The Globalisations Effect On Culture Cultural Studies Essay

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It has been witnessed that globalization has a unifying role with so many globally used clothes sports brands, food commodities, goods, services and information etc, like Cocoa cola a refreshing beverage is consumed all over the world, the pop jazz and various form of English songs and music have a global appeal hence making a statement "The evolution of globalization" with the participation of all the countries across the globe bonding with the culture in a homogenous manner. With the rise of globalization there has been modernization and innovation in the technological development, with the impact of Satellite T.V and the most powerful medium "The Internet" which has made things easier within the reach of a button is a unique gift of globalization taking communication to a new level with people all over the world communicating with each other sharing ideas and values of their culture. The other benefit of globalization has is the vision of common commercialization, this aspect has been very closely associated with the awareness created by the global communication making the different countries borderless for the purpose of trade by advancing in their territory with the establishment of Multinational Companies (MNC's) increasing the revenue of the firm with the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for country and promoting cultural diversity and intermingling of cultures.

The cons of globalization Americanised homogenous culture undermining the ideological conformity of nationalism some region's anti-globalisation demonstration are partly reflection of anti-homogeneous cultural movement

The other side of the coin with the perception of globalization highlights the Americanized influence on various cultures which certainly is seen as the other countries aping the American living, with majority of the foreign products being consumed on a global scale from clothes food, technology, fashion, beauty cosmetics, computer software, music, fast food like Mac Donald being consumed in all the parts of the world hence this is a negative impact on the cultures , some region like turkey had a surge of anti-globalization movements since the 1960 followed by three violent revolutions in 1960n1971 and 1980 with the society's withdrew itself from the globalized movement taking place in the rest of the world , however most form of anti globalization protest that are taking place in the different parts of the world represent a class struggle, which is a form of resistance which is put by the exploited against the exploiters, anarchist play a significant role within the anti globalization movement taking the argument beyond the anti corporate sentiments to hold on to the more fundamental anti- capitalist analysis with a development of libertarian resistance culture. The globalization has its affect on the culture of several countries which has been inclines to the American society incorporating the mannerism the festivities and hence disrupting the ideological conformity of nationalism, the political party in India's Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) always demonstrate against the globalization accusing the youth of living the American way by prohibiting them of enjoying valentine's day.


Globalization is rapidly determining the cultural practice of the world from the people in different places are connected by the different means of communication it has had a impact on the thought and processing with innovation in technological development which is observed with the culture of developed economy has taken over the local culture, the characteristic of globalization is seen with keen competition with a quest for supremacy by various interest groups, however it should be taken into account that economic growth without justice to culture and social section cannot be an idea for the development of the world. Globalization has to restore an individual's dignity, continuity, security and sense of identity so that the culture of that society can grow not breakdown or corrode another countries culture. Therefore globalization should not be coded positively and wholesomely [1] .


Available at impact of globalization on culture by Abdulraheem Yusuf

Question Two

'Drivers of Market Globalisation'. Discuss.

"Globalization is not something we can hold off or turn off . . . it is the economic equivalent of a force of nature -- like wind or water." Bill Clinton (American 42nd US president (1993-2001)). The economic integration of the world with the removal of barriers to free trade and capital mobility, with disperses of knowledge and information. Now with the result of globalization a firm which had a high output and was limited to the domestic market, could get better return from the economies of scale by dealing on a global platform. The big companies are the mostly technologically advanced with the reliance on the modern technology to increase the output and attain high efficiency, hence it would be apt to say technology is a driver of globalization and is also driven by it.

The drivers of globalization

There are namely five drivers of globalizations

Technological driver

Political driver

Market driver

Cost driver

Competitive driver

Technology driver : Technology is the most integral part that set the foundation of globalization, with the modern innovation in the field of transportation which has revolutionized the industry's output , there are several achievement that were the path breakers in the road to success were the containerisation which took place in the 1970 and 1980 , with the invention of the high precision in the field of computing and advancement in telecommunications enabled and enhance the high level of computing and communication at a subsequently low cost , the final segment that has made the global market approachable is the growth of Internet which has made e-marketing and e-commerce.

Political driver : With the ongoing liberal policy and rules for trading that has lead to the lowering of tariff and encouraged Foreign Direct Investment all over the world. With the formation of GATT (General agreement on Tariff and trade) in 1947 and the (world tradr organization in 1995 and with the opening and privatization in eastern Europe are some development taking place in the world.

Market drivers: With the increase in the number of competitors in the domestic market it has reached its saturation point hence diminishing the growth and development prospects, leaving no option for the company other than the global platform to overcome this situation. The needs of the customer and the prospect to use the channel of global marketing is an lucrative means for internationalization.

Cost driver: The global firms take the prospect of evaluating efficiency and cost which differs from once country to another becoming an advantageous deal for these firms, the other driver of globalization is the prospect of framing the global scale economies and the higher product development costs.

Competitive drivers In the global market with numerous firm in it the global competition increase manifolds and the firm have to play it international. The firms have to demonstrate strong interdependences among various countries and exhibit and bi-lateral trade a strong competitive driver of market globalization is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Theory and model of globalization

Mercantilism spanned about 300 years, the core of it was to conserve gold and silver which were considered as the main source of nations wealth and important for the trade and commerce, the objective of the country was to reach a trade surplus and accumulate lot of money , which in those times were gold and silver however Adam smith refuted this theory by stating trade could be more than zero sum game.


Thus for every industry to grow in this age of globalization is the perquisite, whereas the domestic market is plagued with saturation, the prospects of growth and development opportunities are highly diminished the company's has the option of going global and with the application of these marketing drivers it has to compete, hence the most important aspect of this the countries have to formulate carefully a combination of policies that enables it to take the opportunities rather than falling in the pit. U.S.A has been the largest economy of the world economist have conducted various studies across the globe envisage India and China the giants of Asia to be the largest economy in the 21st century, however India which is now the fourth largest economy in the world may overtake Japan withign the next 10 years and become the third largest economy of the world.