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Task 1

Now-a-day, books sell from online is one of the popular methods in the world. Before using this method, people will go book shop to buy the book that they want. By using this method, people can save time and they can search quickly by typing author name or book name that they want.

The information provided to the customer about a book

They describe complete information about a book. The information include author name, price, book’s published date, ISBN and synopsis.

The information provided to the customer about an order they have placed

If we don’t usually buy books on online, don’t worry about it. Their bookshop provides us with a comprehensive help section to answer any queries on issues like pricing, delivery, gift wrapping and returns. We can browse the books to buy by making order. They delivers the books straight to our home.

Other information provided to the customer

In this website, we can link with other functions to do. If we want to do shopping from online, we click that we want to buy such that buy DVDs, buy jewellery, buy beauty products ... etc.

The information provided to the customer about a book

They describe the top ten books in home page. When we choose the book that we like, they describe the book detail with descriptions. If the customer who buy the book is their member, their bookshop give 20% off for member.

The information provided to the customer about an order they have placed

When we order the book, they give order form and then fill the information in that form and send it to their bookshop. Then they deliver the book to our home.

Other information provided to the customer

We want to do shopping from online, we can shop from this website. If we want to give a gift for a friend or others, we can choose the gift to buy that we like from this website. And, we can do other functions in this website such that education and teaching, medical, travel and so on.

The information provided to the customer about a book

In the home page, they describe a few books. If we want to buy a book, we need to do login by typing user name and password. Before buying the book, we can read about the book that we want to buy. They describe a book detail with book name, author, ISBN, published year and description about the book.

The information provided to the customer about an order they have placed

If we want to order the book, we need to choose the country and state where we live. They separate the payment for delivery in order to the place.

Other information provided to the customer

The website also do shop for others. We can search for buy such as gift, for health and others.

The recommendations for the information that should be provided to the customer on the Amazing Books website

From the above book shops, we can know about the processes in online book shop. So, on the Amazing Books website, we describe the home page in best selling books and register process.

The information provided to the customer about a book

In Amazing Books, we describe about the book with complete information. This include book name, author, ISBN, published date and synopsis of the book.

The information provided to the customer about an order they have placed

When the customer order the book, we deliver the book straight to their home within their requested day. And the customer is staying in the town, they don’t need to pay for delivery.

Other information provided to the customer

If the people who bought the book is a member, giving them discount percentage when anniversary. When the customer buy the book in every month is full of one year, we give them the book that they like as a gift.

Task 2

The information required from recommendations made in Task 1

On the Amazing Books website, we describe the home page in best selling books register process.

The information provided to the customer about a book

In Amazing Books, we describe about the book with complete information. This includes book name, author, ISBN, published date and synopsis of the book.

The information provided to the customer about an order they have placed

When the customer orders the book, we deliver the book straight to their home within their requested day. And the customer is staying in the town, they don’t need to pay for delivery.

Other information provided to the customer

If the people who bought the book is a member, giving them discount percentage when anniversary. When the customer buy the book in every month is full of one year, we give them the book that they like as a gift.

The method and hardware for recording new stock items, including their location in a large warehouse

For recording new stock items is using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) method. An RFID tag is tiny microchip with a small aerial, which contain a range of digital information about a particular item. Tags are encapsulated in plastic, paper or similar material and fixed to the items or its packaging to the delivery vehicles.

The tag is interrogated by the RFID reader that transmits and receives radio signals to and from the tag. Reader ranges in size from a hand-held device to a portal through which several tagged devices can be passed at once. The information that the reader collects is collated and processed using special computer software. Readers can be placed at different positions within the warehouse to show where the items are moved.

By using RFID tags for stock control offers the advantages over other methods:

Tags can be read remotely,

Several tags can be checked at once simultaneously,

The individual items can be tracked because of giving unique identification codes, and

Certain types of tag can be overwritten, enabling information about items to be updated.

RFID tagging can be used:

To prevent over stocking or under stocking of items,

For stock security, by positioning tag-readers at points of high risk and causing them to trigger alarms, and

For quality control, stock items with a limited shelf life.

The cost associates with RFID tagging have fallen over recent year. So, this is to bring the process within the reach of more and more businesses. The benefits for more efficient of stock control and improves security made it particularly attractive to wholesalers who stock a wide range of items and to manufacturers who produce volume runs of products for different customers.

The data is stored on the scanner and the file can be downloaded onto a PC using the Symbol Charging/Communications cradle. This file was then transferred across the AML network and converted into an Informix SQL script using a simple program and used to update the Informix database.

The method and hardware for processing orders

When receiving an order request from the customer, identifying a relevant order type and retrieving a prompt file associated with said order type. The prompting user input of order request data according to said prompt file and receiving order request data. Generating configuration matrix storing order request including the order type, required action data and validation data of the order request. When validating the request according to validation routines operating with at least some of the received order request data, the validation routines being selected according to the validation data of the configuration matrix. Order request data of valid requests will write to a message file and appending a router slip comprising a source identifier and a set of tasks derived from the configuration matrix. Then the message file and the router slip transmit to nodes of the distributed system. Including the distributing system, identifying a transport protocol for a connection between the bookshop and the first node. And the message file and attached router slip in response will encode to the identified transport protocol with a predefined encoding table.

And order processing method includes transporting the books photographic film roll from our bookshop to a service fulfillment location located remotely from the bookshop to produce at least one digital image associated with the photographic film roll. For generating an update media comprising the at least one digital image, transporting the update media to our bookshop. When accessing the at least one digital image from the update media using an imaging device located at the bookshop location, generating an order request for an image product using the imaging device. The order request associated with the at least one digital image and transferring the order request to a transportable transfer media. And transporting the transportable transfer media from the retail location to the service fulfillment location, and fulfilling the order request to produce the image product.

d) The method and hardware for recording items despatched

Automatic Identification and data capture (AIDC) and mobile computing specialist, Unique ID, has come up with a novel and affordable way of transforming desk-bound IT equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers, into fully mobile workstations. AIDC is the process or technique of obtaining external data. To capture data, a transducer is used which converts the actual image or a sound into a digital file. The file is then stored and at a later time it can be analyzed by a computer, or compared with other files in a database to verify identity or to provide authorization to enter a secured system. Capturing of data can be done in various ways; the best method depends on application.

Hardware Requirements for recording items despatched include :

PC processor
LCD monitor
Barcode scanner and
Desktop printer
For recording items to send, AIDC should be used. Among AICD technologies, Amazing Books should use barcode system.

e) The process of determining and flagging up stock reorders level

With demand-based inventory replacement, Amazing books can automatically adjust for seasonal trends and ensures stock on hand. Based on sales history and inventory reorder points, reorder levels can be dynamically calculated, based on historical sales or seasonal demand. Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand, and number of days' supply to stock are used to dynamically set reorder point and preferred stock level for each item, on an ongoing basis so there will always be stock on hand but ordered just-in-time.

With Wholesale/Distribution Edition software, Amazing Books simply create a preferred stock level and re-order point for each item. The system will provide a list of items at, or below, the re-order point and suggest the quantity to order (based on your preferred stock level and any open back orders). With just one click, you can generate purchase orders for all items that need replenishment. Consequently, you can keep inventory at ideal levels, save money and accelerate delivery times.

Amazing Books should use demand-based inventory reorder system. It can modify the stock reorder levels base on sales records. And reorder levels can be easily estimated. The system constantly monitors re-order levels against real-time inventory on hand. Reorder point can also be adjusted when necessary.

f) Other hardware for the complete system

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT4, XP, Vista

Minimum of 32 MB (RAM) memory for Windows 95, 98, Me, or NT 4.0, 64 MB or higher recommended; Minimum of 64 MB memory for Windows 2000 or XP, 128 MB (RAM) or higher recommended for XP and Vista

Minimum of 30 MB of available hard disk space (not including page file memory), 50 MB recommended

Monitor : SVGA color monitor; minimum 800x600 screen resolution, 1024x768 or higher recommended; minimum of 256 colors

Printer : High-quality graphics printer, e.g., laser or inkjet, recommended

Networking : Can be used under all microsoft server solutions and also configured for use in the Citrix environment.

Task 3

There are three types of network topologies which refer to physical and logical layout of the network cabling. They are bus topology, star topology and ring topology.

Bus topology

Bus topology is a single cable connected with the servers, workstations, printers and other devices on the network. A linear bus topology consists of a main run of cable with a terminator at each end. All nodes are connected to the linear cable. Ethernet and local talk networks use a linear bus topology.


-Due to less footage of cabling and no network hubs, it is less expensive than star topology

-Not required higher speeds, so it is good for smaller networks

-Easy to connect a computer or peripheral to a linear bus.


-Limited in size and speed

-Entire network shuts down if there is a break in the main cable.

-Terminators are required at both ends of the backbone cable.

-Difficult to identify the problem if the entire network shuts down.

-Not meant to be used as a stand-alone solution in a large building.

Star Topology

In a star topology, each network device has a home run of cabling back to a network hub, giving each device a separate connection to the network. If there is a problem with a cable, it will generally not affect the rest of the network.


-Large networks are suited to use star topology

-Easy to troubleshoot because problem usually isolates itself

-Cable types can be mixed in star topology

-Easy to install and wire.


-Hub becomes the single point of network failure

-Cables are more expensive than home run needed for every device

-Requires more cable length than a linear topology.

Ring Topology

The token ring network uses ring topology. The devices process and retransmit the signal, so it can support many devices in a somewhat slow but very orderly fashion. A token, or small data packet, is continuously passed around the network.


-The opportunity to transmit and every device has access to the token in the network

-Under heavy network load, it performs better than star topology

-Much larger networks can be created by using Token Ring


-Bad port in the MAU or one malfunctioning workstation can create problems for the entire network

-MAUs and the network adaptor cards are much more expensive than Ethernet cards and hubs

-It is much slower than the Ethernet network under normal load

There are three types of media. They are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fibre optic cable.

Twisted pair Cable

Twisted pair consists of two insulated copper wires arranged in a regular spiral pattern. A wire pair acts as a single communication link. A number of these pairs are bundled together into a cable by wrapping them in a tough protective sheath. Twisted pair comes in two varieties: unshielded and shielded. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is ordinary telephone wire. The shielded twisted pair (STP) provides better performance at higher data rates. It is more expensive and more difficult to work with than UTP.


-Low cost of installation on premises and for local moves and changes in places

-Better interference rejection and easy to terminate


-Limited frequency spectrum, data rates and high error rates

-Difficult to connect terminating block

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable consists of two conductors. It consists of a hollow outer cylindrical conductor that surrounds a single inner wire conductor. It is spreading rapidly as a means of distributing TV signals to individual homes-cable TV. It is used to transmit both analog and digital signals. Coaxial cable has frequency characteristics that are superior to those of twisted pair, and can be used effectively at higher frequencies and data rates.


-Supporting higher bandwidth and good protection

-Allowing longer distances


-Difficult to install and troubleshoot

-High cost bulk and expensive

Fiber Optic Cable

An optical fiber is a thin, flexible medium capable of guiding an optical ray. An fiber optic cable has a cylindrical shape and consists of three concentric sections: the core, the cladding, and the jacket. The core is the inner most section and consists of one or more very thin strands or fibers, made of glass or plastic. Each fiber is surrounded by its own cladding, a glass or plastic coating. The outermost layer, surrounding one or a bundle of cladded fibers, is the jacket. The jacket is composed of plastic and other material layered to protect against moisture, abrasion, crushing, and other environmental dangers.


-Immune to electrical interference

-High transmission speed


-More expensive than twisted pairs and coaxial cables

Using star topology with twisted pair cable

From the above topologies and cables, I would like to use in the Amazing Books is twisted pair cable and star topology. Twisted pair cable is the least expensive and most widely guided transmission medium. And it is a thin, flexible cable that is easy to string between walls. Because UTP is small, it does not quickly fill up wiring ducts. And UTP costs less per meter/foot than any other type of LAN cables. The most common media use for a star topology is unshielded twisted pair cable. The star topology is easy to install, cabling types can be mixed and easy to expand network.

How the website will have access to the stock control system

We place a central computer device for controlling the central part of a system. All the processes are controlled by central computer device.

Task 4

When Amazing Books accepts order books from customer, in order to deliver an item to a customer, Amazing Books delivers the packaged item to the local depot of a courier company. From that point onwards, it is the responsibility of the courier company to deliver the package.

We handle the delivery process by joining with EMS that along with globalization, speed, security and reliability have become core business requirements for all EMS and courier operators around the world. If we are looking for an EMS operator to send our books around the world with no fear of losing them along the way or without ever wondering if our books will reach the destination on time. With EMS International, we can dispatch our books to destinations all over the world with all the speed, security and reliability we can care. The service offered in EMS is door to door delivery service.

The information of transferring of the Amazing Books system that make available to the customer via the website

We send the order form to the customer for fill when receiving the books that are delivered. Until the book is not arrived to the person who will accept the book, He / She can check by using Invoice ID in the website where the book is now arrived. And, the sender can also check by typing user name and password in the website.

Hardware and software requirements for the system

The system requires P4 casing (Normal Light), keyboard, mouse, 15” SVGA digital control color monitor, CPU: Intel Pentium 2.66 GHz (1MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz), 256 MB DDR RAM (PC 400 MHz), 80 GB HDD (7200 rpm), UPS 600 VA (Power Tree) classic, GIGA 8S648-FX 775P 4 MB (with Sound + LAN), Floppy Drive (1.44 MB) Mitsumi, CD ROM 52X (RW), printer and phone. And also requires Internet Browser and Window Server 2003.

Task 5

The planned system for the warehouse will not take into account the possibility of stock theft by company staff.

To reduce the possibilities of staff stealing stock

By using the wireless hidden spy camera to reduce the possibilities of staff stealing stock. That hidden spy camera with built in DVR’s can be as small as a ball point pen, a pack of gum or packed inside a wristwatch. Business owners especially are hard pressed to justify why they shouldn't have at least one may be even two-one to watch the customers the other to watch the staff.

The wireless hidden spy cameras give the user unlimited flexibility in keeping an eye on things when we can’t be at the office. Law enforcement officials use wireless spy cameras in a wide variety of sting operations. Private investigators use wireless hidden cameras to gather evidence in marital fidelity cases.

Wireless hidden cameras provide the kind of documentation in legal cases that is nearly
impossible to refute. That is why nearly every business establishment has a surveillance camera a lot of them are wireless. Because of their increase in technological advances prices have come down and their ease of installation has greatly increased making them much more readily available to private individuals.

The prevention of theft and the monitoring of staff

Before we hire a staff, make a brief search of the staff’s labor background. Do credit check. Look into personality and psychological testing. These will be the first steps we must make to prevent theft. And, others the prevention of theft includes:

Supply staff with uniforms that have no pockets

Share the combination to the safe only with those that must have it and

Install security cameras over the cash drawers.

Many businesses choose to monitor staff in order to: 1) verify the quality and quantity of work, 2) look after their own customer interests, 3) protect the personal information of staff, 4) ensure compliance with work rules and standards and 5) comply with legal requirements.

Monitoring of staff includes:

Recording staff activities by hidden spy cameras

Keeping recording of telephone calls

Opening staff emails or listening to voice mails

Checking logs of telephone numbers called

Examining logs of websites visited

Searching staff, their personal space and work areas

Making and storing copies of documents that include staff information

Adjusting stock levels when theft occurs

We will do something to look for

Suspicious entries in the perpetual records, particularly one that do not fully explain the reduction. Require two staff sign off on all entries adds another staff to the process that can prevent the theft.

The analysis of cost of good sold to sales may highlight an increase in the cost of good sold percentage compared to sales. It indicates the theft of stock.

The shipment of stock that does not correlate to the sales invoice should raise questions. This can indicate the shipments of stolen stock to the staff that has been done without booking a sale.

Hand written alterations to documentation that do not have sufficient independent authorization.

When theft occurs, adjusting stock level includes:

If the documents are recorded against the release stock, all the items transfer will have to be accounted to staff and documents. The limiting access to a stock room, especially after hours, is important.

Independent authorization of write-offs or scrapping of inventory items. The extra set of eyes to be cast over the documentation is caused by this.

The invoice and documentation produced to add items into the perpetual system should reference document to the supplier.

Separating duties of ordering, receiving and recording should add a layer of control in the affected areas.

When the stock is missing, we will determine the way of proper, full and verified stock – takes that are important. Perpetual records are only an active control if they are compared against physical stock-takes on a regular basis and discrepancies are investigated.

Analytical reviews (ratio analysis) may show the losses, if the amount of items lost is significant.