Why Managed Diversity Is Important Cultural Studies Essay

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After understanding the meaning of the "Manage diversity", the next thing that you might wonder is why managing diversity is important? There are some benefits that a diversified working environment can serve.

The first thing that your business. Customer is the most important reason for you to survive in the market. With the diversified workforce, you can serve and meet fully your customer needs. You also can reach the new market to expand and satisfy your customers who have differences. Let's say, you have a Korean customer who does not speak English. So how your company cans can serve her? If you have a Korean worker, he can help you and serve the customer. Your company may be having more customers from Korea because of the Korean customer's introductions.

In addition, your business will get more ideas from the diversified workers who have many different points of view. This idea can help you to expand the business and to improve the quality. For example, Mac Donald wants to open a fast food restaurant in India. They cannot serve a hamburger with beef in India because their religion believes in cow god. If they have an Indian worker, they can know to avoid the beef hamburgers and use other materials (such as: fish instead of beef).

Next, the multiform can support round the clock operation. For example, you have a multinational company. Haft of them come from the western countries and the rest comes from Asian countries (such as Vietnam, China, etc . . .). During the Christmas and New Year, the western workers don't go to work because this is the biggest holiday time in their culture. And the rest of Asian workers will never work during the lunar New Year. Therefore, your company can run all the time because the holiday time of this culture is the working time in others and vice versa.

In a company with high efficient manage diversity, employees can work better to increase the production. That is the result of a friendly, comfortable and secure working environment. Moreover, your company can attract more talented workers because of the welcome employer. As a result, the cost of money and time will be reduced because of lower turnover.

Challenges that a company can face

The three main challenges are Communication, Religion, and multicultural. Different culture has different backgrounds, cultures and life styles. For the first time to work in global orientated environment, language is the biggest barrier. It directly effect to the company. Moreover, the ways people commute are different totally. For example, the western countries communicate directly, talk about the main ideas for the first time. On the other hand, Asian countries go through the ideas indirectly. People in Asian like to talk outside the main ideas (such as about family, jobs or something else) before they go to the centre. In the world, there are many different religions such as: Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Protestantism, etc. Every culture has their owned conception about life and how to live. For example, Catholicism focuses on the individual while Buddhism has a collective lifestyle. Different regions cause different thought. Catholic people think about them first. Buddhism countries think about the society first, then. However, whatever the religion is, the main purpose is leading people live ethically and more happy. As a company, you can focus on that purpose to solve the conflicts between two different religions. And, the final challenge is Multicultural working environment. Each country has their way to live. People believe and follow in their culture. Therefore, they can cause misapprehensions in the multicultural workplace. For instance, foreign company comes to Vietnam to invest. They hired Vietnamese workers. In the conversation, Vietnamese will not contribute their idea because they are shy. As a result, the foreign people will have a bad consideration on Vietnam. However, if the foreign company asks them to write down the ideas, they will get a big surprise because of huge resource. From the example, we can see the company should flexible in manage the multicultural environment.


To manage diversity effective, the manager should understand the meaning of diversity to interact with diverse group of people. There are some ideas to do so. The first thing is that you employ workers' skills and knowledge, not their background. Therefore, employer must treat everyone fairly when interviewing. In addition, the manager should study to understand the different cultures. After finding the characteristic of the communication styles of many groups, you can find the find the good way to increase the management. As a result, the new idea of "us" is born by the concept "them". Finally, you can encourage your multiform working staff to share new ideas, new solution and have better result in the coming future.

Different types of mismanagement diversity:


Discrimination is the actual result of weak management of diversity. The easy meaning of the world "Discrimination" is the way you treat someone unfairly (commonly worse) because of their culture, color, economic class, age, religion, sex, etc. . . . The following paragraph below will discuss the three most common types of discrimination and some effects.

The first type can be gender discrimination. It occurs when you treat someone worse than the other because of their gender. As we can see, the most common gender discrimination can be the company only hiring men or the company pay less for women than men at the same job, same tasks. Everybody usually talk about the women side on the discrimination. But, the fact is that gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc have much more discrimination than women today. There are many ways that are considered as a gender discrimination such as: direct discrimination (different salary because of genders is an example), indirect discrimination, harassment at work or Victimization.

The second one can be race/color discrimination. Different characteristics of race (skin color, facial features, hair texture) cause the different treatments. . Race is mostly common in USA (The two main USA federal laws are Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866). African-Americans used to be unemployment rates such as musicians, artists, actors, basketball players, etc. Today, many new black lawyers, engineers and business majors are emerging from schools. The Equal Employment opportunity Commission received 30,510 charges of race discrimination and only 25,882 cases were resolved in 2007. [1] In the USA, the Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 shows some different types of race-based discrimination such as: Ancestry, Physical characteristics associated with race, race-linked illness, culture, perception, association, subgroup or race plus another factor, reserve race discrimination.

The last common discrimination is age. It shows the difference of the applicant or employee who is 40 or older than. Under The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), there are some terms includes hiring, layoff, training, firing, pay, promotions, assignments, tasks, compensations, benefits, and other conditions

In the world, there are many laws that protect employee from discrimination (Sex Discrimination Act 1984 In Australia, Canadian Human Rights Act 1977 in Canada, Sex Discrimination Ordinance 1996 in Hong Kong, Human Rights Act 1998 in the UK) because of some bad affects. The first thing is unemployment rate. If a company does not hire female workers, these employees tend to be unemployed because of no jobs at all. Then, although they are hired, they have to face some employee rights. Employee rights are crucial that all of us have to know to be treated fairly and take right working interests. If the company has discrimination, the violence will be occurred. As a result, this thing will lead to another. The violence cans downward the working spirit and less result in productivity. Employers, workers and society take disadvantages from discrimination. However, the employer can take some advantages such as less payment, more production with the only-men working environment.

Stereotypes and Preconceptions

Stereotypes and preconceptions are harmful for workplace. They are all built on a long time. One thing happens over and over again will be considered as an assumption. Therefore, it is hard to change because of the perception and behavior. There are some common types that can impact the workplace such as: single vs. married, children vs. no children, baby boomer vs. generation Y, etc. For example, some interviewee tries to ask a female worker about her relationship status. If he knows that the indicator has just married and tend to have a baby next 3 months, he will never hire her. Some body may consider why. The answer is simple. It is because she will not work when she gives birth and still get salary. Therefore, the company lacks of human resource for several months and free salary. These kinds of mismanagement can cause the failure in working environment, especially communication. They will even cause violence and affect other feelings. Therefore, people should open mind to respect diversity of all types in working environment.


American case

Hairspray is a 1960s musical comedy film. The movie talks about a teenage girl, Tracy who really likes dancing on the TV game show, The Corny Collins Show. Tracy and her best friend (Penny) were studying with Amber von Tussle and boyfriend, Link Larkin (the two leader dancer in the Collins Show). Amber's mother is the manager of the show. She remains a racially segregated program. It means that the entire member is white. Black kids are only allowed on the show on last Tuesday of each month, "Negro Day" with Motormouth Maybelle, record shop owner. One day, the show needs a replacement for the next morning. Tracy attends and be rejected by Velma because of her overweight body and supportive of integration. Finally, Tracy can dance on the show. At the same time, she is befriending with Seaweed (Wimsey's son) and black friends. Tracy becomes famous and the spokes girl for Hefty Hideaway boutique. But, the happy life oh her cannot long last because Velma has canceled "Negro Day". Velma sets a plan to harm Tracy. After all, Tracy and her friends win the "Miss Teenage Hairspray" pageant while Velma is fired from the program. And finally, the black and white can dance in the same stage in the show.

Vietnamese case

In 2009, there is a scandal about the sexual discrimination in Vietnam. It is small but has bad impacts on employees. The Vietnamnews had a conversation with a pregnant woman, Le Thi My Hanh (living in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam). Hanh was fired in 1/July/2009 although her contract ends in 1/march/2010. Not only Hanh but also nine more pregnant women employees who were working in Vu Anh International Hospital ( Address: 15-16 Phan Van Tri Street, Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam). All of them are fired before the contracted date without any reasons. Hanh, 3-months pregnant mother contacted the company to know the reasons. The hospital said that she did not manage time well. It means that she came to work late, backed home early and mostly went out in the working time. Hanh opposed strongly because she was a sale women. Therefore, she usually has to go out to meet the customers or sign contract outside the company. She had agreement from the board manager of the hospital, Mr. Vu Van Hai (financial manager) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (technical manager). In addition, the way to evaluate Hanh is based on her sale. Therefore, the working time must be flexible. The Vietnamnews had interviewed Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, vice director of Vu Anh International Hospital. Mr. Khanh agreed that Hanh had pushed the market share up from 100 times per day to 170 times per day. It means that Hanh worked well as a sale person. The news also asked about the reasons why Hanh and others were fired. However, the company did not answer directly. A human resource staff talked that because most of the female employees are cashiers and accountants who were sitting in front of. In Vietnam, pregnant will bring the bad luck for the first sight. Moreover, the hospital still has to pay for them when they give birth without working. This will cause bad impacts on the employees, especially pregnant (both health and mental).

Euro case

In 2006, there is a discrimination case in British. Miss Jasmine Stewart is a British Transport Police officer who lives in Ashford, Kent. She claimed her boss because of sexual discrimination. Therefore, she was suing the British Transport Police. At the Ashford Police Station, Ms Stewart was a training officer. In January 2006, Miss Stewart request for Miss Gilchrist to join her team. Actually, heterosexual couples are allowed to work together. However, Inspector Terry Reene refused to let her partner join the same shift. The reason for rejection is that Steward and Gilchrist is a couple. They are lesbian. Mr Reene said that: 'People here wouldn't like it, you two being a couple.

Discussion and Solution

As we can see, there are three typical example of mismanagement of diversity. It occurs in different types in around the world (from America to Asian to Europe).Diversity is always a problem in management, especially international company. It will effect to the workers in both mental and health. Moreover, it also impact on the company badly. The examples show that the company lost talented workers to develop (Tracy in music show, Hanh in sale department of a hospital, Stewart in police department). The best solution is always education because it helps people have an open mind and understand more about the problems. On the employee's side, if you have to face any discrimination, you have to go to court for taking fair.


Nowadays, there is a great deal of diversified mismanagement in Asia as well as Europe. It will effect to both company and employees. Therefore, a good manage should understand and find solution for each types of the problems to run the business effectively.