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Ladies are considered to be active in shopping in general. It is much easier to get profit in ladies' business than the men's because ladies change their fashion every season. However, women are much more careful with what their money spend on current; DKNY, a famous trendy brand just satisfies what the consumers want fashion and high quality.

The modern corporation DKNY, which is short for "Donna Karan New York", is a famous international lifestyle brand. Set up in the year 1984, it explains both the New York culture and the features of living in a more modern, fashionable and enjoyable way. Karan, not only the founder but also the designer of the brand, had a challenging goal combining comfort and luxury in clothing. According to the DKNY (2008), in 1996, it became a publicly-traded venture, the French company LVMH, which owns a lot of luxury brands such as Channel and LV, purchased DKNY in 2001. The DKNY style becomes more and more focus especially in the modern cities.


Every product will go through the product lifecycle. It is the inevitable for a product. Hall et al (2008) shows a product mainly has four periods development, introduction, growth and decline. According to Hall et al (2008), companies usually have promotion during the introduction and growth period. Promotion is any advertising or other activity intended to increase the sales of a product.

Advertising, a kind of business which deals with the publicizing of goods, especially to increase sales, is the main method to promote (Hall et al, 2008). Advertising can be divided into below-the-line and above-the-line promotion, the latter one the main way which goes through independent media, such as television (Hall et al, 2008). Hall et al (2008) regard Persuasive Advertising as an advertisement which tries to persuade consumers to buy; therefore it is often used in the above-the-line promotion.

More often, companies not only use one media or one way to promote a product. A good promotion becomes an important element. Hall et al (2008) consider three things are vital - Promotion mix, Market segment and Marketing research. Hall et al (2008) explain that the first step of a good selling is to choose a Market segment, which is the same meaning as to choose the group of people who will buy. Secondly, Promotion mix, the mixture of promotions, is usually useful (Hall et al, 2008). Finally, marketing research is helpful for firms to know more about what consumers want. In fact, the promotion always directly effects on the sales volume of a product.


In the advertisement, it is more effective to explain the product is in high quality and useful than pointing out why the brand is better than others (Jewell, 2000). Jewell reports the emphasis in the advertisement mainly moves from providing information to persuading potential customers then change to increase market share and the market size. That is a 'product life cycle'.


The purpose of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of the DKNY perfume advertisement in order to find out why consumers especially girls like to purchase the product. The advertisement will be mainly analyzed in the 4P's aspects.


As the picture shows (Lexposure, 2007), the advertisement mainly in black, purple and pink gives a colorful scene. There is a famous model -Jessica Stam, wearing a black, glittery barebacked dress in the middle of the poster with attractive green eyes and a little smiling. It seems she is on the way to a ball to have fun. The background is the night scene of the New York City with two words in capital letters on the poster, 'DELICIOUS NIGHT' in the middle, and 'DKNY' at the bottom. There are some words and phrase - 'Introducing', 'the new fragrance for women' at the top and the bottom. There are three purple bottles in apple shapes at the bottom reflecting the night through the lights in buildings. This is the Delicious Night product.



Promotion always gives consumers the first impact. At the first sight when consumers see this poster, they will be attracted by the mystery feeling sent via the purple and black colors.

Since this is a poster, it is an above-the-line promotional advertisement in the introduction period (Hall et al, 2008). As written on the poster, its main target is women.

As shown in the advertisement, black is the color of dark night, while purple gives temptation feeling. When black mixes with purple, it gives the feeling of mystery to the audience at the first sight. Moreover, it is a sex-sell advertisement. The model attracts much attention from the audience, no matter male or female. The line of the lady's body corresponds to the streamlined shape of the perfume bottle. It reflects the light which is from the sky, the sky of enthusiasm.

The capital letters of the word 'DELICIOUS NIGHT' are in the middle of the poster which make it sharp enough to catch audience's attention. It seems best to use this product at night, maybe going to a pub. The brand name 'DKNY' is clearly in the middle of the bottom (Lexposure, 2007).

What this advertisement sends is the message of mystery and sexy. Everything in this advertisement shows a sexy and seamless image. It is a sight showing the excitement of the nocturnal city.


The product itself is always the reason why consumers buy it. Donna thinks of DKNY as 'the pizza to Collection's caviar' (DKNY, 2008). It means DKNY is a common high class brand, so as the Delicious Night Perfume.

The Delicious Night Perfume comes in an apple-shaped bottle in purple. Sugar (2007), a user of this perfume, said it is "strong, diffusive, extremely sweet, and ice cold". It smells like standing on the street full of cobble-stones, standing in front of a black gate which is without a door-plate. It gives the feeling of taking an adventure and dropping into the fascinating dark night sky. It is an attractive product except for the lasting ability (Robin, 2007). Some comments in the DKNY website (2008) say the perfume can not last long. While Channel can last for three days, DKNY can only last for a short time.

'Fragrances are the invisible layer of dressing' said Donna (2008). The target of this perfume is independent ladies who always have dates at night. It is fit for women who are urban, passionate, professional and creative.


The price often shows the market the product aims at. DKNY sells in a mid-level price, which shows the market is the upper-middle class. According to the DKNY (2008), the price of Delicious Night is - edp 1.7 oz spray $55.00, edp 3.4 oz spray $70.00 It is not as expensive as other famous brands. It is affordable for women around 20 and 30 years old, who are independent, have their own career, do not want to follow the main-line brand as well. It is a real common product in high class.


A right place always contributes to the selling volume and the fame. DKNY now has more than seventy stores around the world, mainly located in big cities and world centers, for instance, New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. These are all center areas globally. People in these places are advanced, creative, and fashionable. They are the market segment of DKNY. DKNY wants customers who are urban and style. The Delicious Night perfume is fit to the city style. Thus people in important cities will buy their products.


In conclusion, as shown above, the advertisement (Lexposure, 2007) of Delicious Night perfume reveals feelings of independence, mystery, and temptation. DKNY perfume is suitable for ladies who love fashion but do not want to date in five minutes. It has a suitable price and high quality product being with modern style product, those are mainly why consumers like to purchase the product. The question mentioned in the Aims part has been solved, DKNY has chosen a right market segment for the Delicious Night- girls or office ladies, which directly leads to a successful promotion. DKNY do well on the promotion.

In all, the advertisement is effective for the combination of impressive promotion, high quality product and convenient location.


Based on the conclusions above, there are some elements whose the product needs to be improved.

Firstly, the product may be affordable for Americans; because of the exchange rate it may become a little expensive after changing US dollar into RenMinBi. It is almost a quarter of one's monthly salary. Not many people can afford it; consequently it has little market in some countries.

Besides the high price in some particular countries, the perfume itself needs more improvement especially on the permanence. Some customers in the UK reflected that the perfume did not last for a long time while Channel can last for three days (Robin, 2008).

DKNY totally has two aspects to improve their products, the prices can be more acceptable and the product can last longer.


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