A Study On Managing A Crisis Drama Essay

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Proactive planning is taken as the idea of setting up new developments in advance of a definite happening. Feedback mechanism has to be developed especially for marketing where honesty, truth  and assuring the public that the problem is being worked on and it will be solved is the best mechanism that can be employed. For instance; you are an engineer and have been overseeing a construction on going in Juja town, as the construction progresses, you see cracks on the wall and after systematic investigation, you realize that the main beam and columns are failing thus the building becomes weaker as more loading is applied. The director of the construction firm suggests that you keep it a secret. The best mechanism to employ here is stopping the construction and publicizes the issue to the concerned parties and immediately applying the necessary measures.

Proactive crisis management plan is necessary in an organization always because most commercial organizations are bound to experience a number of possible coercion such as terror campaign, natural disaster, health pandemics, political instability which can cause a striking crash on the business operations and their profitability. It is therefore essential that the organizations have advanced planning to ensure all participants are conscious of the responsibilities incase of an emergency. Crisis management plan should be in place from the start of the business.

Reactive crisis management can be utilized in the grounding of an organization for the uninvited to prevent denting their reputation. PR plays a fundamental task in such situations because it is the contact relation between the organizations management, employees, the media and the legal entities which is all done by the Public relations personnel. The concert of PR during such situations can mean recovery or the downfall of an organization.


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