Lim will share his experience on the sustainable development education of heritage education then continue a parallel session on ''Heritage Research, Communications and Demonstration'' and ''Physical and Nonphysical Heritage'' with delegates. The second parallel session will begin after lunch with a topic on ''Applied Strategy Research'' and ''Visualizing the Community'. For the evening event, delegates may take part the proposed exploration tour at 5.30pm to explore Hong Kong Historical Heritage in Hong Kong Island.

In the last day of the event, there is a panel discussion about Heritage Education for 1 hour. After half an hour break, Prof. Jao Tsung I will continue on the topics about Heritage Education referring to the discussion. Students in this session may experience and acquire knowledge for their studies. The parallel session in the afternoon will talking about ''Development on Revitalising Historic Buildings'' and carry out one of the Revitalising projects in Hong Kong. Lastly, Dr. Joseph Ting is going to share his expectation on Heritage Education. The evening event on last day for delegates is sightseeing the Central surroundings, Central has lots of cultural and historical heritage where East meet West and others popular attraction spot such as the Peak, to sightsee the spectacular view of Victoria Harbour and Lan Kwai Fong, a shopping paradise and a legendary nightlife is all around Central.

Mention that all the activities will hold at the Hall 3G at HKCEC, with exceptional of lunch and the evening event.

E. Accommodation

We expected that most of the foreign delegates are come from Macau and Mainland China. To increase proximity level to the venue, the accommodation is selected for them in Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong where located just next to HKCEC, able for delegates participate all the activities of the event. An assumption of delegates with no spouse is 150 and with spouse is 50 for staying the hotel. Delegates are permitted for extension of accommodation with same offerings.

We provided an accommodation packages for those overseas delegates. The package details are as follow:

  • 2 nights in Single Room or Double Room with Harbour View
  • Work desk with notepads, pens and blotters
  • Wireless LAN/LAN throughout the hotel
  • Including breakfast
  • The charges of for this package are:

  • HK$1,500 for 1 person in a single room
  • HK$2,000 for 1 person in a double room
  • HK$3,000 for 2 persons in a double room

F. Meal

Lunch and tea are included in three days of the event at HKCEC. Delegates can enjoy their meals with no worries because the Congress Restaurant provided International cuisine and an extensive, spectacular Harbour View during the meal time. Exceptional of the gala dinner on the first day event start at 6pm, no dinners will be included on the second and third day of the event. The meal charges are already included in the ticket fee. Delegates are welcomed to participate the proposed evening event.

G. Budget

A budget list and a break-even chart are shown in Appendices Table2 and Fig 3 to distinguish both expenditure and revenue including fixed costs and variable costs and contingency sums.

The fixed costs are including venue rental, administration costs, keynote speaker fee and the Cleaning fee etc. The rental of HKCEC Hall 3G is HK$77,220 per day, totally HK$231,600. A hiring of total 70 staffs will be worked 10 hours per day during the event in progress, which total salaries are HK$105,000. The fees for three related keynote speakers are HK$10,000. Cleaning is also essential after each day of the event for the preparation in the next day.

For the variable costs, because of there is an estimation on the delegates, it direct influences on the accommodation revenue. Furthermore, it may then influence the printed materials and gifts for delegates. The insurances for delegates and the heritage relics are so. Therefore, there is a last minute change on those different variable costs.

On the revenue, an assumption of 50 students, 150 academics and 100 industrialists, totally 350 delegates to attend the event. The total revenue from them is HK$185,000. As the student is the less consumption power, the lower ticket fee they will be charged. It costs HK$300 each. On the other hand, the academics and industrialists are the most consumption power, the ticket fee is also charged higher than students. It costs HK$500 and HK$800.

A sponsorship will be also sponsored for the event. The publication, The Pearson Education Asia Limited is notice that the three renowned keynote speakers will be invited in the event, it sponsors HK$50,000 to facilitate the awareness of the event. Thus, this can also increase the revenue of the event.

H. The Medium of Event

A conference and exhibition poster will be placed at most of the museums, universities and exhibition centre, especially the Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HKCEC. Billboard is one of another method to attract participants, for example, the entrance of Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel. The billboard poster will placed with the theme of the event, date and the head portrait of keynote speaker.

Other medium will be also used to increase the attractiveness of the event. They are newspaper and magazines. Those medium can contain most of the event details such as the features and functions. Internet is also famous to use for promoting the event. A website is established for worldwide users easy to search and obtain any information about the event.

Beside of the event medium, invitation is also essential for the event. During the preparation process, the invitation card will be sent firstly to those three keynote speakers before 6 months of the event to make them coordinate a better schedule for participate the event. Before 3 months, the invitation card will be sent to all related academics and industrialists to draw their attention of the event.

I. Event evaluation

To measure how successful of the event, an evaluation form will be attached in each event brochure for delegates to answering following the below aspects.

(Shone, A&B. Parry(2001))

  • the effectiveness of the event
  • the quality of the speakers
  • the availability of staffs and equipments
  • the organizational issues
  • technical problems
  • the statistics information, such as delegates data

We can learn from the suggestions, recommendations and mistake to determine whether the venue are suitable to use again and get well-prepare and well-organize for the next event. The evaluation can also help us to analyze the participants data, attendance statistics, target market etc. to seek the appropriate sponsorship and venue next time. The staffs' feedback of the event is also important towards the event to better distribute and organize of overall event. Finally, an overall budget should be created with all final revenue and expenditure once all the bills come in and evaluate likely profit or loss.

J. Conclusion

From the budget planning, profit is gained to cover the costs. A Conference and Exhibition of ''Hong Kong Museums and Heritage of Education'' is going to hold in Hall 3G at Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre from 7th to 9th September 2010.