Voluntary And Involuntary Unemployment In India

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Unemployment in India.

India is a nation with problems facing massive unemployment.Unemployment can function as an idle state of a man fit and readyto be set. It is a condition of voluntary and involuntary idleness.Some features of unemployment were identified as follows:

The incidence of unemployment is significantly higher than in urban areas in rural areas.

The unemployment rate for women than for men.

The incidence of unemployment among educated women is muchhigher than the overall unemployment rate.

There is more unemployment in agriculture than in industry and otherimportant areas.

Economists and sociologists, scholars have divided into differenttypes of unemployment. In general,

unemployment can be dividedinto two types:

Various types of unemployment

Voluntary unemployment:

predominate in this type of unemployment a person is not the work of his own desire to wage limits, or work. Or he wants higher wages, or does not. There is a social problem to social disorganization. Social problems and strengths, as a revolution, a social revolution, class struggle, a financial or economic crisis, awar between nations, mental illness, political corruption, risingunemployment and crime, etc. threaten the proper functioning ofsociety. Social values â€‹â€‹are often regarded as the dynamic forces of society. They contribute to the soundness and stability of social order. But due to rapid social changes come new values â€‹â€‹andreduce some of the old values​​. At the same time, people are notable to reject the old and accept fully the new total. Here the conflictbetween old and new, the inevitable result that leads to social disorganization imposed in the situation. In economic terms, this is voluntary unemployment.

Involuntary unemployment:

In such a situation, the person who is unemployed is not to say anything. This means that a person is separated from the provision of employment without pay, although it is able to earn his salary and also try to win. Forms and types of unemployment are to Hock.

Cyclical unemployment - This is the result of the economic cycle, which is part of the capitalist system. In such a system there is more unemployment and depression when he took a large number of unemployed. Since the economic crisis is the result of the economic cycle, unemployment is a part of it.

Ex: The Indian government is no doubt in their responsibilities to theircitizens not in the last 50 odd years. There is a need forgovernment to have in many areas and the process began witheconomic liberalization. The decentralization process must be a lot more power, both functionally and financially, to devolutapanchayats. The lack of transparency and accountability hashampered our economic development at all levels. The problem ofpoverty exists because a series of leaks in the system. New lawsmust be developed to ensure greater accountability. Institutionssuch as the Planning Commission in a new constitutional bodiesthat can governments do to their inability to develop programs tobe changed. An effective system of incentives and disincentivesshould be introduced. The support of NGOs and individuals from the private sector in the fight against poverty is absolutelynecessary, since the state is not all.

sudden unemployment - If the point where workers have been employed, there are changes, a large number of unemployed. Everything happens in industry, commerce and business, where people work in a job and suddenly, when work is finished they will be asked to leave.

Ex: Many multinationals in the Philippines reduced their full-time jobs, and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs because of the collapse of exports in electronics and clothing. Recent estimates of the Ministry of Labor and Employment in the Philippines, during the first six months of 2009 could be up to 300,000 people without jobs.The situation is similar for immigrants, many of whom return to theircountry of origin 

Unemployment caused by the failure of some industries - in many cases, closing a business, factory or industry a. Here, various factors may be responsible for disputes between partners, companies can be huge loss or business can be helpful and so on.

Ex. The cumulative effect of this migration of companies from Nigeria to other countries is massive, leading to unemployment. The aspect of unemployment by gender in Nigeria is also a source of concern, such as statistics showed that the number of employed women three times more than their male folk. For Nigeria to overcome the challenge of unemployment, the attention given to women who are unemployed. Measures should be introduced instead of the government for the people (mostly unemployed) to explore opportunities, argues that the agricultural sector for job creation. The country over-dependence on oil should be stopped. 

Other sectors such as agriculture, tourism, etc. should be explored to create job opportunities. The government should also set aside funds for ailing industries (public and private), such as textile companies, cars, etc., unemployed for many years, the responsibility of their employees have been supporting closed.Nigeria should learn from developed countries. United States of America as the global economic crisis had GM engines, one of the highest employers of labor in America shortly before the collapse in the wake of the economic crisis. The U.S. government knows exactly the impact of the closure of the company (unemployment), injected a sum of money and purchased cars manufactured by the company to save them from collapse.

The rate of unemployment caused by a deterioration in business and industry - in different industries, trade or business, there are sometimes worse. This deterioration is due to various factors. In the effectiveness of the employer, a sharp drop in profits competitions, etc. is some factors that lead to a deterioration in industry and society.

Ex. The number of unemployed in Russia is 5.2 million, 6.9% of theworkforce in the country, the Russian Vice Premier Alexander Zhukov is with the words of the agency RIA Novosti quoted news.

He said that Russia now has the level before the crisis of unemployment and said it was early this year, that number 6.8 million.

With regard to those regions, Zhukov, there is a rise inunemployment in 16 subjects of the Russian Federation. "Ingeneral, it is struggling,"he added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, before the crisis will be reached in March 2011, while the increase in the near future, the unemployment rate. The department says thatcould end this year, the number of unemployed has reached6000000, and in January 2011, it could 6.4.

Earlier this year, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev calledunemployment "of Russia's foremost social problem"and called ongovernors to do their best to create new jobs and retraining for citizens.

Many companies have staff due to cut the global financial crisis,but now the Russian economy recovered and showed good results.

Seasonal unemployment - certain industries and economic actors concerned workers for a given season. If the season is over, the workers are unemployed. The sugar industry is an example of this type of seasonal unemployment. 

The problem of unemployment has a huge. Various issues have caused this problem. There are individual factors such as the disabled age, physical disability and to limit the population. External factors include technological and economic factors. There is a huge increase in the population. Each year India adds to its population again. be more than that each year about 5 million people are eligible for securing jobs. The business center is subject to the vagaries of economic cycles and globalization. The economic depression of sick industries is often close to convincing their employees become unemployed. Technological progress contributes to economic development. But growth is unplanned and uncontrolled technology is wreaking havoc on employment opportunities. The computerization and automation has led to technological unemployment. Strikes and lockouts are inseparable aspects of the industrial world. Since these industries are often faced economic and production is lost. Since the employee receives no salary or wages during the strike, they suffer economic hardship. You are permanently or temporarily unemployed. Today's youth are not ready for use that is considered socially degrading small increase. Our education system has its own defects and their contribution to irreparable unemployment is preparing an education truth. Our open is not the spirit of the younger generation to become self-employed, on the contrary, it makes them dependent on government agencies which are difficult to obtain. Our state of the beginning of the year plans several employment measures and programs over the years, but production in the absence of proper implementation and monitoring have failed, introduced to achieve the required objectives. Recently, the UPA government with Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, to come to the minimum days of employment to people living in villages. This is a worthwhile program if it is sincere, because it will create jobs for people reacted to natural disasters such as drought, floods, etc. The measures to reduce unemployment may be more the emphasis on creating opportunities for self-employment, raise productivity and incomes of the working poor lay, trying to shift the emphasis from creating the type of employment assistance for the construction of production facilities Sustainable rural areas and, instead, something can be accelerated return to protectionist measures, the pace of privatization. 

Ex. Bangladesh is proud reason, the world leader in research against poverty and innovation. In the last decade he has managed not only to reduce poverty by more than 10 percent, but has also produced two Nobel Prize winners for their outstanding contributions to addressing the root causes of poverty is. Mr. Mohammad Yunus and Prof. Amartya Sen (who is an Indian citizen, but was educated at the beginning of Dhaka) have changed the way we see poverty.They showed that poverty is not merely the absence of wealth. This is essentially the absence of law or right to existence and dignity.Professor Yunus, in particular, is the world that it is possible to overcome poverty shows. 

Poverty is not history, but it's certainly on the decline in Bangladesh. National Report describes three main themes. First, it shows that Bangladesh has made significant progress in eradicating poverty - from 58.8 percent in 1990 to 40 percent in 2005. The decline is significant and robust, regardless of statistical methods. The trend in poverty reduction reflects the result is the highest priority the government attaches to poverty reduction. The Bangladesh government has its own strategy for poverty reduction (PRSP) in 2005, which includes the reduction of poverty in the Millennium Development statements. 

Secondly, the report seeks the factors behind this reduction is possible at both micro and aggregate. The report emphasizes the crucial role of agricultural productivity, access to education, migration and microfinance in the fight against poverty. It shows that various pro-poor policies and development - such as the National Food Policy, Primary Education Development Program and the Overseas Employment Policy, which are all closely relatedthe related PRSPs - are effective in targeting the poor and reducing their impoverishment. 

And thirdly, it shows the role of development cooperation in reducing poverty in Bangladesh is heading - both between governmental and non governmental organizations, and between the government and its development partners. It shows the effectiveness of joint programs such as Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Programme, implemented jointly by the Government of Bangladesh and the project of urban poverty UNDP and UN-Habitat. The report focuses on global partnership for development at national, sub national and local levels.

Cost associated with unemployment:

cost to the inland revenue:

Each unemployment person is said to increase the cost of island revenue in terms of allowance for:

unemployment benefit

loss of tax revenue from unemployed

cost of special schemes for unemployed


waste of scarce resources: labor unlike some raw material cannot be stored for future usse.unused labor resources are lost for all times

inequality of income distribution:the gap in level of standard of living between those out of work and those in work widens during of severe unemployment.

US unemployment hits 9.8%

The U.S. Department of Labor said unemployment in the country seven-month high of 9.8 percent in November, up 9.6 percent in October. 

Polls showed economists and Wall Street expects 160,000 jobs were added in November. However, the rental sector has attracted only 50,000 jobs. 

This is a radical change from October, when the economy added 172,000 jobs jobs. 

retail employment has lost 28,000 jobs in October, while production of salaries and wages slipped 13,000 jobs. The public sector has lost 11,000 jobs. 

The unemployment rate in the United States was 10 per cent in November 2009. 

Data for Carolina unemployed LAG nation as a whole.unemployment rate in North Carolina dropped to 9.6 percent in October from 9.7 percent in September. 

As mentioned earlier, the unemployment rate fell in the metropolitan area of ​​Charlotte to 10.2 percent in October from a revised 10.6 percent in September, according to the NC Commission of job security. The Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton metropolitan area had an unemployment rate of 11.7 percent, against a revised 11.9 percent in September. 

In Mecklenburg County, the unemployment rate fell to 9.8 percent in October from 9.9 percent in September. 

Unemployment in South Carolina dropped to 10.7 percent in October from 11 percent in September, according to the Ministry of Employment and Labour SC. 

York County unemployment fell to 13.5 percent in the October rate of 16.3 percent in September. Lancaster County fell to 14.2 percent from 15.7 percent, while the Chester County, down 16 percent from 17 percent. The unemployment rate in Chesterfield County fell to 12.9 percent from 14.8 percent.