The Ideology Of Industrialization Cultural Studies Essay

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The art is to inspire others, artists' introspective look at the world. In my opinion, art is emotional than rational. When the artist completed the painting, while enjoying the side said to himself "What a beautiful picture it perfectly reflects my inner world. Designers are observing the needs of users to create the new design. Designed to be used to inspire others. Designed teacher's job is not to invent something new, but conveys information to the user in order to achieve a specific goal, design is rational than emotional. Artists and designers need talent, good artists cannot be separated from the innate artistic cell design The division also requires skill and experience in addition to art cells.

Oil painting - Dream (Picasso ) Product design - chair

Art and design in the development of human history has been integrated in the form of an integral. See this is homologous to the traceability of design and art history, there is an intimate relationship between them. Use similar skills and knowledge system designers and artists in the creative process. For the definition of art and design, people generally focus on their functionality, however, it is not absolute, because art is not a function designed not only for use. Both at both interoperability, there is a fundamental difference between art and design is a difference in their purpose. The good works of art will be to establish a strong emotional bond between author and audience. From the historical point of view, the design is always to follow the footsteps of those arts, can be said that art is the important foundation design, maintain the design of the epidermis. Design is an artistic way to solve the problem so that the ordinary things and how to be more creative and aesthetic good art needs to interpret, good design needs to be understood. Simple installation artist Judd (Donald Judd) is engaged in the design and art, he said such a period worth heeding the words: "If the chair is no longer functional, at best, is only a piece of art, which is quite ridiculous, only for works of art their own existence, and the chair is just a chair."

In the past, people generally think that art is superior to the design. Artistic creation can exist independently regardless of the reviews of others. Art is the reaction of the social life, does not react with the art of social life is non-existent. The artist brings spiritual satisfaction. Design need to meet the various needs of the market, the company, users. If the design is not accepted by the market, and that the design works do not have value. The designer is to create a better life, making artistry and practicality unified design works. The aesthetic of the artist's personality, unique designer beauty must be common, universal, otherwise, the design will not be accepted and cannot be established. A designer to complete their works, it will take a look, and then showed it to the audience, or customers, asked them, "Do you like it? Did not like? Well, I continue to change."

Slowly, the difference between art and design is not obvious, the artists presented an ideal of beauty is no longer interested, but all sorts of excuses to use art to explore the political or emotional, concept or process of artistic creation becomes as important as the work, and these works of art Gradually who are not artists outsiders such fabricated. Today, the process design has become so sophisticated, designer since that qualified for the role of the artist, and you think that the old aesthetic point of view of contemporary painting or sculpture lovely than the iMac? Technology gives designers greater control over, and the use of the computer creation. Today's designers must still reach a delivery demand of customers, and to ensure that the works can practice functional, some designers while manufacturing experiment works, the side to take over the work of the commercial business case. Designers, the binding instead so designed overriding art, make it challenging and more reward. The young designers are unlikely to want to change jobs easily, in part because the technology gives them greater power to control the work, but also in part because the technology operation has been very much at home. Artists have more and more people focus on the design, designers are starting to emotional and political works, bold offensive art.

Such as the art work: Marilyn. Monroe (Pop Art) is the good example for the artist add design element into the artistic creation. Years later, the production of the Reebok the limited sports shoe's design used Marilyn. Monroe's color. Designer adds language of art into good product design.

Marilyn. Monroe-Andy Warhol (Pop arts) Reebok-- Ers 5000

Form always followed function - architects, Lewis. Sullivan, which means the best design solution, is closely integrated with the basic needs. There are many ways of art and audience contact, design work needs to be user understanding, and inspire the audience to do something. Even if it does not meet your design aesthetic, he still might be a good design. Mass-produced products in today's society are not only to meet the requirements of self-sufficiency in the production and narrow the scope of the Group production, but for the purpose of broad market. While mechanization in processing technology, with the advancement of science and technology, new materials continue to produce, the past does not exist in a variety of industrial products gradually enter into the life of the human being, could not have been some artistic techniques have emerged in industrial products on. Popularity and penetration of industrial product design and the whole society lives. Today, a variety of electronic products, transport, medical instruments in contemporary people's lives deep under the root; we have to understand the nature of the industrial product design. The industrial design is a function of the industrial products, materials, construction, technology, shape, color, and surface treatment, decorative and other factors from the social, economic, technical and other aspects. The industrial design is necessary to meet the requirements of the product material functions, but also to meet the demand of the people's aesthetic taste. Is in the design of industrial products, not only to study the possibility of industrial products manufacturing, operation reliability, economic rationality, the form of performance artistry, as well as study the social value of industrial products impact on the environment, human physiological and psychological role.

All in all, I think that the "artistic" in the industrial design is a comprehensive concept, which includes not only the shape of the product processing, color processing, structure ornamentation visual effects processing, texture effects processing, and also includes the human touch, hearing and other Comprehensive feeling the effects of the treatment. We look at our work, learning how to better design the products to people-oriented "artists" angle