Mapping of data collection issues and processes

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In this research, the researcher tries to find possible answer to the facts that prevents International students at DePaul University from obtaining health insurance that is required to manage the huge medical expenses at a hospital during emergency and at the time illness. The research question of this research is ” To what extent International students at DePaul University Chicago avoid healthcare because of financial and other issues.”

International Students is defined as the students who came to DePaul University Chicago from outside the United States for educational purposes. Currently there are over 600,000 International students pursuing some sort of education in United States. DePaul University is a non-for profit and nations largest Catholic University located in Chicago, which offers bachelor and Master degrees in various fields. Health insurance is defined as the insurance that provides medical expense coverage during the time of illness or other health related emergencies.

DePaul University is a private Catholic University with enrollment of approximately 22000 students. Among these 22,000 students, 1100 are International students (NAFSA 2009). DePaul University has a very organized and capable office aiming at the service of International students. They have records of all the enrolled International students in the University. The researcher can utilize the office of International students for getting samples or utilize the various International Organizations within DePaul run by students itself. The researcher will try to collect data from International students without collecting any personal information. The researcher is committed to keep any obtained records in privacy.

The researcher will use questionnaires to collect data from randomly selected samples. The researcher can also utilize various International students' organizations to collect data using direct interviewing. Asking the organizations to fill in a survey form using popular websites like survey monkey can also be implemented for easy data gathering.

The questionnaire method would be the best viable technique that can be implemented to collect data since it can be anonymous and would get greater sample response. The researcher will use International students' office and other International students' organizations to collect data. Faith and Nationality based organizations are very active and popular in DePaul University. The time frame for this research can take up to 2 months since the researcher has to obtain permissions from IRB and other authorities, find and select the samples etc. The main location of this study is exclusively DePaul University campus. The researcher prefers not to extend the research beyond the University campus. Sample sizes would be more than 600 since the total population is over 1100.

The researcher will use descriptive analysis in this study for better understanding of the data collected. The researcher might conduct a need assessment based on the data collected and the inferred results.

The researcher finds this study as a challenge because of the doubt of participation of samples in this research. The data quality and reliability is considerably good since the study is focusing on human subjects and using questionnaires as the form of data collection. However, the researcher might face problems accessing the data through the International students' office. The researcher considers this research as generalisable because the selected universe and the research is focusing on a small number of population.

The researcher expects the result of this research as positive and can be generalized. The researcher will find out the problems and factors that prevent International students studying at DePaul University from obtaining medical insurance. It will be evident that from the results obtained from this research that the need of the medical insurance coverage for International students at DePaul. The researcher will also submit the results to the International students' office and President of DePaul University for further evaluation and actions.

The researcher believes that through this research he can bring out one of the basic needs of a minority group at DePaul University. He can also promote the idea at DePaul for creating a medical insurance scheme for International students.