The Kabul Beauty School Cultural Studies Essay

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Deborah Rodriguez, went to Afghanistan as a part of team who contributing charitable aid to the war-torn nation. The group surrounded by team of experts like doctor, nurses and therapists. They all appeared extremely more experienced than her. She as a hairstylist and mother of two from Michigan, lose hope of being of any actual use. The Taliban had barred beauty salons and the one which was opened subsequently it fall suffered after years of inactivity. Once her protégée took her to undisclosed beauty salon in Kabul, she was surprised by the skills of the staff and their supplies. From this, Deborah got an idea to open a beauty school in Kabul.

She got help from the head of non-profit organization for helping Afghan women's. With the assistance of international promoters in 2003, she found the appropriate building; Kabul beauty salon starts its first class with almost 30 students. The huge cultural gap among the students and the instructor could make instruction difficult. Deborah tripped through language barrier, cultural differences and the challenges of postwar nation. After all the barriers, she was able to learned how to authorize her students to became winner by learning the essential of coloring techniques, makes and hair cutting.

With this small school, Deborah become so comfortable in her new country, the gap between instructor and student easily removed. Women's start sharing their life stories with Deborah. They share their stories how the twelve year old bride sold by her family to pay debt, recently wed who forged her virginity on weeding night, women who left her training regardless of her husband beating. They all convey their stories to school, where they acquire the art of freedom, friendship and perms. She became so contented that she decided to marriage with an Afghan businessman.

The Kabul Beauty School is an extraordinary story of a remarkable community of women's, who came together, share their problems of their lives and learn the art of freedom. She not only authorized her students with the new sense of independence but also made certain good friends of her life. With this beauty school, Deborah was able to change her life and many of Afghan women's. As a creator of Kabul Beauty School, Deborah trains their women's and serving them restructures their survives.

Critically analyze the book as it relates to living and working abroad

Deborah lives in a Michigan; she is having good cultural values. After living in a country like Michigan, it will be very hard for one to live in a country like Afghanistan where you never know about the next moment of your life, where there is no proper communication channels, the infrastructure of the country is not well organised. There are many obstacles faced by Deborah during her stay in Afghanistan. The main problems were the language barrier, cultural differences, and cultural shock. She goes through the worst experience. This concept is normally happen in international business management. Many firms control business activities in more than one foreign country. They send employees for international consignments to the foreign countries who working there and temporarily lives their throughout the completion of their tasks.

Cultural shock is stated as many adjustments to the new cultural environment in a short period of time. When we are moving to new place or a country, we are guaranteed to face new challenges and problems. It is usual to have problems regulating to a new culture. People from the other culture may have grown up with different values and beliefs. Dissimilarity between cultures will make it very challenging to regulate to the new environments. Like in this book, Deborah is from Michigan, she grown up in open culture, she moved to Afghanistan where the culture is totally different from the Americans. In United States, women dress to attract males but in Afghanistan, women's don't need to do all this because marriages are arranged and women are proscribed.

Language barrier is another concept which is related to the international human resource management and this book. English is the language for the business world and normally speak in every country. Deborah as American was very frequent in speaking English but she still faced so many difficulties to understand the language of her afghan students. There was a huge hap in their style of living and languages. In Afghanistan, there are two official languages, one is Pashto and another is Dari. Deborah takes time to understand their language. Once she was able to learn the language of afghan women's, they gap between them was easily removed. In international human resource management, when employees send for an international consignment, they all face language barrier. That will affect their workings too. To avoid this, the employees must be trained; they are provided with the enough knowledge of the foreign country language, their life styles and cultural differences.

Cultural custom is the one more concept which we can use in IHRM and is used in this book, Kabul Beauty School. The cultural custom is known as what you do in your religion, what you eat and wear. Deborah being American faces the cultural custom in Afghanistan. According to the afghan custom, parents arrange marriages without accessing the couple. The couple have very less chance of dating. In American custom, dating is a common thing. They are free to choose their life partners; they can live with them before marriage. In afghan culture, people get married first and then fall in love but Americans expect to fall in love first and then got married.


Kabul Beauty School, is book about the women's who wanted to do something different but important with her life's. It is a story about the afghan women's who sometimes have to make contract with their dreams, their hopes. In conclusion, the Kabul Beauty School allowed a kind of safe place for afghan women's where they can go in free times; remove their curtains without any fear. In relation with the concepts of IHRM, in Kabul Beauty School, author also faces some problem like cultural custom, language differences and the cultural shock. These are concepts which we are using in IHRM too. The school also helped in connected the cultural gap between the America and Afghanistan. This book facilitated me to better recognize about the things that American women define as domination, are in reality religious and cultural beliefs.