Washington Dc The Capital Of America Cultural Studies Essay

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Washington DC is the Capital of the United States of America; it was founded on July 16, 1790. The "Nacotchtank" were the first to settle in Washington in the 17th century, they went to Washington when the Europeans first arrived to the United States of America. Washington DC which is also known as the District of Colombia was named after the president George Washington who chose it as the future capital of the United States, and the district was named in the memory of Christopher Columbus. Washington was designed by Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant in 1791, and it was planned to be a beautiful city surrounded by trees. It is located on the east coast of the United States of America, and it is between the states of Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Washington DC is now aged at around 221 Years old and is one of the most productive cities in the United States of America, it is the home of the White House was currently President Barack Obama resides. Washington DC is known to have many different racial groups immigrating to it, and it is an open city which means that it does not judge a person by his race or religion, which is one of the main reasons that the United States of America is called the "Land of the Free", since people who are looking for a better life and want to live their dream life immigrate to the United States of America and work hard on themselves until they reach what they want, this has happened to many people of different races and ethnicities, such as Indians and Spanish who started out working at a local shop and ended up being business tycoons… They are living the American Dream!

The number of people living in Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America 601,657 residents. The people of Washington have many different races, ethnicities, and religions… From Muslim to Jewish to Christian. These different religions and ethnicities make America what it is, the land of the free! Washington has many different types of people, they vary from Black (African American), White, Asian, Native Hawaiian (Or any Pacific Islander), Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, and Arab. The language of this population is mainly English, the Spanish language, however, is ranked the second most known language in Washington DC, which is a result of having around 9.1% of the people being Spanish Speaking natives. The reason behind this is that most natives comet o Washington from Mexico by crossing the border illegally and work in local shops. In these current times, people are progressing at keeping a good bond in the racial and ethnic diversity side of the case, they want the children to know that no matter where you come from, what you believe in, and what color you are… You are all the same, and that is why they made a campaign of children of different races and ethnicities holding each other's hands showing that they work together for a better future. Washington DC is an example of a state that has this time of diversity, they try hard to be an anti-racist state and make everyone feel the feeling of freedom and equality.

Washington DC provides exceptional schools, world-class entertainment, public transportation, health resources, and mainly safety for the residents. The most thing that attracted immigrants to live in Washington DC was the economic boom. Washington DC has over 20 rivers and it's located on the country's pacific coast, for that reason many people come for trading. Many people tend to migrate to Washington DC for its entertainment and nightlife, like its amazing parks, historical museums, and many more. Washington DC is one of the most states to have a high amount of tourists; the number of tourists coming in every year is unbelievable! This is a point used to show that many people like Washington for its astonishing beauty and doesn't just matter on its economy, people tend to live on the rooftops to have an amazing view of Washington, people come to Washington DC because they know that if they go and work in other countries that might pay even more, they won't be as safe and as free as they are now living in America. Seeing that it is the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC has a high economy and its booming, therefore people who are willing to invest high amounts of money tend to go immigrate to Washington in the hopes of making a lot of money and one day be business tycoons!

Washington DC was established by the Constitution of the United States of America to serve as the nation's capital, it had many conflicts and issues of race in the beginning, some people were enslaved and some were forced to work in factories with a very low wager, many got sick from diseases that were spreading in the factories and decided to do something about it! George Washington toke that opportunity and made a change in the country, he set them free he made everyone earn a good wager, he made Washington a better place and show the people what the true capital of The United States of America can do! The choice of Washington's locations along the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers resulted into a small argument between Alexander Hamilton and Northern states; George Washington was the first president of Washington DC. The state has been developed as a monumental city, but this plan did not finish except after around 200 years of hard working and now it is finally done, Washington DC is now what it is, a free state for everyone, Washington does not have any racial group taking control except for the fact that around 60 years ago it had some Mafia wars or so, but in the current time, everyone is equal, although the Blacks and African Americans do have a 50.7% of the state's population, while the Whites have a 38.5% of the population (According to the 2010 World Census) this does not matter in Washington, because to them they are all the same.

Washington DC has become a major destination for immigrants. They make up 17% of Washington's population. It has the lowest percentage in poverty compared to other states and the reason behind that is because immigrants tend to be good English speakers. Washington DC is mostly affected by the Latin culture since it shapes 39% of the immigrants. It is also affected by the Asian, European, and African culture too, the fact that they are all living together makes Washington DC special, there is no "Ghetto" area or "Rich" area, everyone lives in the same living style, except for some of the people who earn a lower wager then others, but even those tend to be neighbors with some very wealthy people as they rent floors next to each other, Washington DC has had many blooms in music, media, and entertainment. One of which being late night shows such as Saturday Night Live which is one of the most famous late night shows in the world and funniest ones! Some of the most famous movies shot in Washington DC are: Bourne Ultimatum, Forrest Gump, Mission Impossible III, Burn After Reading, but the most famous one and shows almost all of the famous monuments in Washington DC is the movie "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" which reveals many historical monuments such as the Lincoln monument and the John Wilkes Booth's Diary.

In conclusion, Washington DC is a perfect example of a culturally mixed area, since even though English is the main language and has dominance, there is a variety of races and ethnicities in Washington, which means that there are many different languages in Washington, and it proves that it is a very open capital and shows the pride of America and how it is the land of the free and how every person is treated equally. Washington DC is the home of many different races and ethnicities, and no matter where people are from they are all treated the same, they are all treated as human being and deserve the right to be free and respected by all! Washington DC does not only focus on the freedom of people, it has a very strong economy and many astonishing views and monuments that people can visit and learn more about the history of this great city that they are living in, Washington DC provides a safe environment for the people and a sense of relaxation judging from its location which is in between two rivers. Finally, We would like to end this Essay by saying that Washington is one of the most open cities in the world, even though you are not an American, you will be treated as one ounce you step foot in the United States of America.