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This assignment about people organizations and society, analyses the changes to the nature of work that have occurred between Dalian and Singapore in the past 50 years. Dalian is one of major coastal ports city in China, like Singapore and other coastal ports city. In section 1, it first explains the changes have occurred in Dalian at the past 50 years. The next sections are analysis the detail of changes in Dalian, the detail of changes in Singapore and compare the two cities. The fifth section is predicting the coming year changes in future. Then the last section of the assignment is summary.

2. The Evolution of Management Approach in Dalian

In 1984, Dalian start to opening-up to global market, just to improve economic development, after that began to improve light industry, heavy industry and so on, along with urban development, Government began to develop the tourism industry so that Dalian become the center of Liaoning coastal economic zone, shipping and logistics center today, the resident city of the summer Davos World Economic Forum.

These 50 years, government start from the city construction, XingHai Convention and Exhibition Center is a state-of-the-art facilities, completed in 1996. in Dalian has been successfully held: China Import and Export Fair, Dalian International Garment Fair and automobiles, home appliances, furniture, hardware, fishing, electronic communication products exhibition of more than 300, and the cumulative turnover of 1000 billion. Until now, Dalian is to modern international forward. The United States, Wal-Mart, France's Carrefour, Metro, Germany, Malaysia, Parkson have settled in Dalian. Start the implementation of e-commerce, consumer credit and other modern marketing methods.

For industry develop make phenomenal progress is the Dalian Ship-build Industry, the Dalian Ship-build Industry was found in 1898, more than one century, they as "ship Spirit" to lead," the ship people "unremitting efforts and struggle. Achieve the numerous honors and glory in the development process of China's shipbuilding industry. It is the currently only one ship enterprise have the ability to provide product research and development, design, construction, repair, alteration and full life-cycle service, it also the only equipment manufacturing enterprise groups make military, shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment, repair / ship-breaking and Heavy five business segments.(Dalian Shipbuilding, Ltd)

After that Dalian start focus on develop tourism, there are four most famous tourism, called Dalian four major scenic spots include the southern coastal scenic areas, scenic Port Arthur, Golden Pebble Beach Scenic Area and BingYu Scenic. And the annual Spring Festival will be the Dalian International Fashion Festival, fireworks, tours Huai Council, International Marathon and other large events, also help Dalian become financial economics, culture and tourism as one of the truly urban development has brought opportunities and vitality.

3. Analysis the detailed in situational of Dalian

This part I only cover 3 areas to analysis the detailed in situations of Dalian, because these areas can clear proof of Dalian's success change.


For the traffic, 30 years ago, if you want to by train from Dalian to Shijiazhuang, you need transfer two times and the train always late, and now, there are many traffic tools for passengers choose, most people would like choose drive car. Even you want to by a direct train to Shijiazhuang you also no need to worry, because the speed, running time is greatly shortened, it is become very convenient. Shijiazhuang also have airport with direct flights between Dalian. A lot of intercity trains have also opened from Shijiazhuang to Beijing, Beijing to Changchun EMU, all very fast and comfortable. And in 2003, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to build Dalian into northeastern important international shipping center in Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is 10 kilometers from the city center, was built in October 1972, has now become a national civil International Airport, has opened routes 145, including 98 domestic routes and 47 international routes, passenger throughput of 16 million to 20 million people needs to meet. Dalian maritime passenger transport routes is accessible, the famous Dalian Port and more than 150 countries and regions of the port shipping with rail and road is developed. This is also the national strength has increased since the opening-up, scientific and technological progress, the construction of highway and rail traffic, transportation equipment manufacturing industry continues to develop innovative results. At the same time, Care Act and people thoughts also improve, basically people in country, in the past, if they sick or uncomfortable they may endure the pain with or simply take some medicine. Now, the bad condition already greatly changed. Most Masses of peasants began to focus on health, if feel something wrong they move into the provincial capital hospital right now. With the national new rural cooperative medical policy is deepening, promotion, increasing coverage, the protection of the government also greatly improved on medical technology make sure offer a high level of protection for the peasant masses.


It has so many factors can influences the development of culture change, such as location, goals and objectives, the environment history and so on.

Location has change Dalian's culture. For example, 50 years ago, foreigner to us as a kind of person who very bad, especially for Japanese, any bad thing all done by them, so Dalian citizen don't like them, however, after many years Dalian open the global market door, we began to do business with our nearest neighborhood-Japanese, we communicate with them, even though we make friends each other, because the location we start to do business, then cause of business we accept them and try to know them, than know most of them are good person, we would like make friends with them. We also begin to spend money on eating some Japanese food, western food and other foods which we cannot accept before.

Goals and objectives also can change the culture; Women can work out in today's Dalian. Women work out also not be allowed in China many years ago. This culture also have in Dalian like other city, the earliest, women only can do housework and farm work at home, with the improvement of the world, women start to work out, till now, women begin to act as a very important role in any workplace, such as worker, teacher, seller even though business women, soldier and aeriator which have a very high body fitness level.

Environment can change many things also include the culture. The most important festival for Chinese is Chinese New Year, in Chinese New Year Holiday people would like to Setting off firecrackers, it is a culture for Chinese to wish everything going on well in the coming year, but with the city improve, many factory boiled and the environment become bad, people also start to pay attention on protect environment, Setting off firecrackers may cause many accident and affect environment, we notice it is not good for citizen's health. So that government issued to forbid the action in city.

Technology and Organizations

Technology and organization change can be many factors, for example, deliberately initiated by management, evolve slowly over time, imposed by change in policy and result from environment pressures.

Dalian is one of the fourteen coastal open cities in China, so there are many joint ventures from other country. Until 2004, there are 6343 enterprises from 73 countries and regions around the world come to Dalian investment. Japan is the biggest investment country. So lead to our work environment change, to be more specific, the organization changed result from environment pressures.

In here, organization change cause of the technology development, government intervention and globalization. It means with the technology improve staff start to use new method with advanced technical force and science, for example, computer has been use widespread in office, manager try use more scientific way to manage the company. Staff need know more than one language; it means except mother language they also need know English or Japanese.

Analysis the detailed in situational of Singapore

Singapore is an island nation located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is one of the world's richest countries in the world. Singapore is one of Asia's leading financial services and shipping center. It is the fourth largest international financial center. Industry is the leading force of the Singapore Economic Development, in the rapid development times, it has become the world's third largest oil refining, as well as one of the world's electronics industry center. Singapore doing a great job in cleaning and keeping of the city, have been gain the "Garden City" reputation.


Like above have shown that, Singapore is a very rich country, its night life is very wonderful. Even though Singapore very rich its pubic security very good, for example, I am a student study in Singapore, because homework I often study till might night, sometime maybe hungry, I will go food court to eat a stroke of midnight. For traffic, Since the 1970s, the Singapore government on the development of the overall planning of urban transport, accelerate the construction of the transport network, after decades of development, Singapore has been formed including roads, urban freeway, bus, subway, light rail, taxi including public transport system, where the subway is the main means of delivery, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System, is the world's most developed and efficient public transport system, It is to play a key role in public transport. (Government of Singapore)


Singapore used to be a traditional as well as conservative society in general. But this is not the case anymore. The society itself is shaped by western values and as a result of that the younger generation is very much inclined by western culture, these year Japanese star and Korea star famous the world, Singapore young people start to change their wear style, they follow the Japanese and Korea style.

Singapore is a multi-racial country of immigrants, is also the world's most international countries, new result show that the ethnic group: 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 9.2% Indian, 3.3% other races (Government of Singapore), so that the government change many public holiday to fit different race people culture.

New Year's Day(Tuesday )1 Jan 2013

Chinese New Year (Sunday&Monday )

10~11 Feb 2013

Good Friday (Friday) 29 Mar2013

Labour Day (Friday) 1 May 2013

Vesak Day (Friday) 24 may 2013

Hari Raya Puasa (Thursday)

8 Aug 2013

National Day (Friday) 9 Aug 2013

Hari Raya Haji (Tursday) 15 Oct 2013

Deepavali (Sunday) 3 Nov 2013

Christmas Day (Wednesday)

25 Dec 2013

Table 1 Public Holidays 2013 (Government of Singapore)

Technology and Organizations

Singapore is an inland country, it around the sea, but this water cannot drink, so they import water from other country, with the Strategic planning and investment through research and technology in the past 50 years, Singapore's national water agency build a strong and diversified water supply and that is referred to as "the four countries plumber", the water supply comprises (1) local catchment water, (2) imported water, (3) highly-purified reclaimed water known as NEWater, and (4) desalinated water.

Local watershed

Singapore has two separate systems, rainwater harvesting and use of water. Rainwater collected by drains, ditches, rivers, rainwater tanks and reservoirs of drinking water sources before it is considered a comprehensive network. This makes it is one of the few countries in the world, Singapore, massive urban harvest rain water.


NEWater is the resurgent water; it is a success story of Singapore and Singapore's water resources pillars of sustainable development, high-grade use of recycled water production processing further purified using advanced membrane technology and UV disinfection, ultra-clean water is safe to drink. The newborn water treatment is the first diaphragm treatment, sewage the macromolecules dirt barrier. Following to reverse osmosis techniques and remove small molecules and microbial contaminants. This process enables the recovery rate of 75%. Again, ultraviolet radiation to disinfect the water, which causes the pH of the water, was some damage, so the last step is to restore the pH. So the sewage outflow from millions of households reached again, after the processing of the new water plant drinking water standards.

Desalinated water

Desalinated water is based on the desalination of water. Singapore has Asia's largest seawater reverse osmosis plant to produce 30 million gallons of water a day (136,000 cubic meters) to meet about 10% of Singapore's water needs. Second 70mgd desalination plant will be completed in 2013

Singapore was a British colony, so their mother language and the official language is English and Malay. However, with the increase of the ethnic group rise, the official languages have included Mandarin and Tamil, for example. Many year ago, Singapore school only use English, they did teach other language except English, so that there are many old Singapore only can speak English. But now, much primary school start to teach Chinese, student and teacher also use English in school, but they have another new subject called Chinese, and ask student must can speak Chinese, and in many office place also accept Chinese. Many years ago, staff in many company only accept English, for example, a Chinese cannot speak other language go bank do some deposit, if luck someone can speak Chinese may help him, or he cannot deposit the money, Today many company service have person can speak 22Chinese for service Chinese consumer.

Compare analysis between Dalian and Singapore

Before compare Dalian and Singapore, I will show some basic information about these two cities



Population (million)



Area (sq. km)




Chinese mandarin



700billion (CNY)


326.83 billion (SGD)


Table 2. Basic information of Dalian and Singapore

Lifestyle in Singapore and Dalian is totally different, Singapore is rich than Dalian and social security also batter than Dalian, give a simple example, if your meet criminal Singapore and call police right now, generally less in 5 minutes there mast have police appear, the same condition occur in Dalian the police may come after half a hour, this is the different work efficiency between the two cities. Dalian is a city developing in a better developed city, no matter on the city constructionor traffic network. However, live in Dalian may feel more relax than Singapore, people live and work in Dalian may more relax, compare with in Singapore Dalian has more work chances than Singapore, and after people retirement, they don't need work, they can get retirement pension from their company and get allowance from their children, special for the allowance from children, children must pay the money without any reason by Chinese law. However, people work in Singapore very tired because there is always a lot of strong competitor compete on one job, and after they retire, the retirement pension they get almost cannot afford their cost of living, and they don't have complete law to protect old people.

Culture of these two city almost same, because Singapore is a special country, the national of Singapore over 70% is Chinese, so they have most similar culture, for example, eating with chopstick. But they still have something different, like main language, attitude to job, political system. Attitude to job means people in Dalian regard job as a way to earn money, and Singaporean regard job as their duty, they won't use the job power do something to get other benefit which not belong to them. Political system means the education level of the government leader, in Dalian who can do job well can be work in government, in Singapore the people must have very high education can work in government and be the leader, this though also in company.

Both Singapore and China are harbor city; port is one of the most important industries. Dalian port own China's largest offshore passenger ro-ro vehicle distribution center, the principles of safety, quality, efficient, convenient, and carry out domestic and international transportation of passengers and baggage, ro-ro vehicle loading and unloading operations, has a wealth of business management and service experience, its berths in the largest in China, intelligent highest ro-ro berth, vehicle lift bridge maximum load weight of 80 tons, and can be adjusted to the tidal change, intelligent vehicle handling best position. However, Singapore as an international maritime center, technology application level is their high light; they collect government and other institutions with efficient operation to achieve many complex functions. It is not a very easy task, and complete it is mainly due to the high-tech applications. Singapore's international shipping center platform is built by the TRADENET and PORTNET two electronic information systems. Have networked with more than 5,000 of the company's management information system, to ensure that the flow of information.

Predictive changes in Dalian for the next 10 years

About the future development of Dalian, I predict that there will be three, the port of Dalian, absorption settled in Dalian, urban construction.

Development prospects are very satisfactory, Dalian and Singapore as well as the port city of Dalian Port, Dalian Port nowhere near the port of Singapore is also no doubt, but the development potentials of the port of Dalian.

Dalian Port is located at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, tight choke the mouth of the Bay of Bohai Bay Route distance from the international connection at home and abroad; With the obvious geographical advantages, radiation transport hub of northeast, is to build the best channel of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Dalian Port deep water coastline is very rich in resources. Outside the customs territory core Minato Dagushan of Peninsula has a special geographical natural conditions, with the Dayao Bay This rare deep-water harbor and a total length of 40 km natural deep-water coastal resources, planning as international logistics Peninsula, to carry out a very favorable trade.

The obvious advantages of the development of Dalian City, northeast region most open city, open economy active, strong industrial base, petrochemical, electronics, equipment manufacturing three major industries in the northeast and the country occupies a very important position. Outgoing local economic dependency reached 44%.

Another point is that absorption enterprises settled in Dalian, for absorption enterprises, Dalian is still recruiting enterprises settled in Dalian, absorb more companies will provide more jobs, but the face of the selection meet some stringent future most of the enterprises settled in Dalian high-tech enterprises, Dalian's software and information services industry has been relatively well, there are a lot of enterprise value Dalian Software and Information Industry.

The last one is urban construction, Dalian is a modern city has been committed to the construction of the city, the next few years is to focus on transportation construction, Dalian is a typical metropolis of Developed as Singapore, but the traffic jam is more than Singapore. In order to reduce urban congestion, has begun construction of subway, is estimated to be completed in 2013, on the other hand is still in perfect bus routes, the government also advocated the public to try not to use private cars to go out to the call. I believe that the near future will completely solve this phenomenon.


In this report we know Dalian is a city in developing, Singapore is a city in developed, they have different lifestyle and similar culture, Singapore has higher technology and organization management than Dalian. Even though Dalian is still run on the way of developing, its good society and economic organization management will lead Dalian to a success tomorrow.