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Jaipur is abundance in art and craft, the artisans are very talented and great workers. The art of weaving emerged in late 7000 B.C where initially the textile was prepared. Later on the carpets evolved as they were used to cover floor in late 19th century.

Rugs have a long history, during medieval era the royal palaces were bejeweled with royal carpets. The beauty of the rug has been adored since decades, the traditional rugs used to raise the standards of the royal palaces. Huge court and the royal palaces were decorated with these beauties. Today also we can notice that the beauty of the carpets add a royal touch, in Jaipur you can find in some of the heritage hotels. These heritage hotels were use to be the royal palaces and now have been converted into hotels, still hold some master pieces. From that period till now the art of weaving has flourished and several new artisans have involved themselves completely into the business of weaving. These days the trends are changing the requirement of the modern era is transitional and modern carpets. The combination of the traditional and the contemporary designs have created such pieces that are beyond comparison. The color combinations according to the modern taste were changed and a lot of techniques were involved, it resulted in the very beautiful transitional rugs.

All the rooms garlanded well using designer rugs, seems like a dream came true. This would definitely be any persons dream that he is a proud owner of a beautifully decorated house. Rugs basically help in designing a dream houses. These days' rugs are available in almost all patterns, designs, colors, and material. As there is a saying 'The beauty captures the attention and the personality captures the heart'

One nice trendy and colorful rug can add a charm. Rugs are such master pieces that are created after a lot of hard work and creativity. Earlier the rugs used to be very traditional and the scope of the pattern was very limited. These days huge variety of varied rugs is available all over the world, this has been possible with the efforts of Jaipur rugs company private limited (JRCPL).

JRCPL is a leading manufacturers and exporters of rugs in Jaipur, offering wide range of exclusive carpets. The company is renowned all over the world for its quality, variety and service. Each carpets prepared is exclusive, handmade carpets are carefully designed and woven. The durability of the carpet depends on the material used and the expert hands that weave the master piece. The variety available includes hand knotted, hand tufted, wool rugs, silk rugs, flat woven rugs, Indo Tibetan rugs, contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, modern rugs, and décor rugs. Depicting a fine combination of Indian artwork beautifully incorporated with modern designs perfect for adorning Indian homes and even contemporary American homes.

Blue Pottery

Glorious Blue Pottery can easily be found here. Various items of blue pottery are found on a vast display. These beauties will add charm to your place their vibrant colors please the eyes. The products can be used to accessories the place or can easily be incorporated in your kitchen to add a touch of royalty.

Marble Handicraft

Marble handicraft is prevailing in the culture from the existence of mankind. The astonishing sculptures of deities were created using best quality marble. The King than planned the city where the major palaces were made using marble. The stunning monuments of Jaipur hold great work done on marble it may be painting or the carving. These days also you can find beautiful sculptures great paintings and major attractions are the decorative prepared using marble.

Wooden Handcraft

Beautiful wooden furniture, gorgeous jewelry, attractive decorative, the art on wood creates a master piece. The artisans in Jaipur are hard workers, blessed with the in born art. These items of wooden handicraft are available in variety all over the city. Gangauri bazaar is a market that is filled with varied items of wooden handicraft in city. Hand Crafted furniture of Jaipur is renowned for its quality, durability and magnificence.


Terracotta has been used for making different items from centuries. The first few utensils used in the kitchen must be made of terracotta, these days very attractive decorative are being made using this stuff. Toys, lamps, flower pots, statues, and various other items can be found at so many places.


Daggers are basically a form of knife these are so decorative and were initially developed in wars. These days you can find very beautifully carved amour on daggers. A wide variety of daggers in varied prices are available at handicraft shops all over the city.


Ceramic is used to make various diverse products the major of all is the crockery items that are the part of almost all the kitchens. The ceramics products are so glorious that they add charm and beauty to every place. The kitchen wares not only facilitate but also add the beauty.

Textiles (embroidery & crafts)

City is a hub for various items of textile, the famous bandhani or bandhej or tie dye products are exported to almost every part of world. Bandhani work is tying and dyeing of pieces of cotton or silk cloth, this fabric is then used to make several products like Duppattas, Dress material, Skirts, etc. Every visitor must have purchased these colorful products once. The other major use of textile is done in weaving carpets. The carpets of Jaipur are world famous and are major part of the export. The renowned JAIPUR RUGS has maintained the quality along with the traditional and contemporary designs, and are the major exporters of carpets. The other forms used on textile are Traditional Hand Block Prints, Zardozi Work, and Hand Embroidery etc. Various handloom items are also prepared using these materials.



Handloom basically comprises of the products that are hand warp, or the products that are manually woven. A wide range of handloom includes bed sheets, cushion covers, skirts, wall hangings, carpets, and even handmade paper. A number of fairs are organized in the city where you can find several stalls displaying a wide range of handloom items


The Royal palaces are decorated with the beautiful eye catching paintings. The royal kings and gorgeous queens are captured in paintings. These paintings take us to the medieval era where we can have a look on the life of royalties. This tradition of Rajasthan has now grown a lot and has created so many great painters. There are various forms of paintings that can be found generally in the city, like miniature, tanjore, marble, silk, paper work, etc. The art form even varies in different cities of Rajasthan that can be even found in the Jaipur. The collection of traditional and contemporary paintings can even be found in the City Palace, a great collection of mind blowing paintings are on display. The modernism has even been adopted by the artisans along with the traditional form of art that has increased their scope. The abstract, Acrylic on canvas & paper, landscape, lethos, etchings, etc are even found. A large number of traditional paintings are generally based on deities.

Fairs & festivals

Jaipur gets alive when it comes to celebration of the festivals. Festivals are enjoyed all over the country, but when celebrated in Jaipur the enjoyment increases tremendously. If we talk about Elephant festival, Kite festival, Teej festival, Gangaur festival all are celebrated in Jaipur are inimitable. Each festival is celebrated with full zest and gusto the colorful markets with decoration look so beautiful. The famous Gangaur festival is celebrated in devotion to Lord Shiva and Parvati. This is celebrated by ladies, they keep fast, take out procession, and celebration is carried for 16 days. The Elephant festival is most popular as it includes so many exciting activities like the polo matches, tug of war, and beauty pageants of elephants. The festival is celebrated on the occasion of Holi in March, the decorated elephants are the major attraction of this festival, the best looking elephant is awarded, the performances of the folk dancers add a charm to the celebration.

Elephant Festival

Jaipur is the only city where you can be a part of such mesmerizing festival. In India elephants are treated as royal animals from medieval era, where the elephants were used by Kings for the purpose of hunting during Wars and for festivals also. The elephant festival had major focus on elephants only, but the other activities held are even very eye-catching. The renowned elephant polo games are just so amazing beautifully decorated elephants look out of the world. The festival is celebrated on Holi (festival of Colors) at Chaugan stadium (the stadium specially designed for the specific festival). The pageants even have started from these festivals only, where the best decorated elephant was awarded by the king. The other activities include the gigantic procession which proceeds with the sound of trumpets, comprising of horses, camels, chariots, cannons, and lot of palanquins. You will wish to visit again to see the ceremony. People from all over the world visit to Jaipur and be a part of a magnificent celebration.

Gangaur Festival

The festival is celebrated all over the Rajasthan, and is one of the most important festivals in Rajasthani tradition. The festival is also celebrated in Jaipur and is so unique and brilliant; this specific festival is celebrated by females only. This festival is mainly honoring the deity Parvati; the wife of Lord Shiva, the effigy of Gauri (Parvati) is beautifully decorated. The Effigy is then taken with a huge procession by ladies, along with the sound of bands, horses, camels, chariots, and palanquins. The experience is one of a kind; the myth behind this celebration is that it will help in long life of Husbands. The festival is celebrated on fortnight after Holi and this celebration is carried till sixteen days.

Kite festival

A voice 'Wo Kata' can be heard all over the city on 14 January as this is the auspicious occasion of 'Makar Sakranti'. This day is celebrated with full zeal and gusto as this is the most awaited day of Kite flying. International Kite Festival is celebrated at Polo ground (Chaugan Stadium) and is carried for three days celebration. Beautiful and colorful Kites are cover up the sky, sweet competition among the kite flyers takes place of who can cut more kites. Full city can be seen at the top of houses with great and loud music at every roof. The day is awaited by most of the kids as well as adults who like kite flying. The International kite festival has great standards, where kites from all over the world can be seen, amazing kites are noticed. People of every age participates in kite flying, whether it could be house wife, a kid, or senior citizens all of them enjoy the day at its best charm. According to Hindu mythology "Makar is a Rashi (Zodiac) and Sankranti means transition" this depicts that on this day the Sun changes its position, this is even called as 'Uttrayan' and accordingly people follow the rituals and celebrate the day with flying kites. This kite flying took an International shape and best of the kites from the entire globe take part in the competition and the best ones are awarded by the Maharaja.

Teej Festival

Goddess Parvati united to Lord Shiva, this occasion is celebrated by hindus every year. This is a myth that this amalgamation of deities if celebrated with following rituals will increase the life of Husband, and for the unmarried girls it will help in getting a suitable partner. The festival is celebrated by females, they wear colorful bandhani's (tie & die material), and prepare themselves like bride. The city at the day is so lively, the markets are full of sweets called Ghewar, colorful sarees, and all the stuff that is required is on a beautiful display. The ladies keep fast for the day; this fast restricts them to even take water, fast kept for the day opens up in the night by offering sweets.

Dussehra / Vijay Dashmi

Residents of the country celebrate all the festivals at its best. Dussehra, Diwali, Holi all are celebrated in entire country, but the charms of these celebrations vary in each state and city. The celebrations at Jaipur are legendary, the city is beautifully decorated and looks like a bride. The festival is celebrated depicting the victory of Good over Evil. As per Ramayana (Sanskrit epic) there was a demon named Ravan, he was demolished in a fight with Lord Rama, and it brought an end to all the cruelty of the demon. This triumph is celebrated every year by burning huge statues of Ravan and his demon brothers who participated in the battle. The victory of good over evil is celebrated every year. The whole story is presented through dramas at various places of the city, few stage shows are so good that history comes alive during the shows, and the end of the show brings an end to the evil, the play is called Ram leela. The celebration starts with firecrackers, beautiful colors of crackers look awesome in dark sky, then the effigies are burnt. This act takes place in big grounds where big fairs are held, after the act people enjoy the stuffs displayed at various stalls. Various items can be found, mouth watering snacks, colorful toys, etc.


A festival that is full of light, joy, colors, crackers and sweets!!

The festive season starts much earlier from diwali, lot of celebration are carried regularly from a month ago. Diwali is celebrated in the month of Oct- Nov, as it is pertaining to Indian calendar. The navratri's are followed by and after twenty days from comes diwali. According to Hindu mythology on this day the Lord Rama returned back to his hometown Ayodhya and to welcome him people rejoiced by lighting diyas (lamps) using ghee(clarified butter) as fuel in the lamp. Whole town was lit with diyas, lots of sweets were distributed among people, and this is celebrated till today in the same way where today also people use ghee or oil to light lamps. People clean their houses, shops and offices before diwali as there is a myth that the Goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth) visits to the place which is clean and stays there, and blesses with abundance and prosperity. The scientific reason behind the lighting diyas and fireworks is as this is a new moon day and is very dark, to remove the darkness the lamps are lit and the smoke of crackers helps in fighting with mosquitoes and insects. The festival is celebrated all over the country.

Jaipur is decorated like a new bride with colorful lights, the markets are worth a visit, and the decoration is maintained for several days. Lots of sweets are prepared and every place is beautifully decorated with colorful lights. In the night the pooja (worship) is followed by every family member of each family, and after the worship people celebrate with fireworks. There are so many other rituals that are followed during these festive days. As diwali is celebrated for five long days, there are several myths and so many customs that take place every single day. A visit is must to Jaipur to be a part of this legendry festival, to understand its importance and find how and why all the celebrations take place. As a saying in Hindu culture depicts that there are more festivals in a year than days.


The festival is celebrated all over the country with full joy and enthusiasm. The festival majorly consists of colors and sweets, people celebrate the festival by coloring each other and by the mid of the day it gets difficult to recognize the face of the natives. The celebration is of two days, a day before holi it is celebrated by lighting camp fire that is held as per the tradition. There was a king who was a non believer of God namely Hiranya kashyap, he forced his public to worship him like God as he was boon with powers. His son came up as the hard core believer of God but the cruel father tried to demolish the son. One of the efforts made to harm the son (prahlad) was done by the Holika (sister of king, she was boon that fire cannot harm her), she sat along with Prahlad in the camp fire. But she died and the boy was safe, this is then celebrated every year by camp fire symbolizing that the evil will burn up with the fire. The next day Dhulandi is celebrated where people through colors at each other, share sweets, and visits at each other place. A tremendous day once celebrated in Jaipur is immortal!!


Jaipur the pink city comprises of so many colors, and various fascinating fairs and festivals are celebrated in the city. Along with the festivals there are several fairs that are celebrated every year traditionally. One such big fair is Shitla Mata Fair, the occasion is held in the honor of deity Shitla Mata the goddess of epidemic diseases. The fair also holds a cattle exhibition where large numbers of cattle's are collected. The fair is a great hub for trading of cattle, the best breed amongst is awarded. This is the biggest fair, as almost one lakh people visit every year. The fair is celebrated at Shitla Mata Shrine situated on hill top of Doongri, in the village of Seel-ki-Doongri. It is at a distance of about 5 km from Chaksu, the district headquarters and 35 km from Jaipur. The fairs held are so full of color and life, the colorful celebration of these festival and fairs hold a special charm when celebrated at Jaipur.

[When Where Duration About Attraction]


Time of the year March (9 March 2001)

Places to Visit Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Duration One day

About Elephants

Attraction Decorated Elephants, Games of Elephants


Time of the year March/April

Places to Visit In and around Rajasthan

Duration 18 days

About Honor of deity Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva)

Attraction Procession taken


Time of the year January 14

Places to Visit Jaipur, Ahmadabad

Duration One Day

About Kite Flying

Attraction International Competition of kites


Time of the year First week of August

Places to Visit Jaipur, Rajasthan

Duration One to two days

About Welcoming Monsoon

Attraction Procession of Teej Mata, Swinging


Time of the year October/November

Place to visit All Over India

Duration Two days

About Return of the king from

Attraction Lightening, Crackers, Decoration of whole city


Time of the year March

Places to Visit All over India

Duration Two days

About Celebration for victory

Attraction Colors and Sweets


Time of the year October

Places to Visit All over India

Duration One day

About Victory of Good over Evil

Attraction Huge Effigies, fireworks & fairs.


The jewelry of Jaipur is renowned, traditional and contemporary jewelry has owned almost half of the jewelry market all over the world. The famous Lac jewelry, Thewa jewelry, Meenakari, kundan all are so fabulous. Lac jewelry is handmade jewelry that is made using Lac, various kinds of ornaments are prepared that are colorful and so beautiful. Thewa jewelry is basically based on an art form that includes carving and filigree work on the ornaments. This art form was used in the ornaments worn by the kings and queens. Every single piece of thewa jewelry has a unique pattern. Meenakari is the art that is used to add colors to the jewelry. The jewelry made with meenakari is so colorful and matches to almost very outfit. Kundan is art form that incorporates the beautiful stones in the jewelry. Kundan jewelry was mostly worn by royal families. The stones are in abundance over here in Jaipur. City is the major exporter of semi -precious and precious stones. Stunning jewelry is made using shimmering gold, and sterling silver that can stole any heart.


Your tummy will scream "No more!" But you won't stop!!!

Jaipur is famous for its food, celebration, royalty, and so many qualities are prevailing in the culture. The princely state still has a royal taste. The food of Jaipur is so aromatic, full of ghee (clarified butter), and dry fruits. The dishes found here are so immortal, the renowned Dal-Bati-Churma, the sweet Ghewar, the spicy Lal Maas all are just out of the world. This is for sure that you cannot stop eating. There are so many dishes that are worth one try. The tempting chaats are so full of taste that you become addicted to them. The food of this royal city got its existence during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The city was planned so beautifully that till date this is the hottest destinations for travelers. Due to the scarcity of water, butter milk, and curd were incorporated in the cuisine, where they took their special place and gave the food a unique taste. Today also you can find the same royal taste in the cuisine, a number of restaurants have kept the secret recipe untouched. The cuisine is a great combination of veg and non-veg, where everyone can be satisfied. Few of the popular dishes are mentioned below, don't miss to taste. You will definitely strive for more!!

Rajasthani dishes


Dal-Bati- Churma

Moog Dal Ka Halwa

Sohan Halwa







Beans ki sabji

Guwar fali ki saag

Keri ki sabji


Lal Maas

Lahsun Ki Chutney

Makki ki raab


Music in Rajasthan is still so traditional. The folk songs of Rajasthan can suit to every mood, and every season. The stunning performances on the folk songs are just so majestic. These were initially mere a source of entertainment, where the localities used to entertain themselves as well as the royal families via dancing and singing. This of their heritage is still kept intact from modernism. Jaipur is famous for its puppet shows and the show is incomplete without songs. Beautiful and colorful puppets made of wood are decorated in Rajasthani attire, the act incorporates varies characters and is displayed in traditional manner. Musical instruments like Ek tara, Sarangi and Ghungroo are the traditional instruments that take it to the next level all together. The city definitely comprises of the latest music also, you can visit to the discs and pubs and can definitely enjoy the rhythm of the latest songs. You can learn these performances, as the classes are offered by so many sources. Jawahar Kala Kendra is the only production of state government where lot of activities of music, dance, and drama take place.

You can see stunning performances that incorporate lot of stunts & great tricks of acrobats. You will be shocked to see dancers giving performances on the floor of smashed glass, using sharp swords, doing performance on glass.

Rajasthani dance is not bound for an introduction, beautifully done dances include a lot of hard work. Gorgeous ornaments and jewelry, the music, the colorful dresses, various stunts and acrobats included in the performance gives it a one of a kind feel. Bhavai, fire dance, Ghoomar, Kathputli, Kathak are the few dance forms that are renowned.

The beautiful performance of the folk dancers adds a charm to the celebration. These performers are basically born dancers as the form is carried forward in the families. These dancers used to give the performances in front of the Royal families to entertain and to celebrate. The dancers today also give performances during festivals, marriages, and the most majestic performance is when the dancers give performance at the resorts or Heritage hotels. The renowned dance forms are kathak, Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Bhavai, Kathputli, Gait, Teerah Taali, and Fire Dance. Every dance from has its specialty, the dresses of every dance form is diverse from the other. The performance includes various stunts, great acrobatic tricks, tricks with fire and so many striking acts. The renowned Teerah Taali dance is performed on a plate with various techniques and the performance is very stunning. Sometimes, the women also hold a sword between their teeth or place pots with lighted lamps on their head


Dance Forms







Teerah Taali

Fire Dance