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Certificate II in Multimedia

The course was made to teach the easier skills in multimedia that are absolutely vital in designing, developing and the making of multimedia. The course has a number of benefits that are: making it easier to get a job as an assistant in multimedia, supplying a thorough understanding of Health and Safety issues, using the internet in a more efficient way, developing and use of graphic design using software like Microsoft Photoshop and Illustrator Editing. Also the making and maintenance of web pages using programs such as Dreamweaver that creates websites (HTML files). The most important thing that is taught though is the proper use of recording and editing videos/movies.

The future job options that can be explored after completing this course:

This course is great for a person interested in working in the multimedia industry as a personal media assistant. This is because the whole course was designed to teach the students how to complete the various tasks that may be required of them in future media assistant jobs. These tasks could involve:

  • Updating a web pages
  • Helping out with a project related to multimedia
  • Creating and using animation programs to make animations
  • Obtaining and changing images (selection and omission)
  • Helping out with productions.

Multimedia industry assistants make around $55 000 - $60 000 a year.

An alternative way of starting out in the multimedia industry is to complete the Certificate III in Multimedia so that the jobs that you start off with are in leadership positions in a team of employees and therefore are higher paying. This course is essentially just a way for the students to learn and put into action their leadership abilities and experience in the multimedia industry so that when they go out and get a job it will be easier for the student seeing as they would have already learnt the necessary skills.

Some of the units that will be studied in this course would be:

  • Digital Imaging
  • 2D Animation
  • Multimedia Development
  • OH&S
  • Web Design

Some of the roles that a graduate of this course would be able to fulfill would be: an Interactive media author, a web designer or even a Digital Artist.

Web designers design, create, and maintain websites on the internet using programs like Dreamweaver or other HTML programs. Web designers usually have to do a lot of travelling both national and international (if they are well known enough) to meet clients and talk to them personally. Web designers usually have to work under very stressful conditions as they constantly have to work under time limits. They also have to constantly keep up to date with the new updates and technology leaps that occur. They earn $600 000 - $700 000 a year.