The Old Marketing Consequences For Brands Cultural Studies Essay

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My name is Brando Tengdom, people often call me with Brando. Present I work in Bank Mega as a Deputy Regional Manager in Jakarta Region. My task as a Deputy RM is support the Branch and Sub Branch Manager in the Credit Card Business. Jakarta Region was divided became two, they are Jakarta 1 and Jakarta 2. Now In Jakarta 2 has 10 branches and 41 sub branches. Most of the branches and sub branches in the central, south and east Jakarta.

Jan 2000, Roxy Sub branch was opened and I also started my career in Bank Mega as a Account Officer (marketing) in Roxy Sub branch, one year later I was promoted became team leader of marketing. Because of hard work and have a clear vision in two years, 2004 I was promoted become sub branch manager in Roxy sub branch.

When I lead Roxy Branch, Roxy sub branch have 24 employees, and I have 2 subordinate, team leader of operation and team leader of marketing. Roxy branch growth third party liabilities from 110 billions rupiah to 240 billions rupiah at May 2006. I belief if we work hard, persistent and have a clear vision we can catch our dreams. To achieve the goal, In my opinion, through " doing the right process " , we can get extraordinary performance. So in the daily business activity, almost every day I go with my team leader or staff marketing , we together to approach new customer and maintain the existing customer. Many case I give my prospect customer to the new staff marketing rather than the senior or capable staff marketing. Roxy Branch got many award from Management Bank Mega, such as The best growth in third party liabilities, The best in service quality and The Best growth in Credit Card.


In the Mid of 2006, I got new challenge , rotate from Roxy to Pluit Sub branch. Pluit Sub branch has been opened since 1999, older than Roxy Sub branch. The typical or customer behavior is very differently with Roxy before. Roxy in the middle of trading and corporate business area and the other hand Pluit location at the residential area. But for me this is the challenge, I belief if we face uncomfortable situation, there is we can learn many new things, so can enrich my skill, behavior and knowledge.

Pluit Sub branch locate at the north of Jakarta, most of population here is "Medan Chinese". The origin of Medan Chinese come from West Sumatra. Their characteristic are work hard, voice loud, like to get together, unyielding and still believe the some ancient tradition.

I jointed to the Pluit Branch in Mei 2006, we have 18 employees and the third party liabilities about 90 billions rupiah. I don't have team leader of marketing, so I straight direct the staff of marketing by myself. There are three existing staff marketing and one staff junior marketing that I brought from Roxy Sub branch.


One of existing staff marketing was my old marketing colleagues, she's name Dena, we never work together in the same branch, but we often met in the marketing meeting and training. Dena quit know about my lunge kick personal life. Dena age is older 7 years than me. She is Medan Chinese, married and has one six years daughter. She has marketing experience in bank more than 10 years. Dena is familiar with the behavior customer surrounding Pluit area (Dena stay near the Pluit area). In the last 3 years, the former Sub branch manager assigned Dena for maintain the big corporate customer (the cash flow about 200 until 400 billion rupiah, so Dena's daily activity is busy maintain this corporate customer in the office. But when the former Sub branch manager rotate from Pluit branch to another branch in Bank Mega, the corporate customer also follow with the former Sub branch before. So the third party liability in Pluit Sub branch down like a waterfall become from 500 billion to 90 billion rupiah. The saving account amount just 9 billion rupiah is quite stagnant in the past 6 years operate.

Dena is very temperament, she get used to angry when see feel not happy or some thing wrong. With a energy high loud voice, she scold her friends. Dena is older among the other employee.


Change is uncomfortable. In the first two weeks I learn about habits of customer transaction and people activity and behavior in the branch. They all got use to in relax ambience, such as the staff marketing don't have a clear target and not really to be push to catch the customer.

Dena is believe with Chinese traditional beliefs, in the lunch time she said , " Brando, I thnk, I am not suitable work together with you, because I was born in the Monkey year and you was born in the Tiger year. Tiger and Monkey is always fighting and never has success story can work together. May be better for me to go with my former Boss !". At that time my respond is "I'm sure if we can trust each other, we can do excellent process together. I always have a positive thinking that every one if have the same goal and passion, there is not boundaries to get success ." After hear about my statement, Dena said " Let's we see ......"

Talk about marketing activity, Dena get use to just maintain the Big Corporate Clients in the last three years, so she facing a big challenge to recall her prime customer, that she already left behind almost three years. I promised to Dena, I will help and accompany her to find again her customer.

For getting the maximize profit, I believe with the right process, I have a regular meeting with marketing, first trial I make once a weak. These meeting is also makes Dena uncomfortable. In this meeting she has to responsible about her achievement. Dena doesn't like to strict and discipline with the process. The other side , I belief with the "process". So in first third week I already make a little regulation and step by step changing in the working place. The Changes are come on time, schedule shifting for lunch time just for Customer Service and Teller, implement service quality (greeting and smiling to the customer).

What our goals ? , what we want to achieve in this year ?, next year ? and in the long run for the company and also for individual career ?. In the middle of marketing meeting, Dena has said something interesting, " I already happy as I become as marketing, I don't want be promote become team leader marketing, because that position is very tough , as a team leader has to take care their team so the team can achieve the target that already committed, I just want big salary .....". Hearing inside, I just smile. I continue the meeting and keep inspire them, we live in this world we have to become more value or something.

Running the Bank business, is the same that I am doing in the Roxy Sub branch I come along with marketing to visit or approach customer together. At the beginning, Dena try to contact and visit her old customer. her efforts is quite success, many old customer start open the account. Dena is quite happy that she still can get easily the customer back.

Me and Dena quit often spent lunch together and I pay for her. Dena still often complain about my drive to the team marketing, she feels still too fast.

In the lunch time, Dena talk about her daughter. This morning her daughter said something to her that make heart painful, her daughter said " Mom, you are not the ideal mom for me ......, I see my friends mother can come to Parent Teacher Meeting to take my class report and also can send and pick up every day at school." Dena said, is very difficult to play two role in the a ife, once become a career woman and the other side become a mother. I try to make some new inside for her. I said to her , you have a capability become a success sub branch manager. When you get that position you will get more benefit with you. The benefit are , you can control your time by yourself, and day by day we become older, our energy and beauty will be less, You have to step forward , In the next day Dena come to my room and she said, she want try challenge for become as a team leader. I quit shock and happy to hear that.


In the first Six month, Dena can show big improvement many her prospect customer open account. Her first target was three billions per months, She can access the target almost every month. Now she believe that she can do it, and she help encourage another member marketing for always motivate and persistence doing the process.

Pluit Sub branch was promoted become branch. And I also promoted become a Branch Manager and Dena promoted become as a Team Leader.

Since I joint Pluit Branch, after 1 year , the branch can increase extraordinary achievement for saving account from 9 billion to 120 billion rupiah, and the branch was awarded become the highest balance and growth.

And in Dec 2008, Dena promoted become Sub branch manager in Pantai Indah Kapuk. That is a new branch under Pluit branch. In a year Dena can make third party liabilities become 90 billions from zero at the starting. Oct 2009 I promoted as deputy regional Jakarta 2. Even we are now in the same region , but we still keep contact, lunch together and Dena often invite me to come her sub branch, to give a speech in front her employee. Now she still doing the best for her career , she hope will no longer she promote as a Branch Manager.


Come in a new environment, that the ambience is totally opposite or different, Should I follow the situation or I must direct the situations? And one of existing staff marketing was my old marketing colleagues, she's name Dena, She is very comfortable with the ambience and afraid to change, and already happy with the present positions How am I doing this situation ?


If I reflect from Development People Competence that I learned, there are some issue can be evaluate :

In Pluit Sub Branch, in the first two weeks I measure for the maturity level of employee. Then I got maturity level for Dena is two and her character are not easy to change, temperament, very demanding, child immature and resistant. With the degree of maturity level, can help me to easy interact with the other and also I can play many role as a leader with each employee differently. Like Dena, because of her character ,I build relation first with Dena, such as chit chat at lunch meeting, informal meeting and open to share and listening personal issue. Because of this situ, Dena trust that we can work together. She can drop or eliminate, that she belief with Tiger and Monkey cannot work together.

New environment which totally different with happen in the Roxy Sub branch, the relax ambience spread out all over the employee in Pluit Sub Branch, I try telling about Bank Mega value, employee value, after that they realize their value, I try give a inside for changing their paradigm. In the meeting, we together to find out what is our goal for this branch and individual. My opinion , we can achieve the goals because we make together this goal, so become our goal not my goal. When everyone feels appreciated by involving to build the goal. They feel part of the goal. They will do the best effort to achieve their goal. Because it's already become part of the body. I can see from my eyes they do their job with passion.

I am so hard to keep their motivation always on fire, some times I feel tired and fail to keep the fire of their motivation. But present I keep motivate myself to continue our process , I still remember my Boss giving me a inside " Brando, handling people is never ending" Is very powerful his coaching to me.

If we see the success story of Dena from as staff marketing can promoted to Sub Branch Manager. From Theory Abraham Maslow, Dena at the stages need of self esteem. It's very touch when her daughter says that she is not "Ideal Mother" , she is very surprise and painful to hear that. And I play as a mentor to her give her a inside about, she will have a flexible time when become as Sub Branch Manager and also get more respect from husband and friends.

In the work place for need self esteem, when Dena get success to get the customer open account for time deposit or saving account, I give her "High Five" and I said "You are great, Dena". And in the marketing meeting I always give "Big Applause" if Dena can achieve the 3 billion rupiah target among the other staff. In this case in I play situational leadership model as a Participating Leader, I give more high attention with relations orientation rather than low task orientation.

In other situation, with my junior staff marketing, I applied Directing leadership style , which I more focus on High Task then relations orientation. His name is Michael, he is fresh graduate form university, his maturity level at Level One. So I a lot of more directing by telling him, what kind of business in banking, type of transactions, how is technique in selling. Much more foundations skill.

I see, it's work...., I got the passions of Dena from to know what her need deficiency, I remembered for increasing salary it's not much issue for Dena, because her husband is an successful entrepreneur.

Beside mentoring, Every day I do coaching to my staff, "How can you do this better ?" For managing people at Pluit Sub branch , I reflect from theory DPC, the facts is I applied " Theory Y " for full fill their motivations, They wants achievement, will work towards goal and can make decision for responsible for their selves. The first one I do "telling" with Dena , such as the situation when I and Dena visit together, from my experience there are needs a few improvement for Dena in one to one presentation to the customer after we leave customer house ,I discuss with her how to make better one to one presentation ? Then I trust, Dena can make modification from her skill and my experience. So I don't direct her to follow my way, I give her responsible to choose which better for her self.

Ego state, I needs to perform the ego states as a "Adult" to effective communication with Dena, Dena is older 7 years than me. With adult ego state I can more patient, think rational and positive thinking. So when Dena disagree, I can accept it and have a wide view.

In leadership style, my style wants to be love then to be fear. Dena is very temperament and taught so my approach with flexible or situational leadership. I know when I can play as a friend and a supervisor in front or deal with Dena. I invite Dena and family come to house in my daughter birthday. I remembered Dena come with her husband and daughter. So now my wife know each other with Dena and families. I also several times go to the gym together with Dena and her husband.

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