The Discrimination In America Cultural Studies Essay

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Discrimination in society is something that continues to be eliminated but what about reverse discrimination; is anything being done to eliminate that. Discrimination is wrong and must not be tolerated. Over the years, many events have happened to eliminate it from society. The way minority groups were treated, through the history of the country, was wrong and these things should have never happened. As the nation grew, it was very important to take discrimination out of citizen's lives that affected so many. Many changes have been made over the years to make things even for all, slowly eliminating discrimination. The many years of people being mistreated by discrimination caused the lowering of some standards in society to give minority groups an advantage for jobs, schooling, and promotions; it has created a new type of discrimination, reverse discrimination.

The country has come a long way in eliminating discrimination in society, but there is a need to focus on eliminating reverse discrimination that continues to be a growing problem. All types of discrimination are wrong and should not be tolerated. When the focus is to eliminate one type of discrimination which in turn creates another type of discrimination, reverse discrimination, and you ignore it, then it doesn't solve the discrimination problem at all, just complicates it. Everybody in our country deserves not only to be treated fairly but equally.

When the "Declaration of Independence" was signed in 1776, it was an important part of American history and important in the development of the United States. In this document there are two statements that every American should stay true to; "All men are created equal" and "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." (Thomas Jefferson) These two statements are the bed rock principles our country was found on and if people would of held true to these statements then discrimination wouldn't of been an issue all these years; it wouldn't of led us to have to try to eliminate discrimination which has led to reverse discrimination and continues to be an issue in modern day society.

Slavery was the worst form of discrimination and the treatment of slaves is something no person should have endured or should it ever be forgotten. Abraham Lincoln knew that slavery was wrong and as president, decided to do something about it. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed, "The Emancipation Proclamation" which was a document that freed all the slaves. (Abraham Lincoln) In this document it says, "That all persons held as slaves within any state shall forever be free". (Abraham Lincoln). This event was a huge step in eliminating discrimination in America but there was still a long way to go in the discrimination battle. Slaves did go free, but did slaves really have freedom in society? No, slaves were free from chains and masters but didn't get to enjoy a lot of the freedoms that go with being free. Abraham Lincoln believed in our country and all Americans should be free, but Lincoln was killed for what he believed in. The fight against discrimination continues, but what about the fight against reverse discrimination? It was wrong to discriminate against slaves back in history, it is also wrong to reverse discriminate against white males by lowering standards for minority groups to give an advantage.

The fight to eliminate discrimination in our country continued; "In 1945 Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier and became the first black player in Major League Baseball". (Branch Rickey) For many years major league baseball was for white baseball players only. Black players had to play in a separate league, "The American Negro League". (Branch Rickey) Happy Chandler, baseball commissioner in 1945, said, "If they (African Americans) can fight and die for our country, they can play baseball in America" (Branch Rickey) Along comes Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers made the move to get him. (Branch Rickey) The Dodgers did warn him of all the trials and tribulations he would have to endure and Jackie Robinson was asked by the Dodgers boss, "Can you do it? Can you do it?" and the rest is history. (Branch Rickey) Jackie Robinson laid the ground work for so many minority groups to achieve the dream of playing professional baseball and the end of discrimination in baseball.

In 1955, "Rosa Parks got on a bus and refused to give up a seat, she was arrested which led to, 'The Montgomery Bus Boycott'." (Lisa Cozzens) When people got on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955 you are required to sit in certain seats depending if you were black or white.(Lisa Cozzens) If the bus got to be too full, the black people were required to give up a seat to white people and if the blacks didn't they were arrested.(Lisa Cozzens) The black people had enough of the treatment received on city buses, so it was decided to boycott using the city buses but needed an event to happen to put the plan into motion.(Lisa Cozzens) On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks boarded a bus and when asked to give up her seat, she refused and was arrested.(Lisa Cozzens) This was the event they needed which started the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was led by Martin Luther King Jr.(Lisa Cozzens) The city was losing so much money because no black people would use the city buses.(Lisa Cozzens) All the rules of sitting on the buses were lifted and everyone was treated the same ending the boycott and ending the discrimination on the buses. (Lisa Cozzens)

In 1963, American's heard one of the greatest speeches in the history of America; Martin Luther King Jrs. "I Have a Dream" was very important and influential in the elimination of discrimination in society. The speech focused on discrimination that still exists in our country and to focus on the fact that everyone deserves to be treated as equals. (Martin Luther King Jr.) Dr. King focused back to the "Declaration of Independence" in the speech and focused on the phrases, "All men are created equal" and "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". (Thomas Jefferson. Martin Luther King Jr.) Also in Dr. Kings speech he said, "Let freedom ring and if America is to be a great nation, this must become true." (Martin Luther King Jr.) Dr. King really did have a dream and it comes down to one thing, equality. (Martin Luther King Jr.) Discrimination isn't just a word it is a "disease" that is slowly being cured.

Another minority group that has been a victim of discrimination is women. Augusta National Country Club in Augusta, Georgia is a private golf course and is only allowed to be used my its members. (Rachel Smolkin) One rule of the country club is that women are not allowed to be members. (Rachel Smolkin) The country club is host to the biggest golf tournament of the Professional Golf Association which is, "The Masters." Augusta National has been the source of many articles in magazines and newspapers saying women should be allowed to be members; all of this attention has given the country club a lot of negative publicity it was trying to avoid. (Rachel Smolkin) The country club has tried to sweep this issue under the rug which just made matters worse. (Rachel Smolkin) The diligence of women and the media did pay off; as of today the Augusta National Country Club has two female members, another case of discrimination elimination.

Affirmative action has become a very important tool in society in eliminating discrimination, but it has also created reverse discrimination. Affirmative action was supposed to create equality for minority groups and white males in getting jobs, promotions, college admissions, and so on, but it caused the standards for minority groups to be lowered giving them an unfair advantage over white males creating a new discrimination, reverse discrimination. (Raina Kelley) All groups of people deserve to have fair and equal treatment across the board; this is the purpose of affirmative action, not favoring one group over another.

Reverse discrimination is the new discrimination in society that needs to be eliminated. For many years our focus was to eliminate discrimination but in doing this it created reverse discrimination, which there is focus to eliminate. When I got out of the United States Air Force I wanted to become a state police officer, but to get this goal accomplished I had to take an entrance exam. A friend of mine, who is currently a police officer, informed me that me being a white male I had to score higher on the test than minority groups had to, for me to be accepted into the program. The standards were lowered on this test for minorities to avoid discrimination but my scores have to be higher which is reverse discrimination. I believe in equality for all and everyone should be held to the same standards, not because of your group status.

One interview that I conducted was with a police officer that gave some great insight on discrimination and reverse discrimination. The first question I asked was, "What do you think about the testing scores having to be higher for white males than minority groups to become a police officer?" He answered, "We all should be held to equal standards, but it made me work harder to achieve my goals."(Heslip) Then I asked, "If your score wasn't high enough to get in but it was higher than what a minority had to score to get in, how would you feel?" He answered, "I can see how this would be viewed as reverse discrimination and it really is but I can only control what I do and not anybody else."(Heslip) "Do you feel that discrimination is a problem in society?" He answered, "Discrimination takes on many different forms depending on what the situation is, same as reverse discrimination takes on many different forms. The point is that no kind of discrimination should occur in society. We were all created by God and are all equal in his eyes."(Heslip) "What do you do on the job to avoid discrimination or eliminate it?" He answered, "As a police officer or a civilian, discrimination has no part of my life and it never will. We are all God's creatures and we must treat everyone as equal."(Heslip)

Many employers in the United States are required to have certain percent or number of minorities as employees. I have been in retail management for the past 15 years and on many occasions I saw, first hand, that when applicants were chosen for jobs the under qualified minority applicant was chosen over a white male with experience, because of the need to make a percent or number quota to make sure the company was being an equal opportunity employer. When I conduct an interview with a potential applicant I treat everyone equally and whoever interviews the best would get the job. When you hire to meet percent's or quotas it creates reverse discrimination on people that did better on the interview. I decided to interview a former supervisor of mine about the hiring process that he uses and what the company expects. "Is your company an equal opportunity employer and if yes, how do you determine who you are going to hire and do you have percent's or quotas you must meet?" He answered, "Yes, we are an equal opportunity employer and when I determine who I am going to hire, I go with who did the best job in the interview. Our company does require us to have a certain percent of minorities working for us."(Jischke) "Do you agree with that?" He answered, "I feel that everyone should be treated fair and equal and not as stats or percent's."(Jischke) "Do you think that reverse discrimination exists?" "Yes, because we allow it to exist. We try to focus so much on not discriminating that we create reverse discrimination because we use certain quotas and percent's to hire people who might be less qualified for a position and not hire a white male who might be qualified for the position because we must fill our quota. Bottom line, be fair to all and hire the best person for the job."(Jischke)

Males in today's society seem to have better incomes than women, hold higher positions than women, and get promoted faster than women. The numerous years that I have worked in retail, I have had numerous supervisors and in 15 years only two of them have been women and I have never worked for a woman who was a store manager or a district manager. Women in society have been discriminated for many years but as we focus on eliminating discrimination against women it has also created reverse discrimination against men. When a promotion comes up and a woman and man are in line for this position it should be determined who gets the job by achievements and how well the interview went for the promotion. Since equal opportunity employment, affirmative action, and quotas have come to light in companies, some weight for being a woman gives a slight advantage for the promotion to avoid discrimination which is reverse discrimination. So one night me and my wife were talking and I decided to do a quick interview with her. "Do you think it is fair that men in most cases have larger incomes than women?" She answered, "No not at all. Women deserve the same chance that men get with income and jobs."(Eitenmiller) "What if the men are more qualified?" She answered, "Men are always more qualified in our world because they are men and this world is male dominated." (Eitenmiller) "So do you think women deserve to get things just handed to them?" She answered, "No, but we should be given more opportunities because we are constantly passed over."(Eitenmiller) "So since women were discriminated in the past and the present do they deserve better chances in the future?" She answered, "Yes, it's our turn for success and to prove that women can do the same job as men."(Eitenmiller) That was the end of my interview with my wife and since I value you my marriage very much, I didn't say this to her but we both recognize the acts of past and present discrimination but she makes it very clear that women deserve more favorable treatment because they are women which leads to reverse discrimination against men. (Eitenmiller)

Two of my very close friends fall into a minority group so I decided to interview them together about discrimination when it comes to jobs. "If all three of us went in to apply for a job and you both got a job and I didn't, how would you feel?" They answered, "We would feel bad for you but we would feel happy we got the jobs."(Hawthorne. Parker) "What if you found out you got the job because you are minorities and you were hired to meet their quota of minorities in the workplace?" They answered, "We would feel do they really think we can do the job or am I just a statistic to them plus it is unfair to you that we got hired for only that reason."(Hawthorne. Parker) "Do you think there is reverse discrimination in society? Is it wrong? Why?" They answered, "Yes there is reverse discrimination in society as well as regular discrimination. All discrimination is wrong. When all three of us walked in to get a job we all should be looked at as people not because of our minority status."(Hawthorne. Parker)

Acts of discrimination in society is something that should not be tolerated and be met with severe consequences. The country has made significant improvements in eliminating discrimination from society and we continue to do so. In eliminating discrimination and making things better for minority groups it has created reverse discrimination and this type of discrimination needs to be eliminated as well. There has been many bad past acts of discrimination but giving special advantages to minority groups in present day doesn't erase the past only complicates the present with reverse discrimination. There should be no discrimination of any kind in our lives. We all were created by God and created as equals in his eyes. God loves us all and we all need to learn to love and respect each other and by doing that discrimination is out of our lives forever!