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Islamic Culture


The word Muslim simply one who submits the creed of Islam is a simply statement in two parts. The first part is “La ilaha ilallah WA Muhammadur rasul-lah” There is no God, but Allaha, and Muhammad is the prophet of God.

Muslim people have believed in two basic things in the heart. It means God is one and he is supreme and unique. The God revelation given through the Arab prophet (P.B.U.H) is the originally.

Muslim people have strong believed “God is one” The God definition is according to the Muslim people, he is supreme and unique and almighty one. He is alone and he has control all over the word.

Muslim people has base on towhid its means one ness.

Second believe In Muslim people God creator and organizer of the universe.

Third basic concept of Islamic people “Yoma Akhira” it means life after death. The people have strong believe the life on this earth is very for from being all that there is the short time spent as a human being on the earth for a reason.

Muslim People

Basic Concept of Islam

Islam gives us a lesson that this life is a life of worship. We are placed on this earth worship Allaha and obey his order. This life its means earthly life is series of trails. We have the option of enduring theses trails and conforming the certain laws God give us reward in the next life.


The Quran was revealed to prophet (P.B.U.H) bit by bit over the period of twenty three years. The Muslim people have believed that is the word of Allaha and exactly the prophet (P.B.U.H) received it. A Quran single verse is known as an aya (Plural Ayats) meaning sign and chapter is sura. There are 114 surahs varying lengths, all except the ninth beginning with the words. The name of Allaha is the most compassionate and most merciful. Quran have 6,616 ayats. The total words of Quran 78000 in Arabic form.

Picture Quran


The Qalma is the first pillar of Islam and the second Prayer is most important in Islam. The prayer means conscious of God and communicating with him. Muslim people perform prayer (five) time a day.

Prayer is particular virtual of movements and words, each sequence which called a (Raka). God requires those who submitted to carry out this prayer five times per day at certain set time.

The daily five times a day prayer is now knows as (FAJIR) this is the morning time. Second is (ZUHR) between down and sunrise. Third is (ASR) after the height of the midday sun. Fourth is (MAGHRIB) when the start evening time the shadows have lengthened. Fifth is (ISHA) when the sunset is disappear is fully darkness then they will start isha time.

Health benefits in prayers:

The Modern scientific Research proved the Muslim prayer is a good exercise of the body and prayer timings corresponding with that of the physiological activities of the body. The prayer are considered as the orchestrate that adjusts the rhythm of the whole body.

The medical science have approved the cortisone is the hormone of activity that starts to increase in human body with the approach of morning time, and rise in blood pressure. Muslim people feel greatly activity after Morning Prayer after prayer is considered the best time for hard work and seeking livelihood.

Muslim Prayer


The fourth pillar of Islam this is ninth month of the Muslim year. Ramadan is the very special month in Muslim society. During this month The Allaha choose the Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to be prophet. Ramadan is the very spiritual and physical discipline.

Muslim people start fasting and prayer



The fifth pillar of Islam



Pakistani calligraphy

Pakistani Calligrapher Sadequain

Sadequain is the one famous artist in Pakistan he have speciality he was working calligraphy with the painting media. He has a long

He came from a long line of master calligraphers and was perhaps ideally suited to bridge the gap between modernity and tradition. The content of his work has wider appeal, the early works addressed social evils and in the later decades Sadequain used the unifying spirit of calligraphy to appeal to the masses, who came in large numbers to see his exhibitions.

Sadequain Islamic Calligraphy


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