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Task 1

In this task-1 the contents are following:

How information they provide at online selling?

How information they provide at online ordering?

What information they provide at online selling?

What information they provide at online ordering?

What they provide other service information?

  • In this, they provide the information the book s ISBN's, the contact information, payment preference and book details.

  • Then, the part of ordering this site gives information is delivered by ship.

  • They display the price of books at the left top of the page.

  • They provide the site easy for customer with four steps and they explain what is ISBN and usage of ISBN and they give the TROUBLE SHOOTING OF ISBN LINK.

  • They give service to customer for ship for free.

  • In the coop-book shop , they give information each links means Students for students books and lectures for lectures book

  • They make discount for members.

  • Easy to search book they give search links.

  • And they show new releases at the top of the site with links

  • And then they give the order information.

  • At the right top of this site, they give the special price for member.

  • And show details of the books More info button

  • In the part of book searching, they divide the General Search and Text List Search.

  • In this site, they give information which is shown the left of the site Information.

  • They show information of shipping costs and delivery of time under the title of Information.

  • They give the Add to Chart button to button and to know more information they show More Info button.

  • Easy to find the book they give the search engine.

  • And then they show the Book price and Book details.

  • At the right of site they show the book categories.

  • They give service the deliver by ships.


I want to recommend for amazing book system,

  • Provide the information the book s ISBN's, the contact information, payment preference and book details.

  • Provide the search engine.

  • Provide the site easy for customer with four steps and they explain what is ISBN and usage of ISBN and they give the TROUBLE SHOOTING OF ISBN LINK.

  • Provide the special price for member

  • Provide delivery information ,order information, shipment information.

Task 2

(a) I want to recommend for amazing book system

  • Provide the information the book s ISBN's, the contact information, payment preference and book details.

  • Provide the search engine.

  • Provide the site easy for customer with four steps and they explain what is ISBN and usage of ISBN and they give the TROUBLE SHOOTING OF ISBN LINK.

  • Provide the special price for member

  • Provide delivery information, order information, shipment information.

(b)Method and hardware for recording new stock items

Hand Held: Cable Connected

These units connect via a cable (available in various lengths) to either a PC or EPOS unit. We sell low cost Imagers and Laser Scanners.

If you are looking for a low cost unit that is easy to use, we suggest theLS2208 at £120for a complete kit (USB or Keyboard Wedge). Most people will just use it in their hand, however it comes with a scan stand in the box - so you can use "hands free mode" if you wish. Please see our LS2208 page.

Rugged PDA / Mobile Computer

There are a small set of manufacturers that produce rugged PDAs (also known as Mobile Data Terminals) that are designed to survive industrial environments. Many of the units we sell are designed to withstand 50 drops in a row from 1.2m (5 feet) to concrete.

If you are likely to use the device in the rain or in a dusty environment, you will need a sealed device. These have a “IP rating” which determines the level of sealing. Our most common devices are IP54 rated (wind blown dust and rain).

Radio-frequency identification(RFID) is the use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is anintegrated circuitfor storing and processing information,modulatinganddemodulatingaradio-frequency(RF) signal, and other specialized functions. The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal.

There are generally three types of RFID tags: active RFID tags, which contain abatteryand can transmit signals autonomously, passive RFID tags, which have no battery and require an external source to provoke signal transmission and battery assisted passive (BAP) which require an external source to wake up but have significant higher forward link capability providing great read range.

(c)Method and hardware for processing orders

Order processing methods

Order processing method comprising: receiving an order request including content information oaf customer order from a customer terminal; receiving said identification information of said customer order and a session key from said settlement system as a response to said settlement request, reading out said content information of said customer order from said order storage device relating to the received identification information of said customer order, and carrying out a stock confirmation processing of a commodity relating to said customer order, wherein said session key is data representing that said check for said customer of said customer terminal was successfully completed in said settlement system upon detecting, in said stock confirmation processing, that said commodity relating to said customer order is in stock, transmitting, as a request for a credit inquiry, said content information of said customer order that was read out from said order storage device, said session key to identify data stored in said settlement system, and shop authentication information to said settlement system; and upon receiving information indicating an acceptance of said customer order is possible from said settlement system as a response to said request for said credit inquiry, storing said information indicating an acceptance of the order for said customer order into said order storage device.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 23 x 14 inches ; 32 pounds

  • Note: Gift-wrapping is not available for this item.

  • ASIN: B0001KUD5Q

  • Item model number: FAXPHONE L170

The performance of a laser facsimile and a laser printer, with the speed that today's businesses demand. With state-of-the-art fax capabilities and a 19 page-per-minute printer, this space saving business machine is the ideal choice to replace your old ink jet or thermal fax. Convenience copying adds to the performance of this cost-effective solution.With features such as a 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, Super G3 fax speed and large fax memory, the FAXPHONE L170 can keep pace in any busy office. A front loading paper cassette adds to the convenience. The telephone handset included allows for added versatility. Users will find the functions easy to use on the smartly designed control panel. Move up to an office solution that provides powerful laser fax and printing features in a space-saving desktop design. The FAXPHONE L170 will provide any modern office with the quality laser performance required for today's demanding business environment.

Cisco Small Business Pro SPA941 4-lineIPPhonewith 1-port Ethernet VoIP phonefrom Cisco Systems in Telephones

Four lines of Internet telephony are at your fingertips. The SPA941 can be connected directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP PBX via its single Ethernet port. Each line can be independently assigned its own phone number or extension. A high-resolution graphical display makes for easy menu- and web-based configuration

(d)Method and hardware for recording items dispatched

Responsibility for receipt and dispatch of goods delegated to appropriate staff.
Store procedures implemented in regard to receipt, dispatch and secure storage of goods.
Staff functions observed to ensure store procedures are followed and documentation is completed correctly. Store procedures implemented to ensure goods inspected for quantity and quality on receipt. Variations to quantity and quality of delivered goods acted upon according to store policy. Safe handling and storage of goods supervised in line with store policy.Orders for stock processed/raised as requested according to store policies and procedures. Ordering and recording system accurately maintained. Availability of sample range ensured according to buying plan. Pricing materials ordered as required. Negotiated purchase and supply agreements recorded accurately and filed for retrieval.Stock levels monitored and maintained at required levels.Stock reorder cycles maintained, monitored and adjusted as required.
Team members informed of their individual responsibilities in regard to recording of stock.
Stock storage and movement records maintained in line with store policy. Stock discrepancies recorded and procedures followed according to store policy. Stock performance monitored and fast/slow selling items identified and reported according to store policy.

(e)Process for determining and flagging up stock reorder levels

When you see your inventory down to the last unit, you know exactly what you're selling and how much. But how can you have that level of visibility unless your inventory management system is dynamic, integrated, streamlined and seamless? With demand-based inventory replenishment you can automatically adjusts for seasonal trends and ensures stock on hand. Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand, and number of days' supply to stock are used to dynamically set reorder point and preferred stock level for each item, on an ongoing basis so there will always be stock on hand but ordered just-in-time Know instantly when stock levels are below pre-designated levels, so that your buyers can begin replenishing inventory at a moment's notice. By tracking inventory at multiple warehouses, you can ensure you'll have the products your customers need at the exact location that provides the fastest turnaround time. You also reduce your handling and inventory investment, while maintaining your target goals for complete shipments to customers.

Industrial Production Manager and Stock Control software. This software will let you control any production, stock, order or supplier. You can define unlimited products, create multiple suppliers and/or companies, control orders, check productions and materials, define composite products, calculate orders and stocks, control lead times, production and break-down hours, define subcontractors, and some more.. Works with one or multiple companies.

License:Shareware |Price:$42.00 |Size:522 KB |Downloads(227)

Platform:Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP

(f)Other hardware for the complete system

Printer & Barcode reader

Task 3

In this task-3 the contents are following:

What are the types of media and their information, data rate, advantages and disadvantages?

What are the types of network topologies and their information, how to opperate, advantages and disadvantages?

Investigate the possible network topologies and media.

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable

Twisted pair cabling comes in two varieties: shielded and unshielded. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is the most popular and is generally the best option for school networks (See fig. 1).

The quality of UTP may vary from telephone-grade wire to extremely high-speed cable. The cable has four pairs of wires inside the jacket. Each pair is twisted with a different number of twists per inch to help eliminate interference from adjacent pairs and other electrical devices. The EIA/TIA (Electronic Industry Association/Telecommunication Industry Association) has established standards of UTP and rated five categories of wire.

Categories of Unshielded Twisted Pair



Category 1

Voice Only (Telephone Wire)

Category 2

Data to 4 Mbps (LocalTalk)

Category 3

Data to 10 Mbps (Ethernet)

Category 4

Data to 20 Mbps (16 Mbps Token Ring)

Category 5

Data to 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet)


Cable Type


Unshielded Twisted Pair

100 meters


Unshielded Twisted Pair

100 meters


Unshielded Twisted Pair

220 meters

Benefits of structured UTP cabling include:

  • Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) Structured Premise Cabling permits many communication protocols to reside in the same wire bundle. Examples include voice, data, and CCTV video and control.

  • UTP system is Color-coded cabling

  • UTP is a very easy media to install and reconfigure

  • UTP is extremely easy to terminate

  • In many cases, the wire is already installed

The disadvantages of structured UTP cabling:

  • Because there can be different kind signals wired to different outlets and all outlets look the same, the user needs to be careful not to wire a device to an outlet where a wrong type of signal is wired. Wring connection can lead to situation that the system does not work correctly or even to equipment damages.

  • The current UTP systems (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6) have quite limited high frequency performance, so they do not suit well for transmission of very high frequency signals like cable TV, TV antenna and radio antenna signals. There are product for this available, but the performance which can be got with those is generally quite limited.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cabling has a single copper conductor at its center. A plastic layer provides insulation between the center conductor and a braided metal shield (See fig. 3). The metal shield helps to block any outside interference from fluorescent lights, motors, and other computers.

Although coaxial cabling is difficult to install, it is highly resistant to signal interference. In addition, it can support greater cable lengths between network devices than twisted pair cable. The two types of coaxial cabling are thick coaxial and thin coaxial.


Cable Type

Maximum length


Thin Coaxial

185 meters


Thick Coaxial

500 meters

The advantages of coax include the following:

· Broadband system-Coax has a sufficient frequency range to support multiple channels, which allows for much greater throughput.

· Lower error rates-Because the inner conductor is in a Faraday shield, noise immunity is improved, and coax has lower error rates and therefore slightly better performance than twisted-pair. The error rate is generally 10-9 (i.e., 1 in 1 billion) bps.

· Greater spacing between amplifiers-Coax's cable shielding reduces noise and crosstalk, which means amplifiers can be spaced farther apart than with twisted-pair.

The main disadvantages of coax are as follows:

· Problems with the deployment architecture-The bus topology in which coax is deployed is susceptible to congestion, noise, and security risks.

· Great noise-The return path has some noise problems, and the end equipment requires added intelligence to take care of error control.

· High installation costs-Installation costs in the local environment are high.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cabling consists of a center glass core surrounded by several layers of protective materials (See fig. 5). It transmits light rather than electronic signals eliminating the problem of electrical interference. This makes it ideal for certain environments that contain a large amount of electrical interference. It has also made it the standard for connecting networks between buildings, due to its immunity to the effects of moisture and lighting.

Facts about fiber optic cables:

  • Outer insulating jacket is made of Teflon or PVC.

  • A plastic coating is used to cushion the fiber center.

  • Center (core) is made of glass or plastic fibers.


Cable Type

Maximum Length


Fiber Optic


Main Types of Physical Topologies

The following sections discuss the physical topologies used in networks and other related topics.

Linear Bus

A linear bus topology consists of a main run of cable with a terminator at each end (See fig. 1). All nodes (file server, workstations, and peripherals) are connected to the linear cable. Ethernet and LocalTalk networks use a linear bus topology.

Advantages of a Linear Bus Topology

  • Easy to connect a computer or peripheral to a linear bus.

  • Requires less cable length than a star topology.

Disadvantages of a Linear Bus Topology

  • Entire network shuts down if there is a break in the main cable.

  • Terminators are required at both ends of the backbone cable.


A star topology is designed with each node (file server, workstations, and peripherals) connected directly to a central network hub or concentrator (See fig. 2).Data on a star network passes through the hub or concentrator before continuing to its destination. The hub or concentrator manages and controls all functions of the network. It also acts as a repeater for the data flow. This configuration is common with twisted pair cable; however, it can also be used with coaxial cable or fiber optic cable.

Advantages of a Star Topology

  • Easy to install and wire.

  • No disruptions to the network then connecting or removing devices.

Disadvantages of a Star Topology

  • Requires more cable length than a linear topology.

  • If the hub or concentrator fails, nodes attached are disabled.


A tree topology combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies. It consists of groups of star-configured workstations connected to a linear bus backbone cable (See fig. 4). Tree topologies allow for the expansion of an existing network, and enable schools to configure a network to meet their needs.

Advantages of a Tree Topology

  • Point-to-point wiring for individual segments.

  • Supported by several hardware and software venders.

Disadvantages of a Tree Topology

  • Overall length of each segment is limited by the type of cabling used.

  • If the backbone line breaks, the entire segment goes down.

Summary Chart:

Physical Topology

Common Cable

Common Protocol

Linear Bus

Twisted Pair



Twisted Pair



Twisted Pair



I think the Unshielded Twisted pair (UTP) Cable is the better than any other cable at in-house network. Because of the following reasons:

UTP system is Color-coded cabling

A good UTP system gives better interference rejection than coax ial

UTP is less expensive than dedicated coaxial or fiber

UTP is physically smaller than coax and many other cable types

UTP is a very easy media to install and reconfigure

UTP is extremely easy to terminate

And then, at the topology of the in-house network the Linear Bus Topology is fine. Because of the following factors:

Requires less cable length than a star topology

The protocols used with linear bus configurations are usually Ethernet or LocalTalk.

The Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) can use with linear bus topology.So,I want to use UTP and Linear Bus topology at in-house network(LAN) .The pair of the UTP and linear bus topology is good to use .So, I like the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Linear Bus Topology.

Task 4

How to prepare for customer to look and what the part to prepare for Delivery organization

The company makes a website at the online and then creates the part of delivery condition. The company makes update every time what the items reach where and show the website. Delivery organization report to the company where they reach and what items they give who customer. The company permits to prepare the part of delivery condition at the site to the deliver organizations. So, the customer can easily that their items where reached.

For looking the customer to the website we must made the requirement of software and hardware the software and hardware are the following:

Delivery report software

Cheetah Delivery software provides optimized scheduled routing enabling more stops with fewer trucks, while the power of real-time dynamic routing allows you to schedulee and automatically route "on demand" (not previously scheduled) pickups.

Cheetah Delivery software is available in three tiered editions:

  • Cheetah Delivery Professional software includes all the great features of Express. In addition, it takes your operation a step further into automation with simplified drag-and-drop route planning and dispatching, advanced customer service, plus the added flexibility to assign dynamic stops on-demand. On-site training is included.

  • Cheetah Delivery Enterprise software is the ultimate in automation including intelligent optimized route planning, automated optimized dispatch, pro-active customer service, automated email notification, and route cost/savings analysis, providing even more labor savings and productivity improvements.

Delivery report hardware

Anew builds is a superior document delivery system for today document delivery need, the Biscom payment server (BDS) is causes the user to provide the document, the document, and with the news by is simple and the security way enterprise level document transmission server. By today government regulation, obeys the question, and is aware and the need to the safe increase.The sender collects the document, the document, with other electronic media. The sender creates "to wrap the" document, wilfully enters a piece of security news, with to or more receives lecture payment. The receive is notified their safe payment to insert through a email by the type ultra link.

Receive registration to Biscom payment server.

Task 5

(a) Prevention of theft

Your company sells some arrangement widget? From clothing to doublet tool, if your business processing and completely deposits the visible product, then stores goods the accurate concept is extremely familiar folds the sentence. Advantageous, the customer retains, all hinges in reliable goods in stock serial number operation productive forces.
Whether organizes to use a computer system excels at the report form or the dependence for easily easy close perpetual inventory either the use always the manual recording goods in stock cards. Just think of the implications:

1. The accurate permission buys the staff member makes the suitable replenishment to decide that, reduces the stock exportation

2. Sells reps possibly to write the customer to order knew any they will promise the transportation are any customer accept

3. The warehouse labor is not wasted scratches tries the distribution center to seek the spirit goods in stock

Reduces employee larceny possible pipe union goods in stock to lose observe the initiative numeral to achieve. Many companies adopt physical inventory every year. Perhaps that satisfies the controller .But cyclical inventorying, inventory management is stipulated, usually prearranges the regiment possibly prevents the ill meaning the sticky finger.

This some considerations work as the development cycle inventorying program:

1. Frequency. The most enormous advantage comes from the repetition way to keep in good health. More time are comparatively impossible through to count in physics with the reconciliation between you realize the larceny question.

2. Any counts. Is enough slightly places in the pocket higher US dollar value project, perhaps pushes a sleeve or the slide guarantees more attentions in the sock. The consideration has these products which more streets appealed.

Monitoring of staff

Data protection committee member accepts, the organization has the legitimate interest to protect their business, the reputation, the resources and the equipment. Achieves this, perhaps the organization hopes the monitor to the email, the Internet, with telephone staff member's use. But, is worth paying attention, the collection, the information use or the storage about the worker, their email either the Internet passes over the surveillance or their surveillance by the processing image) the pickup camera (the involvement processes individual data and, the data protection law is suitable for processes like this. The article 29 work teams have adopted a working document in the electronic communications surveillance in the operational site. Its main guiding principle is, you do not lose your secrecy and the data protection right just because you are the employee. Employee's any limitation secret should is balanced to employer's legitimate interest possible damage

Below the spot needs to lecture by the data controller:

Employer's legitimate interest - processing is necessary is the employment relates and manages the active normal development - individual data to argue certain limitations to the individual secrecy in the operational site. But, these interests are unable compared to the data protection first principle, including the transparency, the request which the market and the legitimate processing data and needs guaranteed, any infrigement in employee's secrecy is fair and balanced. The worker can always oppose processing acts according to it is causes either possibly causes the huge destruction or the distress to the individual.

The monitor, including employee's email or the Internet usage, the surveillance by the photographic camera, the pickup camera or the place data must obey the data protection law the transparency request. The staff member will have to be individual data the news quick surveillance existence which will process, with and goal. If in CCTV photographic camera revolution, and publicly passes over is permitted, a notice should demonstrate to that function. Any surveillance must carry out few with intrudes the way possibility. With is only connected in the exceptional case a time of Xing Shi to investigate, with in the consultation and Gardai, should depend upon is done to the hiding surveillance

(b) Adjusting stock level

In fact steals the stock project to be possible to be easy. Any as soon as lacks the physical security is a main contributor to the goods in stock larceny, from employee or non- employee. If the project public supplies any employee authorization or the requisition, will store goods will not have been easily the larceny. At the most retail trades, these projects need freely the supplies salesman in order to they do their work. The manufacturing industry enterprise needs easy to pass over the high efficiency operation to the material.

Hiding the theft of inventory in the business record is a deceit more difficult part. If the theft is a disposable event, it is not too possible; the employee cannot even attempt to hide the theft. Is stolen according to the type project, perhaps they will leave behind the loss to pay attention adopt in the next time stock. If the employee hoped continuation larceny in period, they probably need to hide the loss. How lost hides assigns which type deceit to do.

Once stored goods has been stolen, will lose should appear in perpetual inventory records in the next time the stock adopts. The record must revise hides the loss. Therefore, the theft becomes the deceit. The stock record deceit hides according to the theft in the stock record passes several different method middle. These methods include:

(i) the vacation cancels the plan
(ii) vacation stock achievement
(iii) permanent recording plan
(iv) the vacation accepts the literature

Task 6


In the task 1 ,the following content are include:

  1. information provide the customer about book

  2. information provide the customer about an order they have placed

  3. Other information provided to customer

Then I solve the above content in the task 1

In the task 2, the following content are include:

  1. recommendation made in task 1.

  2. Methods and hardware for recording new stock items

  3. Methods and hardware for processing order

  4. Methods and hardware for recording items dispatched

  5. Process for determining and flagging up stock reorder levels

  6. Other hardware for complete system

Then I solve the above content in the task 2.

In the task 3, the following are include:

-types of media and their benefit and disadvantages and their data rate

- types of topology and their benefit and disadvantages and their operation


Then I solve the above content in the task 3

In the task 4 , the following content are include:

-how to prepare delivery status to delivery organization?

-Make a delivery report site to look for customer

-What types of software and hardware for delivery?

Then I solve the above content in the task 3.

In the task 5, the following content are include:

-prevention of theft and monitoring of staff

-Adjusting stock levels when theft occurs


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