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The Concept of Creativity as a Process in Invention

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Published: 7th Jun 2021 in Design

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Question 1: Explain the meaning of “creativity is a process”. Provide two (2) examples of inventions to support your explanation. Include relevant photos of the inventions in your explanations.

We must work hard and understand that to be creative because creativity is the most useful skills that we can possess. Creativity consistently help people on refining ideas and solutions, tinkering and making stable changes and also improvements on their jobs. 

So, how does a creative idea come to you? Where does it come from and why does it occur? These are questions we have been asking since young, the main reason because the process continues to puzzle us. A lot of incredible things we can do, however we can’t actually figure out anything going on in our brains when we happen upon an idea that seeking into a solution for a problem. Most of the problem we face in work or in life can bring us creative ideas. It is a myth that works of creative excellence are created with a single stroke of brilliance out of nowhere or in a swift passion of instant activation of creativity as portrayed in the movies. Creative person always see room for improvement what we need to understand is creativity is a process. That is the reason a lot of companies had to snatch the invention from the inventor to take control of the market and sell the product. The particular inventor would not stop improve of his invention into a better product.

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Mobile phones is one of the creative invention which went through a process to be what it is today. In 1970s, the Bell Labs AMPS (Advance Mobile Phone System) was up and running on a small scale. At the same time, Martin Cooper, an engineer at the Motorola Company in the USA, when he first saw Star Trek communicator on TV had fascinated him, so he is developing something close to the movie. “We knew that people didn’t want to talk to cars, or to houses, or to offices; they want to talk to other people ... What we believed was that the telephone number should be a person rather than a location.” Martin Cooper, inventor and entrepreneur.

Martin Cooper, developed first hand-held phone which could connect over Bell labs’ AMPS. DynaTac was launched by Motorola in 1984. It quickly became a must accessory for entrepreneurs and wealthy financiers even through its weighed 1.1kg and was known as The Brick. In 1992, mobiles were not only for business use, digital displays invented in this generation and with mass production paved the way for cost-effective consumer mobiles. In 1997, mobile phone offered four colours displays. Mobile phone continue growth, phone photography invented in this 2002 which mobile phone with clip on camera.  One year later, implementation of 3G which have 2MBS speed and front camera, meant that video calling became possible friends and family at outstation.

In 2007, mobile phone getting smarter because the traditional button method been replaced by swiping and scrolling. Mobile phone offering function more than communication features in 2012. 4G was also implemented which taking speeds up to 12MBPS improves video streaming and video calling capabilities and voice recognition. With present day the superfast world, 5G service promises vastly superior data speed and reliability, ultra HD and mobile gaming been boosted.

 In this new challenging era, there’re another amazing inventions which is television. It is not possible to imagine a world without television. How did people entertain themselves before the 24/7 news cycle? It’s only been a few years since television became unreplaceable. Television is a way of sending and receiving moving images and sounds through the air by electrical impulses or over wires. Black and white were the first televisions which invented in 1925. It wasn’t until 1954 that the first colour broadcasts were introduced.

 After the invention of colour broadcasts, digital television been invented in 1998 by bringing a lot of advantage which picture quality and expansion of number of channels that could be broadcast at the same time over the same radio frequencies. After some year, widescreen been implemented which allowed wider framing of TV shots. Well, with this also better fit for films on televisions without the use of large black bars at the top and bottom of the picture, called letterboxing or cropping the video. In 2009, HD been introduced in televisions. HD TV which also call 1080i, with this implemented have five times the number of pixels as standard definition, which produces a much crisper, sharper picture and also has allowed screens grow in size without looking pixelated or blurry at normal viewing distances.

 Conclusion, creativity hold an importance in current generation than the past, and surely more in the future. All the inventions make our life become more convenience and more modern life style.


Question 2: While making decisions, the mind function of valuing plays an important role in determining the decision that we make.

(a)  Explain the mind function of valuing.

Mental activities of evaluating, appraising and judging which divided in the mind function of valuing. Creating a subjective value of an action or a task, so when an animal looking for foods, decision have to make based on a history of information coming from positive and negative outcome. So before we take action need to assess all the features. Observation is a form of valuing where we judge our choices. According to Adair (2007, 13), “…the word value comes from a market metaphor, it is what you have to give in order to receive something over the counter.” With the invention of money, standardization of bartering by using money, its physical and digital forms plays a very important role in this modernized world. However, money is not the only thing we value because there are still have other elements for us to make the judgement.

(b)  If you were to look for a new job, state the set of criteria (of at least 4 items) that you would look at. Justify why the criteria that you have stated is important to you.

With current generation, job offers are often the leftovers of others from a company might get block in a job that we not really want after all and regretting that never took the time to think it properly. So, before I look for a new job, I will consider Management Leadership Style, Company Culture & Values, Work – Life Balance and Growth Opportunities to define whether the new job is fit for me.

Management Leadership Style

How does your direct superior conduct and speak? Are they hands-on or disconnect? Do they make decisions based on data or from their own way? If management’s leadership style not sync with your own, job will not be satisfy. There’re two way of management which is a boss and a leader. A boss order their team, while a leader cheer team to think creatively, innovate, and grab for perfection. Every team has a boss, but I need is a leader who will help me to achieve the greatness. A good leader will never abused his authority by the position but will always advise and guide you and also show the correct direction to bring you to destination of journey.

Company Culture & Values

Job happiness is always plunge to a company’s culture & values. A company that given opportunities and accepts criticism will help employee to improve their work efficiency since company hear their concern and problems. Especially team-building events can help to increase motivation of team because increases confidence, ability and with this can show that employers willing to fulfill their needs. Company with culture & values will spread the word of their positive experience, and will gain a strong prestige to team. It will be great that talented employee knows other good talent. While the team are happy with their work, they will share the info between each other’s. With the right culture and values, I will be able to establish teamwork between colleagues and learn from their experience

Work – Life Balance

In current generation, the capability to bring work life balance is becoming more and more difficult. Retain work life balance is not only important for family members and own health, but the efficiency of work also been improve. Work life balance increases productivity, this is because staying long hours at office will make us feel like conducing a lot to the office; so the efficiency of work become worse. I only have one life, so I want to live with abundant. I do not wish get years down the line and realize I been missed out something, time that passed I will never get back.

Growth Opportunities

Growth opportunities are important to me looking at to continuing my careers with a company. Growth opportunities allow team to set the goals because they feel supported in their future wish. The growth opportunities doesn’t mean promotion needed to grow my career. Opportunities to work on particular special projects and meet main customers can help to improve skills and gain high-ranking knowledge. I will like to enjoy the growth initiative and challenges of working outside of my own organization will help to learn new skills and communication with colleagues. I wish to learn new skills and contributes to the company’s success.

Question 3: When making or listening to arguments, we need to look out for fallacies. Fallacies are defects in logic that weaken arguments.

When we compose arguments or involve others’ arguments, we need to know the possible fallacies. A fallacy means as a defect or mistake in reasoning. With understand of fallacies, can improve our skill to judge the arguments we cause, read, and listen. There are many types of fallacies, lets discuss about two fallacies which are false cause and generalisations.

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First of all, false cause means when an argument mistakenly try to set up some state of works produces the effect of another state of works. Event A happened, Event B come after Event A, therefore Event A caused Event B. This happens because make a conclusion depends on supposed causal connection which does not exist at all, is not known to exist, or possible does not exist. For an example,

Furthermore, generalisations define drawing a claim  based on a little evidence of sample size, rather than search for statistics which are much more information with the average situation. It take a little sample and judge an idea about that sample and use it to a bigger population, so it actually not work.  For an example, my father reach home and find out cushion pear off and our dog with a guilty face looking in the corner. So whenever our dog with guilty look, so my father will declare to us whenever we leave house, our dog will destroy our things. This possible will be true but my dog didn’t destroy anything after that day. To avoid this happen, we should be more particular that based on observation for several times and not only one time. Have to find the truth, look for evidence with both supporting statement because every story have two sides, the truth frequently lies somewhere else.

Lastly, fallacies are everywhere and it’s important to understand fallacies so we can avoid in any arguments that we make.  Fallacies also provide basis for assessing and critiquing other arguments also.


“…the word value comes from a market metaphor, it is what you have to give in order to receive something over the counter.”

Adair, J (2007) Decision Making and Problem Solving, New Delhi: Kogan Page.

“We knew that people didn’t want to talk to cars, or to houses, or to offices; they want to talk to other people ... What we believed was that the telephone number should be a person rather than a location.” Martin Cooper, inventor and entrepreneur.



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